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J Kosec
United States
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
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This weekend we gathered for an evening of games with folks from school and a friend of Julie’s, who was visiting from out of town for the Rolling Stones concert (lucky her!). The crowd consisted of Julie, her friend, Leeann, Bryan, Susie, and I, and after initial discussion it became obvious that Scattergories was the right game for the situation.

Of all the word games out there I have the worst luck with Scattergories. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m going to blame it on the oppressive droning of that terrifying timer, along with its vicious and final CLACK! with which it signals the end of the round. Sometimes I focus on the buzzing and the word-function of my brain completely shuts off as I enter a parallel universe where my skin is made of endlessly humming bees. So I didn’t expect much of myself (which was good), and the most I can say for myself is that I managed to grab all of the answer sheets without too many odd glances.

We played the game using a single category sheet, number nine, across our three rounds. Do enjoy this exhaustive account of the game’s answers. Note that in the Round Score tally, the number in parenthesis indicates total combined score. I chose the superlatives in each round, so they may or may not serve as representative of the group’s feelings, but they should provide some helpful way of sorting through this wad of information.


Sports: WWF (Susie); Wiffle ball (Bryan); Water Polo (Leeann); Wrestling (Julie); Wiggling—Competitive ([not accepted] Justin)
Song Titles: “Walk Away Jane” (Susie); “Walk the Line” (Bryan); “Where Do We Go From Here” (Julie); “Walk This Way” (Justin)
Parts of the Body: Whiskers (Bryan); Wrist (Leeann); Welbow ([not accepted] Justin)
Ethnic Foods: Wasabi (Bryan); Water chestnuts (Leeann); Wonton (Julie)
Things You Shout: “Wait!” (Susie); “Wait!” (Bryan); “Wohoo!” (Leeann); “Whee!” (Julie); “Watch out!” (Justin)
Birds: Whippoorwill (Susie); Whippoorwill (Bryan); Waterfowl (Leeann); Warbler (Julie); Waterfowl (Justin)
Girls Name: Wilimena (Susie); Wilma (Bryan); Wendy (Leeann); Wilma (Julie); Willow (Justin)
Ways to Get from Here to There: Wagon (Susie); With friends (Bryan); Waddle (Leeann); Walking (Julie)
Things in a Kitchen: wok (Susie); Warming plate (Bryan); Wisk (Leeann); Water faucet (Julie); Window (Justin)
Monster/Villain: Werewolf (Susie); Warlord (Bryan); Wicked Witch of the West (Julie); Wookie (Justin)
Flowers: Wisteria (Susie); Wilting rose (Bryan); White lily (Leeann); Wisteria (Julie)
Things You Replace: Water filter (Susie); Walking stick (Bryan); Wet clothes (Leeann); Watch battery (Julie); Worn-out clothes (Justin)

Round Score: Susie,7; Bryan, 9; Leeann, 9; Julie, 9; Justin, 6
Answers of note: Bryan spotted that everyone who had given an ethnic food had chosen something Asian. “We should open a restaurant,” he said, and by the end of the night I was craving some Chinese food.
Best Unaccepted Answer: Wiggling—Competetive (Justin, Sport)
Most Clever Answer: Wok (Susie, Things in a Kitchen)
Wildest Accepted Answer: With friends (Bryan, Ways to Get From Here to There)


Sports: Ice skating (Susie); Ice skating (Bryan); Ice hockey (Leeann)
Song Titles: “Into the Woods” (Susie); “I Wanna Be with You” (Bryan)
Parts of the Body: Iliac Crest (Bryan); Iris (Leeann); Inner ear (Julie)
Ethnic Foods: Italian salad (Bryan)
Things You Shout: “In a minute!” (Susie); “I don’t know!” (Bryan); “I’m coming!” (Leeann); “I hate you!” (Julie); “Idiot!” (Justin)
Birds: Ibis (Justin)
Girls Name: Isadora (Susie); Ileana (Bryan); Irma (Julie); Imelde (Justin)
Ways to Get from Here to There: Incognito (Bryan); Ice skating (Leeann); ice skating (Julie); Indian motorcycle (Justin)
Things in a Kitchen: Ice cube trays (Susie); Ice sheets ([in freezer] Bryan); icing (Leeann); Instant rice (Julie); Ice cube maker (Justin)
Monster/Villain: Ivan the Terrible (Susie); Iago (Justin)
Flowers: Ivory roses (Julie)
Things You Replace: Igloo (Susie [it melts]); Ink pens (Leeann); Iridescent bulb (Julie); Ink cartridge (Justin)

Round Score: Susie, 6 (13); Bryan, 6 (15); Leeann: 3 (12); Julie, 6 (15); Justin, 7 (13)

Answers of note: Everyone had a pretty even round
Best Unaccepted Answer: I think we accepted everything. You can see what our problem is.
Most Clever Answers: Ibis (Justin, Bird); Iliac Crest (Bryan, parts of body); Icing (Leeann, Things in Kitchen)
Wildest Accepted Answers: Incognito (Bryan, Ways to Get From Here to There); Ice sheets in freezer (Bryan, things in kitchen); Igloo (Susie, Things You Replace)


Sports: Hunting (Susie); Hackey Sack (Bryan); hop scotch (Leeann); Handball (Julie); Hockey (Justin)
Song Titles: “Hail Mary” (Susie); “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas” (Bryan); “Here We Go Again” (Julie); “Hang On Sloopy” (Justin)
Parts of the Body: Hair (Susie); Hair (Bryan); Humerus (Leeann); Hamstring (Julie); Horn (Justin)
Ethnic Foods: Halibut (Susie); Hot & Sour Soup (Bryan); Hummus (Leeann); Hot and Sour Soup (Justin)
Things You Shout: “Hee hee!” (Susie); “Hold it right here you…” (Bryan); “Hi!” (Leeann); “Hey!” (Julie); “Hold on!” (Justin)
Birds: Hummingbird (Leeann); Hummingbird (Justin)
Girls Name: Halle (Susie); Hilga (Bryan); Harrietta (Leeann); Harriet (Julie); Hortense (Justin)
Ways to Get from Here to There: Hover craft (Susie); Holding hands (Bryan); Hitch a ride (Leeann); Hopping (Julie); Hang glide (Justin)
Things in a Kitchen: ham salad (Susie); Hand Roller (Bryan); Hot plate (Leeann); Hourglass (Julie); Hot cocoa (Justin)
Monster/Villain: Hamlet (Bryan, not accepted); Henry VIII (Julie); Herod (Justin) (Justin)
Flowers: Hyacinth (Bryan); Hibiscus (Leeann); Hibiscus (Justin)
Things You Replace: hamburger buns (Susie); Hangers (Bryan); hats (Leeann); Husbands (Julie); Hips (Justin)

Round Score: Susie, 8 (21); Bryan, 8 (23); Leeann, 8 (20); Julie, 9 (24); Justin, 9 (22)
Most Clever Answers: Humerus (Leeann, Parts of Body); Anything from the Ways to Get From Here to There category; Hips (Justin, Things You Replace)
Most Disputed Unaccepted Answer: Hamlet (Villain, Bryan)
Wildest Accepted Answer: Holding Hands (Bryan, Ways to Get From Here to There)

Restaurant: Delice (Susie); Don Pablos (Bryan); Denny’s (Leeann); Dairy Queen (Julie)
Notorious Person: Dolly Parton (Susie); Devil (Bryan); Darth Vader (Julie)
Fruit: Dried figs (Bryan)
Things in a Medicine Cabinet: Diaper (Susie); Dandruff shampoo (Bryan); Diet pills (Leeann); Dexatrim (Julie); Denture cream (Justin)
Toy: Dreidel (Susie); Drum (Bryan); Doll (Julie); Doll (Justin)
Household Chore: Digging potatoes (Susie); Dumping out trash (Bryan); Dishes (Leeann); Doing laundry (Julie); Dusting (Justin)
Body of Water: Delaware River (Leeann); Delaware River (Julie); Dead Sea (Justin)
Author: Danielle Steele (Bryan); David Sedaris (Julie)
Halloween Costume: Druid (Susie); Drunken Irishman (Bryan); Devil (Leeann); Dragon (Julie); Donatello ([TMNT] (Justin)
Weapon: Dagger (Susie); Double-edged sword (Bryan); Detonator (Leeann); Dirty bomb (Julie); Dagger (Justin)
Things that Are Round: Dog collar (Bryan); Disc (Julie); Doorknob (Justin)
Words Associated with Exercise: Drudgery (Susie); Double-time (Bryan); Doctor (Leeann); Dumb bell (Julie); Dog tired (Justin)

Round Score: Susie, 7 (28); Bryan, 11 (34); Leeann, 6 (26); Julie, 9 (33); Justin 6 (28)
Of note: Well, we had a tie-breaker round because we thought we needed one due to some dodgy counting. But that’s okay—what’s one more round when the rounds take 2 minutes to play?
Wildest Accepted Answer: Dolly Parton (Susie, Notorious Person); Diaper (Susie, Things in a Medicine Cabinet); Digging potatoes (Susie, Household Chore)
Most Clever Answer: Doctor (Leeann, Words Associated with Exercise)
Most Clever Unaccepted Answer: Delaware River (Leeann and Julie, Body of Water)
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