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Chez Geek + Slack Attack + Block Party

What I Learned in College

The Players: Me, aka Mr. H., the 50+ history teacher who runs the Games Club here at LaurenHill Academy. Starting Job: Campus Job

Linda, Brandon and Derek: 17 year old high school seniors who will be starting college in the Fall. Starting Jobs: Linda - Slacker; Brandon - TA; Derek - Waitstaff

Amedeo: 19, LHA grad and college freshman. Starting Job: Pizza Delivery Driver

Amedeo went first, his first time playing. He kept rolling low on his variable income and had only expensive things in his hand, and no activities, so he had a very slow start. Linda overcame her low income by luckily drawing many activity cards, such as 'The Why Files, Talk Show,' and 'Dying for Dollars,' though an early attempt at sleep was thwarted by my timely play of 'Snoring Roomate.' Brandon went a variety of ways by shopping for some food and attempting to hang out at the café. Again, I put a crimp in those plans by sending him on 'Laundry Day,' as I use to pass that task off to my roommate. Derek got some cigarettes and used Cds. On my first turn, after successfully inviting the 'Life of the Party' over, I invested in 'Caesar's Gallic Wars' something, as I explained, I actually read in Latin in high school. They wondered what Latin was, the language of Latin America no doubt? On my second, I bought 'Beowulf,' again something I read I high school. On my third 'On the Origin of Species' - not a book I've ever read, but I did read a biography of Darwin which explained how he came to write his famous work. No, they were not impressed, nor did they notice that I had amassed 9 slack points in three rounds.

Amedeo was still getting nowhere on his limited income, so he threw in most of his cards and continued to roll ones. Finally lost his job and drew, [sigh] the Drummer. This pretty much sealed his fate for the rest of the game. Linda continued to draw activities adding 'The Animal Bothering Show,' Mitzi the Demon Hunter,' and a backrub, at which point Brandon pointed out that she always gets one. Did he mean in the game or . . . ?, oh well. Derek moved happily along by playing computer games and attending a toga party. Since I had studied so hard to this point I needed some fun time. Joined by 'The Motivator,' I scored some 'Hash Brownies.'

Linda tried for some 'RPGs,' failed, and then wondered what they were. Later she tried for some 'Phone Nookie,' failed and Amedeo wondered what that was. Derek used some secret arm motions to explain it to him. I sent the 'Choad Warrior' after Brandon's food, and the 'Ubergeek' to Derek's. In my next turn I took a nap and Brandon woke me by driving the 'Fire Truck' past my place. As the turns went round, I began to count my slack. I was at 16, and then I remembered the rules, yeah the rules, which I'd read back in December when I first purchased the sets. Technically, when I played the sleep card I had 17 slack and I had won! I broke the news to them and they agreed, but with not enough time in our lunch break to start another, we decided to play for highest Slacker instead.

While they now fought among themselves, I relived my college days with a bottle of 'Old Ragnarok,' which makes you sound drunk trying to pronounce it, went for some 'Cast Party Nookie.' I even 'Caught Some Rays.'

When the bell rang to end lunch, I had 23 slack points, the clear winner. As I explained to them, "Now we know which one of us went through too many years of college." I think they can’t wait for their own real experiences to begin.

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