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EDIT: Check this thread for the updated PDF version of this guide

Well this is the real thing. How do typical games go in BSW ? What happens if there are problems in running the game?

1. Playing the games

Playing a game in BrettspielWelt follows very often a certain routine independent on the way the game was actually started. The chosen game is loaded into the game window and in addition to that you see (depending on the game) other information like player information, game tokens, buttons to activate things in the game etc.

Game play typically starts with greeting the players in the room. With this little compliment players also notice that somebody enters the room for playing games or watching and is not just passing by. A short ”Hi!” or ”Hallo” is often enough. Note! The reason I’m mentioning the German phrases is that you will see them very often and it makes sense to know the basic phrases in a typical game play. Messages are sent to other users by typing them into command line and pressing Enter after that. All messages in a room are shown in the message field.

If you have not sent the game invitation and enter the room after others it is polite to ask if you can join the game. In some cases players might want to play in a smaller group so it’s important that you don’t be too pushy. Asking for permission happens by asking ”May I join?” or ”Darf ich ?” in German. Persons typically answer by saying something like ”Join”, ”ok”, ”Ja” or even ”j”. Typically it does not make sense to join the game before you have got permission to do so.

Next you have to join into the game from Game menu or using /join command from the command line. If you choose an empty game room to start and invite others in then you can already join in yourself and be ready to welcome other games into the play.

Before game starts more players might be invited using /gameyell command that was mentioned before. When more persons are waited (and especially if no more appear) players might discuss whether more players are needed and is there a need to limit the amount of players in the game. Players might also ask if more players are waited or would it be ok to start already. The typical German terms for two person play is ”2er”, for three ”3er” etc.

Games start with /start command or choosing Start from the Game menu. Depending on the game players might then see cards, tiles etc. appearing in the game window. The standard way to mark an active player in BSW is to put the players name within asterisks (e.g. *JoeLamer*).

In the beginning of the game players often wishes each other lots of fun in the game and good luck. The typical terms are ”Have fun”, ”hf” or ”Viel Spass”, ”VS” in German and ”Good luck”, ”gl”, ”Viel Glück” or ”VG”,”. These are routines but especially with two player it is polite to answer. A typical quick way to answer is ”The same” or ”dito” (and the last one is not a typo :-)).

It makes sense to play the game with no long breaks because they might irritate other players. If you are a beginner with the game mention that to others so that they understand you delays and slower game play. You can send messages to other players during game play and it makes the gaming more fun. Do not mock other players though or type messages when it is your turn. Check the players etiquette from here:

When game is over BSW server counts the points and shows them to players. Now it’s time to thank other players by saying ”Thanks”, ”thx”, ”good game!” and something similar. German players typically answer with ”grats” or ”gratsi”. If the game was especially exciting or fun let others know that.

Say what you want to do next
. After the game you can ask for a new round with a question ”Continue?” or why not even ask for a possibilty to revenge ”rev?” . If you want to end the playing it’s again a good idea to tell other players that you ”Have to go” and add the wish to meet and game again by saying ”See you!” or shortly ”Cu!”

You can start a new game by resetting the previous on with /reset command or from the Game menu with the same command. After that you can join in again. If you do not plan to play this game, move for example back to Game Manager so that other players do not wonder your stay in the game room and start inviting you to a new game.

If you want to end up gaming in BSW close your browser or BSW client window. There is no need to log out separately from BrettspielWelt.

Note! This is just an example of a typical gaming session but with these instructions you get easily started.

2. Problems in gaming

Because gaming in BrettspielWelt happens using computers many computer or communication related errors may happen and stop your game play. You see sometimes situations where players computer does not display the game correctly or the connection to game server breaks. Here are some tips to these situations.

I have problems in my game play

Send a message to others (if possible) that you’re having problems in game play e.g. ”Problem with computer”. Take a note about some person that was in the same game room as you. Go out from the game into Game Manager window or to some other window. Try to reload the game by using /ghook command with the player name that was in the same room where game is running (e.g /ghook JoeLamer). If this does not help close your browser or BSW client program, log in and retry with /ghook command. If game loads now properly or the broken connection to server is up try to sit back to your previous game seat by giving command /join with your position in the game. If you were sitting in the 3rd place in the game, give command /join 3. Other players accept your request to get back with /accept command. Remember to thank everybody from their patience.

We lost a player from our game

In the beginning you should wait for a little while so that the missing player has time to do everything that is mentioned above. If the same player returns you can accept him/her in with /accept command. It the player does not return and you play a long game where just giving up would annoying you can invite a new player in with /gameyell command (e.g.
/gameyell Replacement needed!). New player can join the game play with the above /join x - /accept procedure.

Game has to be restarted

If you want to reset a running game (somebody was lost from the game or you started just before somebody had time to get in) you can do this with /masterreset. For that command your player level must be 5. or above and other players must accept the reset with /accept command.

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