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Subject: First Run at Cosmic Omnitron on the Block rss

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Carlos "Koey"
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May 30th, 2013
First play against Cosmic Powered Omnitron. - Advanced

Solo play after buying the oversized villain cards

Theme: The Heroes are called to the Block herring that Omnitron has awaken after the scientist on the block has failed to figure out what caused the machine to go haywire in the first place.

(Randomly drew) The Heroes that arrive on the scene:
Freedom Tempest
Agent Ardent
Absolute Zero Elemental Wraith

Environment- The Block

Turn 1:
- got hit by components not too bad. Omnitron also gets Adaptive Plating Sub so this means AZ might have trouble later on.
Tempest got Localized Hurricane - 2 damage
Agent Ardent plays Inventive Preparation to let the other Heroes set them up.
AZ gets out Focused Aparatus and attacks dealing another 2 damage. Not enough to break but with Agent Ardent's help draws Null Point Callibration Unit.

Environment throws out a prison riot and discards 4 cards and brings out 2 Time Crazed Prisoner which deals damage based on number of discards.

Turn 2:
Omnitron even tosses out electro explosives after attacking with his component, where all Heroes are down to low 20's as Tempest has localized Huricane out.

Things looked worse for the Heroes as they now had environment and the Electro Explosives to deal with.

Tempest quickly used localized hurricane on Omnitron and Explosives to lower the damage done.
After playing Otherworldy Resilence to avoid taking extra damage.

Agent Ardent gives both Tempest and AZ a +1 with Syncopated Onslaught

AZ plays Onboard Module Installation and luckily draws Fueled Freeze. Which allows him to destroy the 3 ongoings including two copies of the Adapative Plating and a component. At this point it allowed AZ to deal 5 damage to all non-hero targets wiping out the Inmates and destroying all of Omintrons components. In addition AZ uses his normal ability to deal another 4 damage to the explosive.
All in all minimizing the threat to 3 damage hopefully.

Environment calls out a Filter Agent which deals Omnitron's explosive 2 damage bringing it down to 1 hp.

Turn 3:
Omnitron Flips and the explosive only deals 1 damage to each hero.

Omnitron has been hitting the Heroes hard as he then plays a Sedative Fletchers.
Bringing Tempest to 15, AA to 15, and AZ to 18.
Then destroys all the cards Tempest and AA has in play. Luckily AZ was equipment based.

Then Dropship Omnitron proceeds to hit AZ and Tempest for another 2 damage

Tempest plays Cleansing Downpour and heals everyone for 2.

AA searches for an equipment. (Xu's bell)

AZ plays Isothermic Transducer and attacks Omnitron Bringing him down to 84.

Filter Agent destroys the explosives
The Block brings out a Block guard which hits Tempest making him not able to deal damage next turn.

Turn 4:

Omnitron then proceeds to deploy2 Automation Drone, an Assault Drone, a Repair Drone and Terraforming.
Which then destroys the the 2 agents and plays 2 more villain cards
Which brings out another repair drone and Interpolation beam meaning each time a Hero draws they take one Energy Damage.

There are now 5 drones in play and their turn proceeds as such.
Automation hits AZ for 3 + 1 (Advance rule +1 to all drones)
Assasult hits AA for 5 + 1 + 1.
Repair heals Omnitron for 6
Automaton hits AZ for another 4.
Another Repair heals Omitron another 6

Current Health
Omnitron 98
Tempest 14
AA 10
AZ 10

Things look really bad for the Heroes.

Tempest's turn he plays reclaim from the Deep to allow AA to grab back his attack boost rhythm and AZ to get Fueled Freeze so he can do AOE next turn. Tempest himself grabs back his reduce 1 armor. He chooses not to draw a card as Interpolation Beam is still doing damage and then heals everyone for 2.

AA plays Synopated Onslaught and uses Xu Bell on it to allow him increase Tempest and AZ's Damage.
Since Xu's Bell allows him to also deal 1 sonic damage to assault drone.

AZ's turn he destroys Interpolation Beam with Fueled Freeze and then deals 3 damage to all drones since he has +1 from AA and +1 from Focused Aparatus.
Damaging all drones except for the Repair Drones down to 1 HP. Then uses his base power to finish off one of the repair drones.

Warden appears out of the Block

Turn 5:

Omnitron Plays Technology Singularity and wipes AZ equipment and AA's instrument
Then proceeds to beat on AA and Tempest for highest Hp
Bringing the HP of the Heroes to
Tempest - 14
AA - 8
AZ - 6

Then repair drone repairs Omnitron back up to 95.

Tempest Plays down his electrical storm so he can start dealing some damage.
Then proceeds to heal everyone for 2.

AA plays Inspiring Supertonic and allows Tempest to heal all again.

AA plays down his Nullpoint Calbration Unit and attacks Omnitron. Afraid the environment might attack lowest hp so leaving that drone alive.

Environment plays lock down which does't affect anyone except agents do +2 damage and reduce 1 right now.

Turn 6:
Omnitron plays another Electropulse Explsovie

Then pings Tempest and AA for 2 damage each.

Tempest's turn he deals Omnitron , explosive and kills the repair drone.
Tempest uses Lightning Slash on the explosive to lower its damage and proceeds to heal all for 2 life

AA then proceeds to play Arcane Cadence and through a long search uses another Instrumental Conjuration to bring back the Xu Bell.
Then proceeds to use his Xu Bell to boost AA and AZ's attack and deal 2 Sonic Damage to the electro pulse explosives.

AZ proceeds to play his Focused Aparatus and deal 4 damage to the explosive to make it back to a comparable 3 HP.

Environment then proceeds to play another lock down.

HP of Heroes.
Tempest 16
AA 10
AZ 10

Turn 7:
Explosive deal all Heroes 3 damage.
Omnitron plays another Tech Singularity and deals AA 2 and AZ 4
Then pings Tempest for 2 and AA for 2

Tempest 11
AA 3
AZ 3

Tempest plays his armor buff.
Then AA plays his instrument so Tempest can heal again and he can deal a Omnitron 1 damage.

AZ then kills the explosive after placing another copy of Null Point Calibration into play.

Block Guard comes out and hits AA for 3 damage and prevents him from doing damage.

Turn 8:
Omnitron deploys an Automation Drone, a Repair Drone and an Assasult drone with the Disintegration cannon.

Then proceeds to hit Tempest for 9 damage and healing Omnitron by 4.

Tempest pings all the drone for 1. THen plays chain lighting to clear 2 drones and hit the Block Guard.

Then proceeds to heal all for 2.

AA then plays Cedistic Dissonant to destroy his Lyra and destroy the Warden.
AZ then uses Modular Realignment to search for Focused Aparatus then heal himself for 1 from the damage since he does +1 with Cold.
Then pings Omnitron for 3.

Char the inmate then enters, not before the Block Guard destroys the Automatron.

Then char proceeds to ping everyone for 4 damage.

Current HP.

Omintron 91.

Tempest 4
AA 2
AZ 5

Turn 9:
Omnitron's Disintegration Beam hits AZ. Knocking him out.
Then Omnitron plays Sedative Flechettes which knocks out the remaining Heroes and their Ongoing.

Definitely a really interesting fight. Even though got decimated by Omnitron.
This Omnitron proves to have a much higher threat count then the regular one. The faster deployment of drones definitely helped.

Also since the blocked and Omnitron himself rarely interacted it lead to the Heroes having a tough fight and the Environment deck seemed to harm the heroes more than help.
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