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What's This Review About?

This is the fourth review from a series of five. For those who have read my first, second and third articles (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3), again, please move on straight to the minis. To those who are reading this review for the first time, i think it would be better if you read up my earlier reviews and then follow by this, which is the fourth review. That’s because my review comes in a series and you may lose the continuation for going straight half way some of the reviews.

This review is all about the miniatures that are used in playing Talisman board game and the characters in it. For those Talisman fans and enthusiasts who do not know how to paint minis, or they somehow face difficulties to get some professionals to do the dirty painting job for them without being charged with a "sky-rocket high" labor fees, this review is for you!!

I love Talisman, and i own the Revised 4th Ed and all its other expansions. The only problem i have is all the minis that come with the game which are unfortunately not painted, in which i really hope they are. Luckily, i'm a D&D Miniature collector. I replaced all Talisman's original minis with a bunch of minis which i think is a good representation of what the original Talisman character card indicated, without losing much on the original RPG feel. And because i personally love miniatures but i can't paint them (not born with this special talent), and yet i can't stand playing those plain gray color minis, that's why i decided to use all the following minis as a replacement, as an alternative, as an additional option, or whatever you like to call them. My main point is rather simple: it is purely to make my Talisman gaming session much much more enjoyable by using the colorful and well sculptured minis.

The following list of minis are simply my personal thoughts about every mini and readers should make your own judgment whether they suit your taste. Use them just as a guide, perhaps as an option when you get tired of gray minis, or it can even be a guide on how to best paint your original minis from Talisman.

Feel free to drop any comments or constructive feedback as they are all a big welcome and i'm writing this simply to share my passion on Talisman and minis, both merged into one great enjoyable hobby, that's all. There's always room for improvement.

If readers are interested to view some of my other posts, please visit this link: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/browse/boardgame/0?usern...

To readers who are interested to view the complete list of D&D minis, you should follow this link: http://www.minisgallery.com/dnd/ddm/index.html


This write-up is not in any way an attempt to discredit Talisman's original minis. In fact they are all reasonably good in quality and well created. My only problem is that they are not painted. I'm also not suggesting that Talisman gamers should use all the minis i'm going to list here, instead of using the original minis from Talisman. I strongly believe the best minis for the game is still the original minis, after it is properly painted by well-trained professionals. That's the ideal, but because i have already have a whole bunch of minis from my D&D minis collections, plus not willing to pay a big sum of money for someone to paint all the 52 minis released by Talisman so far (which will cost me easily US$10-US$20 per mini), i decided to use my own minis, that's all. On another note, this review is not an attempt to promote D&D miniatures in any way though i personally like them a lot, especially the production quality from Archfiend up to Desert of Desolation's expansion.

What to Expect from this Review?

So far i have listed all characters so far released by FFG's Talisman 4th Ed beginning from the basic 14 characters follow by all subsequent expansions (in alphabetical order, and the number in bracket represents the total characters available in that set); 4 from Reaper; 5 from Dungeon; 4 from Frostmarch; 6 from Highland; 4 from Sacred Pool, 6 from Dragon, 3 from Blood Moon and 6 from City. Therefore a total of 52 characters in 4 separate reviews (well, it's simply too long for one). In every character's mini review, i will individually show the mini which i am using for my Talisman game (though it may not be the most suitable ones), and follow by some other minis which i think can be used for that particular character as well, plus some additional comments on selected minis. Each Talisman character are properly named and the D&D minis are labeled too, with the expansion in bracket. Please also understand that D&D minis may not have the exact minis design that fully match those from Talisman, therefore whatever that are suggested below are the closest and "the best" which i can possibly find.

Due to the considerably large number of characters and minis, i need to split my review into four parts: Part 1 are characters from base set. Part 2 are characters from Reaper, Dungeon and Frostmarch expansions. Part 3 are characters from Highland, Sacred Pool and Dragon expansions. Part 4 is mostly concern with Blood Moon and City expansion, monsters and NPC minis. Part 5 will be the final, after the next two new expansion have been released.

Enough of talking and let's get on to the lovely characters and minis: laugh :

Blood Moon Expansion (3)

Photo from BGG/azoic (azoic)


Ever since i have this expansion and have now played four sessions, i have won one with this character. This character is super cool as his abilities are active all the time and he tend to benefit regardless whether it's his turn, that’s great! And he can regain fate points when opponent draws an event...that's powerful and i won mainly because i have fate points to use when my character was in the Crypt and facing Death in Inner region. Marvelous creation!

Mini I Used:
Wild Elf Raider (Angelfire)

It is very difficult to look for a mini that is similar to this character. So i found this simple mini that has a tribal armor clothing and the closest that i can find... laugh Besides, who can really tell how a Doomsayer suppose to look like...

Other Options:



Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

This is another interesting character that is real fun to play with. His ability to draw eight adventure cards when he’s in Graveyard, pick any one object and keep for free can be abusive, such as when he has the Poltergeist, etc that allows him to move to a specific spot. I can only say it's a wonderful addition, it's fun and can be powerful!

Mini I Used:
Farmer (Desert of Desolation)

Well, what a simple mini for this character. I pick him as my first choice because he looks non combative and they both hold non real warrior type of equipment for digging graves, well, at least this mini holds a pig! laugh And if you pay more attention, you will notice they both carry a large chopping knife on their belt...and yes, that's why i pick this mini...

Other Options:

Human Bandit (Demonweb)

This mini which i used for Thief character is very appropriate and suitable. The figure itself tells a lot about the character, one is a thief and the other one is a robber who steal things... laugh But some gamers may not like to have two characters sharing one same mini, which then they will have to look at my next option below.

Lantern Bearer (Underdark)

This is another great mini that i personally feel very appropriate for this character mainly because he holds a lantern searching through darkness for something. Well, thief and robbers usually work at night and i think it is acceptable, thematically nice.


Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

I find it surprising with the introduction of this character because we already have a character called Vampiress, therefore when i see this character, it made me think that she is destined to hunt down the Vampiress. She is quite cool to play with, with adventure card manipulation ability though slightly restricted, a 4 Strength and 4 Craft character in battle or psychic combat is always good. Nice addition but not the type of characters i personally fancy to play with...shake

Mini I Used:
Drow Spider Priestess (Desert of Desolation)

It is quite difficult to find a suitable mini for this character, and i can only think of this mini, the closest i can get. They both wear all black outfit though the mini's armor has web design on it if you look at it carefully.. I really like this mini, she’s cool with her pose and it's not too difficult to find, and i hope you like it too.

Other Options:


City Expansion (6)

I can't get all the character card’s photo for this expansion and so, decided to use some of the minis photos painted by other gamers as reference.


Photo from BGG/Paul C (Eagel Ov Death)

This character is downright powerful and up to a point of OP, IMHO. He is comparable to characters like Assassin or Warlock because each of his ability is dam good. Able to generate gold is already powerful with City expansion and when you give him the Full Plate armor and the Flail, gosh, he becomes the God...shake

Mini I Used:
Vampire Hunter (Blood War)

The reason for me choosing this mini is because he is a hunter too! The only difference is he hunts vampires. Still, his pose and personality is interesting and it's a good reflection of a hunter in overall. Also, it's not expensive to get this mini which is high in quality.

Other Options:

Carrion Tribe Barbarian (Aberrations)

If you prefer a mini character that has less sophisticated clothing which is similar to the original Talisman character, then you may try this mini. However it could be OOP by now. shake

Half-Orc Executioner (Underdark)

This mini is another good option if you prefer one that is slightly similar to the original character. This mini is cool as the character is holding an unusual weapon, just like the original character. Well at least both character wears armor clothing that shows off their muscles and meat... laugh


Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

This is a character that i never pay attention to when i first got hold of it, as i thought it was just another normal, average character. But in one of our sessions, this character actually won. That changed how i look at her and her abilities in manipulating adventure cards and her capability of stealing stuff from City shops should not be underestimated. Very cool character design with a very interesting name, reminded me of the superhero “Cat Women”...laugh

Mini I Used:
Catfolk Wilder (Deathknell)

This mini is most suitable for this character and i can't find any other minis that are better than this. This mini is actually a cat race character and one of the most important factor she was chosen is because they are both purple in color! Nice reflection and i think it is perfect...

Aspect of Loviatar (Night Below)

This is another suitable mini for this character mainly because she holds one of the trademark weapon of a Cat Burglar, the whip! But she is not purple in color. I think you can use this mini if you prefer a normal looking human character, not expensive and not too difficult to get.


Photo from BGG/Paul C (Eagel Ov Death)

This is a very unique character from Talisman. His ability of switching his stats around really helps him to be flexible and better chance of handling various type of monsters or characters, and that versatility will keep him alive longer than other characters. I like it and i consider it an above-average character among the rest.

Mini I Used:
Hierophant of the Seventh Wind (Night Below)

This is one of the most appropriate minis for this character because he is a spellcaster and red in color. His pose look somehow similar to the original character and it’s not too expensive. The mini character is actually standing on a cloud, which is as outstanding as the original character in terms of pose and theme..this is a very good choice.

Other Options:


d10-4 SPY

Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

This is a very unique character where he can follow other characters and spy on them. It is a very strong ability when it is used correctly at the right moment because he can play like a scavenger, collecting many good stuff left behind on the ground by other characters. Even though he is not overly powerful on paper but i can certainly see his potential. ninja

Mini I Used:
Daring Rogue (Dragoneye)

I am currently using this character because he has his face covered and looks mysterious. I know he may look like an assassin but i guess this is the best mini i have. Hope you will like it too.

Other Options:

Drow Rogue (Giants of Legend)

I personally feel that this mini is more appropriate than the one above. In overall, the feeling of this mini has a slightly better representation of a spy. I don't have this mini but i intend to get it later. Anyway, this is an out-of-production mini.


Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

This is one of the most exciting character of all the six introduced in City expansion and i love it! She can amass a lot of gold to buy a lot of stuff and who doesn't like that? laugh Whether she is a powerful character or not, i can't tell yet, but she definitely will annoy many other players... Great addition!

Mini I Used:

Combat Medic (War Drums)

This is a good option if you really don't like to share a mini with two characters. It's not difficult to find and it's quite suitable too. I actually like this mini more than the one below. There aren't too many female character minis in D&D Miniature series and I personally have high regard on this mini's quality.

Other Options:

Earth Shugenja (Underdark)

I know this is the mini i used for another character called Gypsy. I can't find any other better character than this or above. This is in fact a better choice than the one above but as i don't like to share one mini for two characters, so to me this is out. But you can use it if you like it, strongly recommended.

d10-6 Tinkerer

Photo from BGG/Paul C (Eagel Ov Death)

This is one of the most special characters with such a good ability. His ability of turning any objects into followers literally prevents other characters from stealing objects from him, and that itself is a very powerful ability indeed. This character actually won one of the sessions and we know how violent he can be, especially when he succeeded in getting many useful objects...cool stuff.

Mini I Used:

Dolgrim (Deathknell)

I know the reason for me to choose this mini is a bit controversial but i will stick with it anyway. Well the main reason is there is no minis in D&D series that looks like the original mini from Talisman but somehow this mini reflected the complexity of the original character. With the character holding and wearing so many objects, i thought this mini at least demonstrated the complexity part of it, and i like it.. laugh

Other Options:

Gnome Trickster (Blood War)

This is the mini i suggested for Leprechaun but i think it may be useful for this character since both are smaller size characters. Nice and acceptable to me.

Halfling Brawler (Unhallowed)

This is another good option for this character because this mini is a small size mini and he has a couple of tools/weapons in his hands, which is still not a bad choice.

Monsters and NPCs (9)

Monsters and NPCs are a key component in Talisman game and having a visually "attractive" or intimidating miniature to represent them actually make the game just that much nicer to play with. In our group, we never fail to have these monsters or NPCs fill up the board or roaming, getting ready to kill any character that are weak or unsuspecting...devil

d10-1 REAPER

Photo from BGG/John Goodenough (Game Geek)

He is the main NPC i think all Talisman fans love (and hate) so much. I can't even begin to count how many times he has succeeded in killing some of the characters we play during game sessions. One of the most important NPC of all time, marvelous addition! He really lives up to his name as Death...devil

Mini I Used:

Aspect of Nerull (Deathknell)

This IS the Miniature for this NPC, full stop. You don't need to find other options and that would be unnecessary, because this miniature is simply perfect for the Death! Just look at the facial expression and the weapon he’s holding, absolutely fearsome! Nice…

Other Options:

Skeletal Reaper (Blood War)

Well if you insist on another option, then i will recommend this mini. It's a Reaper alright, just that it's medium-size and not as fearsome as the one above. But one thing good though, it's easy to get and very economical that comes in a good quality mini. Not a bad choice at all if you prefer something simpler.


Photo from BGG/John Goodenough (Game Geek)

This is another classic NPC which i personally love so much. We play with a slightly different house rule where character is never allowed to land on her space, so she locks down one square. And the fact that she doesn't allow character to use fate point to reroll on her chart is the one that is most annoying...but we love it! laugh

Mini I Used:

Lady Vol (Night Below)

I can't find an exact mini that reflects a queen with an ice theme, but i manage to get a slightly larger than normal size mini that is a queen, instead of the ice theme, she is running on the undead theme. Still, i find her to be the most appropriate mini and I’m very happy with this mini. It's not too expensive and what a great addition. To me, she's perfect.

Other Options:



Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

We never play with this mini but maybe in the future. I find him slightly cumbersome to play with because we need to incorporate the day/night mechanic into the game play. And with the current number of cards in the adventure deck, it will be difficult to see any day/night effect cards to make appearance or to create any impact. Nonetheless, this mini is for those who is playing with it and looking for a good mini to place on the board, just like the Reaper and Ice-Queen.

Mini I Will Use:

Werewolf Lord (Unhallowed)

This is the perfect mini for this NPC and you don't need to find other options. It's ferocious and downright intimidating to players when it starts roaming. shake

Other Options:



Photo from BGG/Lasse Brogger (MrBrogger)

This is another interesting NPC and i remember we played with it many years ago. Though it didn't really caused any harm to anyone but it does make players worried when it's near. A very good idea and if not because we don't like to have too many NPCs roaming the board in order to reduce additional game maintenance work, we would have played it more often.

Mini I Used:
Kuo Toa Whip (Night Below)

This is the most suitable mini for this NPC simply because it is the most elegant, a spell caster (just like the theme of the original NPC) and it's from a frog race... It's great and not expensive to get.

Other Options:


d10-5 TOAD

Photo from BGG/Mindy Kyrkos (mintylish)

This is the most unique feature of Talisman where characters stand the chance of becoming a Toad, though for merely three rounds. But the effect can be devastating, losing all objects, followers and gold...and what a hilarious way of playing an RPG game...excellent theme and brilliant idea!

Mini I Used:
Giant Frog (Deathknell)

This is the best mini i can use for a Toadified character. Well, it is literally a frog. I think it's very cool...but definitely not for those players who have turned into a toad though...shake

Other Options:



Photo from BGG/Andreas Hanke (PapaVader)

This NPC is also another very interesting character stand guarding the bridge to the Middle region. Again, i don't remember how many times we had to battle him out before some of the new paths came out from other expansions, the direct access to the Middle region. Great NPC with strength 9, scared the hell out of lots of players...laugh

Mini I Used:
Shield Guardian (Unhallowed)

There are so many suitable minis for this NPC and i finally pick this because he looks like a construct and he is a guardian, what is more appropriate than this? Besides, not a very expensive miniature that i can place him at the bridge and scare the hell out of those who wanted to cross the bridge...

Other Options:

Brass Golem (Night Below)

This is the mini i love a lot too for this NPC and sometimes i use this mini as the Sentinel. He really looks like he is stand guarding something and i simply love the bronze color which reflects the uniqueness and flavor of guardians, and it's not too expensive to get one too...great mini! cool

Iron Golem (Underdark)

This mini is another good option if you prefer something even more "robotic" or looks more like a ferocious construct. I like this mini a lot but again, it's not cheap to get.

Solar (Blood War)

This mini is a good choice as Sentinel because he has a silver color body and looks really great with his unique sculpturing and pose. I like this mini a lot but it's quite costly to get one. Well, good minis aren't going to come cheap...


Photo from BGG/Virre Linwendil Annergård (virre)

This NPC is another annoying figure found in the Middle region. He is also the reason why Middle region is so deadly because characters that do not have gold will easily lose lives and then die. Cool stuff, more ways to get characters killed is always good in Talisman...

Mini I Used:
Blackguard on Nightmare (War of the Dragon Queen)

This mini is more appropriate for this NPC because the rider is on a Nightmare, very thematic and looks cool. No one said the Black Knight at Talisman's Middle region has to be a male right? whistle

Other Options:

Virtuous Charger (Unhallowed)

This is another very good option since the rider and horse has some black color element on them and the charging pose/force seems interesting for a Black Knight.


Photo from BGG/John Goodenough (Game Geek)

This is the big boss in the Dungeon region. He is supposed to be ferocious because all of us know how dangerous is the Dungeon. And being the boss, he has to be absolutely stunning, to say the least. gulp

Mini I Used:
Balor (Underdark)

This mini has been chosen to represent the Dark Lord because everyone knows the power of Balor, the most deadly of all demons. This mini looks great with its design, sculpturing and color. This is a rather expensive mini and it’s a collectible mini to me. You will notice they both use similar type of weapon, a fire base whip-like sword, which is fantastic!

Other Options:

Horned Devil (Blood War)

This is another excellent choice if you prefer a black color boss, similar to the one shown in the board. Though the original boss somehow looks like a construct, this mini is a devilish fiend that comes with an awful outlook. I think it’s acceptable, but it’s not cheap.

Cadaver Collector (War of the Dragon Queen)

I value this mini highly as one of my rare collection. This mini is not cheap and it sort of projects similar feel as the Dark Lord, Dungeon final boss, just that he doesn't carry any weapons. You should use this mini if you prefer a large-size construct type of mini that looks similar to the original NPC.

Lord of Blades (Blood War)

This mini character is the leader of all warforges and they don't call him Lord for nothing. He is actually the most suitable mini for this Talisman monster in Dungeon but i didn't choose it mainly because he is a medium-size mini, and so he doesn't give that strong larger-size visual impact that i desperately hope for. But in terms of his spiked armor and outlook, what a fantastic creation!


Photo from BGG/Rienk (velhart)

This is the boss in the Highland region. He is not particularly strong with 8 strength and 8 craft. We always take Highland as the place to farm for gold or good stuff, and sometimes prolong the game play so much. Nice addition but I would rate Dungeon and City better than this region.

Mini I Used:
Griffon Cavalry (War of the Dragon Queen)

This is the only mini in the entire D&D miniature series to have a human looking character riding a large size eagle. I know it may look exaggerated with such a tall mini standing at the end of the region, but hey, this is Talisman, anything is possible...

Other Options:

Giant Eagle (Night Below)

If you prefer something simpler and not too cumbersome as the above mini, i suggest you get this mini. It's a large size eagle which provides good visual effects, and certainly easier to get and cheaper than the one mentioned above, with good quality sculpturing and nice color finishing.

What’s My Final Thoughts?

It has been two years since i posted the Part 3 review, and what a relief.. whistle Honestly I was slightly disappointed with Blood Moon but the recent released City has brought back so much joy in playing Talisman. Before that, our group stopped playing Talisman for at lease more than three months. City reignited the fire and excitement for us to take it out from the cabinet and play it again, five sessions in five consecutive weeks, with the expected disaster or horrible death! The characters have been really good and it simply adds more flavor and variety to the already very good game.

My next review will be the last, I think. It should cover the next small expansion plus the last big expansion with the final corner! I foresee that the small and big expansion will add eight to ten new characters, and that’s it. God knows what will happen to this Revised 4th Ed version after that. I would expect the 5th Ed to be out in few years time. My only wish for the last big expansion is to have a climatic ending where we get another great region to explore and have lots of fun, fill with new ideas and surprises.

Till then, hope you enjoyed reading this review, have a great time playing Talisman and I can only say this: you aren’t playing Talisman if your character hasn’t experienced any horrible death or never turn into a Toad ... laugh
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