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Subject: More historical scenarios rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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I don't claim these are playable or even balanced...
Note all scenarios have players start with a school in their capital. Income is always 20 or more while the player has a school. (thus permitting Japan to build buildings, if he builds an engineer).

1830: Britain as 1886 except no Railroad in India and no troops in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Western Australia, South Australia, North Territories, Queensland. Starts with Industry 1, and an Explorer in New South Wales.

France as 1886 except no troops in Mauritania or West Africa or Annam. Starts with Education 1.

Germany does not exist.

Russia as 1886 except no troops in Kazakhstan or Turkestan and no Railroads at all.

Europe as 1886 except Prussia 3 Inf 1 Cav 2 Art 1 Ship, City, Port. Germany 2 Inf, Factory. Remove 1 Cavalry and 1 Factory from Italy, and a 1 Port and 1 Ship from Austria Hungary. Remove the infantry from Kongo.

Japan is as 1886 without Factory.

1840: As 1830 except: Britain gets +1 Inf in Western Australia and Industry 1, France gets Education 1.
1850: As 1840 except: Britain gets +1 Inf in Queensland, Russia gets +1 Inf in Turkestan and a Railway in Trans-Ural. Britain gets Economics 1, France Education 2, Europe Industry 1.
1860: As 1850 excpet: Britain gets +1 Inf in Northern Territory and a Railroad in India. Europe gets a Factory and a Cavalry in Italy. Britain and France get Science 1, Europe Education 1
1870: As 1860 except|: Germany now exists- remove European forces from the German territories. Germany gets its full 1886 forces and starts play with Industry 1, Education 1 and Rifles 1; Britian gets +1 Inf in Nigeria and Southern Australia, France gets +1 Inf in Annam, Europe gets a Port and a Ship in Austria-Hungary. Russia gets +1 Inf in Kazahkstan and a Railway in Siberia. Britain gets Govt 1, France gets Economics 1.
1880: As 1870 except Germany gets Artillery 1, France Rifles 1 and Britain Artillery 1.
1886: See rule book but note this variant has added technology. Germany and Europe get Science 1, France Cavalry 1 and Britain Rifles 1.
1890: As 1880 except Japan gets Edu 1, Ind 1 and Rifles 1 Germany and Europe get Economics 1 Britain Education 2 and Russia Industry 1.
1900:As 1890 except Japan gets Artillery 1, France and Britain Science 2, Germany Govt 1, Eur and Rus Rifles 1 and +1 British Infantry in Sudan.
1910: As 1900 except Japan gets 1 ship and 1 Infantry in Korea, Germany +1 Ship in Prussia, Britain +1 Ship outside Great Britain. Japan and Britain and Germany get Battleships 1, France gets govt 1, Europe Education 2, Russia Cavalry 1
1914: As 1910 except +1 European Infantry in Tripoli. Japan and Europe get Science 1, Britain Trade 1, Germany Education 2, Russia and France Artillery 1.

Ottoman variant: Europe gets 2 Infantry, 1 City 1 Artillery and 1 Cavalry in Ottoman, 1 Infantry in Palestine, and 1 Infantry in Mesopotamia. If using this variant with the 1914 scenario, place a railroad in Mesopotamia as well.
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