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Subject: 5 player fun! rss

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Brendan Tracey
United States
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I just finished with a tense and fun game of citadels. I was playing with 4 new players, all of whom are slightly crazy, and one loves being mischevious and destructive. After explaining the game, we started round one, with me randomly drawn as the king. After the roles had been chosen I said "Assasin" and pointed directly at Max, the latest of the people I mentioned. Everyone laughed, and then we all laughed again when he flipped up the card. He had the last laugh though, by killing "The character he didn't like the face of", the merchant, which was me. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, though Rafi less so because he kept being killed by the assasin. Poor luck for him for the most part. Oddly enough, throughout the whole game, I think the merchant ability was only taken 2 or three times. Jason, the player to my left, made the merchant a dangerous role to pick, with his three green provinces (this is after I killed two different taverns he had built).

The last few rounds were pretty tense, in the last two rounds, we built up to three of the 5 players having 7 provinces, and one of the players having 4. Going into the last round, the player to my right was the king, and was in no contention to win. I had 7 provinces, and so snatched up the assasin when it came to me. I passed the thief, the merchant, the king, and the warlord to Jason, who had the highest score next to mine. Jay (the 5th player) chose last in the round, and complained that he had no good options. Jason said "Hmmm... that means you have the merchant or the warlord. No, Max has the Warlord. Well, I forget what the third one was." I then prompted, "The thief". He replied "Well, maybe Max took the theif, I don't know". Jay then took his role. I flipped the Assasin card over. "Thank you for telling me what you are" I said to Jason. "*Explitive Deleted* you!" He replied. "I kill the king" I said. I took my two gold, and bought the watchtower I had in my hand, completing my 8th district. Max built his 7th district, and Jay, as the warlord, with one gold and no cards, got a bonus gold, and managed to draw well to enable him to build his 8th district.

Jay and I both had the pent-color so I had 7 bonus points and he had 5. The final scores were me in first with 34, Jay in second with 31, Jason in 3rd with 28, and I'm not sure of the scores of the other two.

There are two morals to this story. The first is that if Jay had moved before I did, then he would have gotten the bonus instead of me. The second moral, is that if Jason had not revealed who he was, he would have built his 8th district for two gold, which would have given him one of each color, giving him 7 more points, and enough for the victory.

At the end of the game, Max stated. "We will play again. And I will win."

Yes. I am slowly converting them into gamers.
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Sjoerd M
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Yes talking during the game can definately give you away.

In a 3-player game, I remember my brother asking as a joke which character I took so he could thieve me.
I was being a smartalic and named the characters which had been picked.

I said I was either the Assasin, the Merchant or the magician. (I was the magician)

Now I totally forgot about the assasin still being into play, so it was easy to assume for the king who got to choose the assasin to calculate who I was. The merchant lay face-down, the assasin was in the kings hand. The magician was the only other option. soblue

It was totally funny though.
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