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Subject: Second battle with full rules: Humans versus Orcs rss

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Colin Speirs
United Kingdom
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We had played one battle with the full rules which showed us the difference the command rules made. Our second fight was using 2,000 points per side with Orcs versus the Men of Hawkshold.
1 Troll 1 Knights
2 Goblin Wolfriders 2 Light Cavalry
2 Goblin Raiders 3 Spearmen
3 Goblin Bowmen 2 Archers
2 Goblin Spearmen 1 Peasant Mob
2 Crazed Goblins 2 Command Cards

The Goblins deployed with the wolfriders to their left in front of a unit of crazed goblins, then the raiders and spearmen with the Trolls and the other crazed goblins to the right. The Humans had a peasant mob on their left, then a line of spearmen, then a gap before the knights. The Light cavalry were in the gap between the spearmen and the knights, but at the back of the deployment zone. Both sides placed their archers in the centre of th efield and to the rear of the battle lines.

Both sides used HOLD OBJECTIVE orders to get their archers to the places they wanted them to be and the humans did the same with their infantry battle line. The troll, goblin infantry and wolf riders were all told to close as soon as possible as were the human cavalry and the peasants.

As the lines surged forward the reason for the placement of the light cavalry further back became clear. The light cavalry, being faster, took a couple of turns to catch up with the main line and this prevented the light cavalry being swamped by faster Goblin units. Using the Army Special ability of BRAVERY, the Peasants and the leftmost spearman unit were inspired in the face of the Troll right in front of them, never mind the crazed goblins getting set to run round the human flank.

The wolf riders were charged by the Light Cavalry and the Knights were able to take a unit of wolf riders in the flank, the human battle line had reached their positions and held awaiting the onslaught while on the human left the a wonderful thing was happening. The peasants, brave as lions (probably drunk) charged the Trolls and administered a major beating to the lumbering brutes. Taking personal control of the archers the general directed them to fire at the troll and that was enough to reduce the trolls down a level, though they made their morale check. The shock of the pitchforks up the nose was obviously the reason that the trolls were unable to inflict much of a beating back.

Although charged by crazed goblins the knights aided in the defeat of the wolfriders before turning their attention to the dribbling loons to their flank. The Goblin spearmen and raiders, under the influence of the LASH army ability and a rousing into Battle-lust were drubbing to the human battle line who took heavy casualties. More BRAVERY commands were issued to the human spearmen to stop them from routing and the centre held.

More peasant influenced Troll-bashing caused the Trolls to flee, though they were caught in the rout by the peasants and destroyed, though the Peasants had their own crazed goblins to deal with. The end, however, was near for the goblins, with the flanks clear the cavalry, though much mauled, were able to flank attack the spearmen and the peasants were able to do the same on the human left. Cavalry was also able to be spared to attack the goblin archers and the Goblin general surrendered after his last spear unit bit the dust.
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Justin Borges
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Very nicely done, and sounds like a fantastic battle.
I'm putting my order in for this game in the next few days. It's Reports like this that really get me interested in this game!
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