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Subject: Alpine, UT Game Night, Session 1, January 28, 2006 rss

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Joel Dehlin
United States
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Thanks for coming, everyone! We had a great time. We'll do it again some time soon!!

Attendees (18): Jason Durrant, Trace Coccimiglio, Brad Duncan, Stewart Shelline, David Prestwich, Joel Dehlin, Benjamin Dehlin, Jonathon Dehlin, Alex Dehlin, Hannah Dehlin, Bryan Hendricks, Mrs. Hendricks, Rob Jex, Melanie Jex, Travis Isaacson, Krista Isaacson, Tadd Giles, Mandy Giles

Warm-up Games
Ricochet Robots

Round 1

Puerto Rico
Host: Trace
Winner: Trace
Players: Jason, Trace, Jonathon, Dave, Stewart
Notes: Trace, who won, taught the game to the rest of the newbs. He did a great job of explaining the value of the factory AFTER he had purchased one.

Tigris & Euphrates
Host: Rob
Winner: Benjamin
Players: Benjamin, Rob, Melanie, Brad
Notes: "What can I say."
- Benjamin

Ticket to Ride
Host: Tadd
Winner: Mrs. Hendricks
Players: Bryan, Mrs. Hendricks, Mandy, Alex, Tadd

Host: Joel
Winner: Travis & Krista
Players: Joel, Travis, Krista
Notes: Joel taught the game to Travis & Krista. And of course got his trash kicked. Only forgot a few rules which Benjamin, kibitizing, remind him of near the end of the game. Joel had the game wrapped going into his last move. He had two move tokens and was ready to place his remaining pieces in the large, open area which would have secured him seventeen points. No one had a chance to get there in time. But just before Joel's triumphant final turn, Krista brilliantly swept in with a couple of canal tiles and divided up the territory. It was incredible. "That was the single best strategic move she's ever made in a game." - Travis

Round 2

Host: Tadd
Winner: Benjamin (2), Trace (2)
Loser: Dave
Players: Benjamin, Tadd, Jonathon, Trace, Dave
Notes: Dave showed a tremendous proficiency for placing pieces in open space. He apparently has an extra large shape-a-tholemous. Way to go, Dave!!

Host: Rob
Winner: Had to cut it short. Rob, Krista and Melanie chickened out.
Players: Rob, Krista/Melanie, Joel/Hannah, Mandy
Notes: After never having played, Joel did surprisingly poorly but was thankful for the "help" offered by Rob, who won. Wait a second....

Tigris & Euphrates
Host: Travis
Winner: Travis
Players: Travis, Brad, Stewart, Jason

Round 3

Settlers: Cities & Knights
Host: Hannah
Winner: Mandy (blech!)
Players: Hannah, Mandy, Joel, Tadd
Notes: Hannah was begging to play all night. Bleary-eyed, we began the game at midnight. Mandy's true colors came to the surface as the moon outside began to shine and Mandy began to take on her alter ego. Be very afraid. Hannah came close to winning this one!

Tigris & Euphrates
Host: Brad
Winner: Brad
Players: Brad, Benjamin, Jason, Stewart
Notes: Third time's a charm for Brad, who played T&E for the third time in the evening and carried this one home!

Host: Jonathon
Winner: Jonathon, (Mandy whipped up when she joined later )
Players: Jonathon, Dave, Trace
Notes: Dave's shape-a-thalmous helped not a whit in this game, where Jonathon dominated; that is until Mandy jumped in after C&K ended and shoved a horse-load full of humility down all the men's throats.

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