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Subject: A few strategy pointers rss

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Chris Boote
United Kingdom
Virginia Water
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Before the race
1. Know your track
study the track before you play, if there are a number of close corners, how far apart are they? can you stay in 4th gear for all of them? Will missing one cause you to slow to 3rd gear just before a long straight?
Look at the multi-stop corners, your target will be to come out of them in at least a high gear as you went in, so look at the track before. Careening into a 2 stop corner at the end of a long straight in 6th gear may be impressive, but if you have to slam down to 2nd for the second stop, while all the other players are cruising past you in 4th will lose you the race
2. Know your driving style
In three lap races, you get to build your own car. Are you someone who regularly overshoots? then load up on tyres. Do you tend to hang around behind the others? The Brakes & Handling will be important. Do you like to whizz up the straights, and slam down for the corners, then don't forget your petrol. If you're allowed to design your car differently for each race, then check things like how many other players there are - if you've only got 3 opponents, then you won't need much bodywork, engine or handling. Conversely, in a packed race on a track liable to be wet, you'll need to build a tank that can handle the constant jostling that will occur
3. Pick your pit
If the first corner after the pit is a single stop, then ideally you want to hit it in 4th or 5th gear, so pick your pit (= car colour) so that should you get a fast stop, you can reach it in 7-12 spaces or if necessary 11-20 spaces. COUNT THEM, don't guess!
4. Soft, Hard or Wet.
Some tracks (e.g. Silverstone) are very forgiving if you want to try using Hard tyres in the rain, otherwise, always have wets available. I prefer soft tyres - that extra +1 space every roll adds up to a LOT of movement, that more than counters the need to go back to the pits each lap. However, my driving style is to avoid overshooting except to guarantee entry to the next corner. If you're the sort who overshoots regularly, then softs won't last long enough. Remember that softs give you more flexibility (if you normally need an 8-11 to hit the next corner, then you can guarantee you're in with 4th gear & softs - that 7 comes up just too often for my tastes...)

During the race (all these assume a 2 or 3 lap race)
1. To jostle or not to jostle?
I try to avoid being alongside another car like the plague. The only time I will end my turn next to someone else and risk the collision is if it puts me ahead of them next turn and/or guarantees me the corner. Otherwise, I feel that blind dumb luck hates me, so I'll avoid trusting to it. I get enough BDoF rolls from others scraping my paintwork, thank you
2. Dinking
Learn to 'Dink' This is where you leave a corner by cutting across from the longest route, following the arrows to the inside lane, then cutting back across to the outside once you're in the straight. This will 'cost' you 2 movement points - which can make the difference between a overshoot in the next corner and a 'happy landing'
3. Think Ahead
It's said that a good pool player doesn't think at all about the shot they're taking. They're thinking where the ball will be for their NEXT shot. You should be doing the same - every time you end your turn, look where you have to be at the END of the next turn to guarantee entry to the next corner - and if it's a long straight, how badly will and 11 or 20 screw you if you get the position wrong now?
4. Learn to read corners - where is the 'key space' in an 'S' curve that marks the centre of the longest route? Try to sit there when you stop in that corner (unless it buggers you up for the NEXT corner of course) because it means that everyone behind you must take a less optimal route through. Why? Well, taking all in all the player who consistently manages to keep their car in a higher gear the most will win the race. If by blocking the longest route, you can force another player to slow down a gear, while you stay in yours, you get an advantage
5. Accelerate out of corners
You should always be looking to leave a corner in at least as high a gear as you entered it, so slow down before the corner if necessary. If you have a 3 stop corner, 3rd 3rd 3rd is far better than 4th 3rd 2nd, and 2nd 3rd 4th is better still
Especially as most (exception - Monte Carlo) 3 stop corners are followed by a long straight, so being able to power off in 5th, while your opponents struggle up to 3rd is going to make you smile
6. Never give a sucker an even break
DO NOT stop near a corner so that a lucky blighter can roll the number to slip stream from you into the corner - this is hard to do if they have softs, but don't make life too easy for them - pull over one lane, or don't use your softs' ability.
Don't leave the long route open for someone behind you. Sometimes it seems so tempting to just slide into the inside space, but if that means the person behind you can now open up to 4th or 5th and slide through the long route, you're now behind in spaces and gears and will struggle to catch up
Squeeze the 'wounded' cars through small gaps - don't necessarily block the track (although that can be very satisfying just after a corner when the cars behind could otherwise go into 5th) rather position,your car in such a way as to force a double or even triple collision roll if they want to get past you
7. It's all down to the last corner...
Lots of races end with a nail-biting finish on the last corner, then the rush along the straight to the finish
Be ready for that. Have enough tyre & brake left to take that last corner a gear higher than most people would expect - it not only means you might steal (or keep) the lead, but you can let 'er rip as you come out of the corner to cross the line
8. NEVER NEVER never never say "Anything but a 20" The dice hate you, honest, they do, and they can hear you...
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Nelson Moutinho
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Very nice! Thanks for the tips... much appreciated from a Formual De newbie. Now i just have to find a store that *carries* the game...
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emiel van marwijk

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Nr8 is true, so true.
We often did say it and we where punished by the Dice-gods.
The rest of the story is true also, very well writen.
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Zeek LTK
United States
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For newbies I would also say don't be afraid to take some damage to get into a better position.

I just played this for the first time last week and wound up dead last because I was trying to be careful and not wreck my car. By the end of the race I had only taken 2 tire WP and no other WP at all!

And I was 2 corners behind everyone even though it was only a 1 lap race... lol

I then realized you are supposed to use the brakes and gearboxes to help stay near the front of the pack. Instead, I would use lower gears to make sure I never overshot the corners and just kept falling further and further behind.
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