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Subject: Ploys&Tricks w/spoilers; ISSUE 2. How the time pases by in the CITY rss

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ISSUE 2.Tips and tricks: working with ‘in-game action time', relative length of Action Phase and strategy in a Strategy Phase.. (basics)
[An some tricky trick, a tip for the Firstling]

0.ground zero:

* each card with at least one ACTION type effect on it (text or symbol) potentially increases your action radius..

* most likely each player tries to have "the final say", seeing how others spend their chips and than dispatch own Mafiosi the best possible way ..

* the golden rule bag is that the more Mafiosi you pull back (in a strategy phase) the greater count of actions/turns you’ll have in the next action phase of the upcoming round. !

Spoiler (click to reveal)
However there might be some reasons or strategies why to leave somewhere more than one (most likely the main) Mafioso.
The most obvious is to have secured the main position in the location from the Snitch, Grand Scheme, Complicity, (but not Shadow Games!) and later in the next Loc.phase from the Jail or that bloody Hitman..

Leaving there (on any location) three or even more Mafiosi might work as a psychological barrier to protect something within the next action phase, if some seriously conservative not-too-much active play style is planned.. or even maybe with that foxy "I'm not the dangerous one this round" attitude...

also better be aware of Police Raid used via the bullet symbol it might have some serious consequences! least the player with the Policeman should be aware..!

1. The first and quite obvious thing that pops out of rule set is that in locations Fight Club-3 and City Hall-7 the order/arrangement of chips does not matter at all when solving it in the Loc.phase...

Spoiler (click to reveal)
This means (in most common cases) that in a strategy phase, when pulling back your stuff, the best call is to grab them all because they can be placed there at any time later within the next action phase.

That, again, gives you sort of time or action radius to react elsewhere, unless there is some nifty plan beyond leaving Mafiosi there, of course..

A note here: you can play the Grand Scheme on your self!! see also HAT symbol

2. How can I buy some time in the action phase to react with chips? (no combos):

*action type effect is played (instead of chip)

*temporizing action is played [2.I.B.point3, page3]

*the HAT symbols: using one buys you two rounds (!).. Sure the most obvious usage, if you have two of those, would be recruit a new Mafioso but sometimes that might be not the best move... ninja

*declare to pass earlier with one (or more chips) left on hand and later use the Bullet symbol to place it.. (beware of rules in details, due to that 'end of Action phase' strict definition the timing is very crucial)

*make others spend their time without attacking your plans; threat them with your own moves or force them fight with others
(if you can manage that..the easiest way is Shadow Games on two different player in a specific stage of Action Phase..)

3.on the first player;

At the first glance it seems that Firstling has the only single huge advantage in the very first round of the game, when the city is fresh and ‘empty’ and being the main, the first somewhere is the easiest ever ..and that’s it, while more time to react has a player on the right, later in the game..

In a strategy phase there are certain gaming reasons why to take the main Mafioso as well and to clean this way the location completely. The most obvious is the change of aims, but another one is related to the "future/next" first player, that might ‘buy this way one turn' if he places it back, returns there, his main Mafioso in the very first turn of the next action phase (if willing to remain there)

Sure there are some ‘ifs’ this 'move' is worth of it .. but also it's not that easy to manage yourself (and others) into such a situation:

* what pops out of ruleset is that "the future first player" pulls back his Mafiosi back most likely earlier than any other player (when the Mayor is in the city) so 'it' is the easiest in a location where are the current and the future Firstling ONLY..
Spoiler (click to reveal)
There is a certainty that if in the first round the second player fights over the location with the starting player AND the main Mafioso is his, he can make this 'move' at will..

* if the Mayor is visiting some player, then it's better be you - the future Firstling!..and if not, try to be nice or persuasive..

Spoiler (click to reveal)
*in theory, you can chain this and extent it 'to next to the future first player', if you can handle the 'ifs' .. ninja

ISSUE 3 Advanced Combo-ing 1,2

PS. sry for my eng, just please ask, if something is not clear or needs rewording..
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My favorite move is to become the Main mafioso of the "Business District". More cards = More flexibility

Indeed the use 1 hat to gain 2 turns is golden...and I normally prefer it to the 2 hats for 1 round + 1 mafioso.

As a note, many times people imprison/kill a main mafioso of a juicy location. So for added safety I place two directly if I think I will get myself into trouble

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