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Subject: Getting stomped at A Lamb Between Two Lions rss

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Vince Londini
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The Maverick posted a challenge to download and assemble games entered into a contest to design representations of the Afghan sport of Bushkazi. We took him up on the offer and assembled A Lamb Between Two Lions (see my review).

Lori and I played 10 games in our festival and she killed me! Here's the rundown:

Game #1 - I open with a quick win. We set up on opposite sides of the circle, I got high rolls, raced into the center, got the Boz and won.

Vince = 7
Lori = 1 (for a doubles roll)

Game #2 - I'm getting cocky now, my second win. Again, we set up on opposite sides, I got the high rolls, no contest, the game was over in 3 turns.

Vince = 9
Lori = 1 (doubles, again)

Game #3 - Lori gets her first win on her third turn. Again, we set up on opposite "sides" (if a circle has those). She got high enough rolls [(4,3) (3,2) (4,4)].

Vince = 0
Lori = 9

Game #4 - I am SO doomed. This is the one long contest we had in our festival (10 minutes). This game lasted 8 turns and in the end Lori raked in a nearly 20 points, burying me. This time we set up next to each other, having invented a house rule that the winner sets-up first and the loser rolls first. Setting up next to each other allowed us to really interfere with each others' moves and made for a much more interesting game. At turn 4, Lori's Chapadazan had grabbed the Boz, but was unable to get away, being surrounded by my Attendants and some of hers that got in the way. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Boz. Eventually, she opened up a corridor and escaped.

Lori = 19 [Dice=(4,3)(5,4)(2,2)(1,1)(6,1)(3,2)(5,4)(5,3)]
Vince = 1 [Dice=(2,1)(3,1)(3,3)(6,1)(6,1)(6,2)(6,5)(4,2)]

Game #5 - We set up next to each other, but she got the dice and I didn't. Quick, but not quite painless

Lori = 6 [(5,3)(2,1)]
Vince = 1 [(2,2)(2,1)]

Game #6 - A comeback? Dice were on my side this time.

Lori = 1 [(3,3)(4,1)]
Vince = 10 [(5,5)(5,5)(3,2)]

Game #7 - Nope, no comeback. Though we continued to set up next to each other (as per game 4), she got the edge.

Lori = 8 [(3,1)(5,2)(5,4)]
Vince = 0 [(4,2)(4,2)]

Game #8 - I won this, but at 6 points, it hardly made up the gap. It was over on my 2nd turn. Now THESE are disparate dice!

Lori = 1 [(1,1)]
Vince = 6 [(6,5)(6,3)]

Game #9 - Reverse game #8, Lori wins.

Lori = 9 [(6,5)(5,1)(5,4)]
Vince = 0 [(4,1)(3,1)]

Game #10 - Done

Lori = 8 [(5,1)(6,3)]
Vince = 0 [(4,2)(5,4)]

You can add it up, but I think she won the festival by 30 points!
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