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Subject: 3 player Wyatt Earp game ends after two hands. rss

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First of all there are two un-official rules that I employ in Wyatt Earp. Anyone who fails to employ them I view as a Wyatt Earp Neanderthal. The rules are:

1. Never let any one be the sole recipient of any huge rewards unless it’s me. If it can’t be me and some one has to get it. Make sure it’s the person who’s losing.
2. Never let a huge reward remain into the next hand. The reasons are less obvious, but failing to follow this rule makes the next had much more chaotic because the reward is only going to get higher and the luck factor is exacerbated.

This particular game of Wyatt Earp lasted two hands. It was a three player game between Me, Emily and John. John dealt and I went first.

I played down three Sundance Kids and topped it off with a Stage Coach Robbery. I had the Sundance’s Photo card in my hand and two Hideouts, so I was hoping to lure other players into playing some money onto Sundance then knock them out of contention with the Photo/Hideouts as necessary.

Soon after Emily played two Sundances and the other Stage Coach Robbery. John plays a single Sundance and a Bank Robbery. For those who are keeping score that’s $10,000 on Sundance. I play the Photo to edge both out and bump Sundance up to $11,000. But I got a pile of Sheriff cards and I am hesitant to discard any of them, so I foolishly discard an Outlaw.

The game plays on and John plays three Butch Cassidys and Butch’s Photo. I play three Butches on my turn. When John goes again he plays another Butch (edging me out) and uses a Most Wanted to snag one of my Sundances. Sundance is now being split three ways. John plays or discards all but his last card. Everyone has a few other outlaws played, but the big hitters are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Since John only has one card left I land a Hideout on his Sundances. I’m no where near going out because of all my Sheriffs. Emily plays then it’s John’s turn again. He extends the game, choosing not to go out but rather try to dump the Hideout on a later turn.

I go again and play my other Hideout on Emily making it so that I am the sole recipient of the Sundance reward (which is good because the only other outlaw I’m in on is Wes for $3,000). Emily is annoyed by this and plays the third Hideout on my Sundance’s in direct violation of Rule #2 above rather than putting a dent in John’s extremely At least she’s not breaking Rule #1.

John plays. He draws and finally gets a Wyatt Earp. We are on our second time through the deck at this point, so normally I wouldn’t worry because there are never any Outlaws in there the second time through. Unfortunately, we’ve all been discarding Outlaws and taking shots so the likely hood of John’s success is much greater. He plays the final Sundance bringing the capture points up to eight. Then he takes a shot to remove the Hideout on Sundance. He is successful and discards his last card.

I’m stuck with nothing but the $3,000 I got for Wes. Emily comes away with $8,000 or so. From Butch, Sundance and some other Outlaws he had in play John walks off with $23,000 dollars. Rather immaturely, I get extremely annoyed with Emily for her petty attempt to break Rule #2 which results in the horrendous breach of Rule #1.

The second hand is played out of formality. John plays conservative, gets a finger in every pie he can. He is way too diversified for us to do anything about stopping him and he only needs $2,000. I end the game with $12,000 or so. Emily does about the same. We put up the game before John counts up all his money. So there we go, a two handed game of Wyatt Earp.
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