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Myself and a gamer buddy recent started peeling apart the rules and play system of A&AM. We were going for a hex-free, quick-playing, dumbed-down experience. We eliminated the hex measurement system, and replaced it by counting each hex as one inch of movement or range for the tabletop. We doubled all infantry movement to prevent them from lagging behind in any tank heavy fights. Most of the game remained unchanged. We ignored most of the special unit rules to smooth out play.

Terrain was a 2ft x 4ft table, a road bisecting it at the center with two small buildings forming the objective at the very centerpoint of the table. Our forces were fairly equal. There were forests placed on opposite ends of each side of the road and a few hills in between.
The German player had a Panzer IVD, three SS Panzergrenadiers and one MG-42. The Americans were given a M4 Sherman, three M1 Garands and one Vickers MG.

The game started slowly, infantry even at double movement slothed across the field. Both players immediately charged forward to the small set of buildings along the road. The German Panzer pushed directly over a hill and toward the main objective, while the Sherman chose to enter the southernmost forest next to the objective and take up a defensive position. The American infantry just lurched forward en masse in an attempt to rush the objective from the northeast corner of the table. The German infantry split up with the MG-42 heading for the forest north of the road and the Panzergrenadiers heading south towards the Sherman.

After a few short turns battle was joined. The Panzer IV got the jump on the Sherman as it was leaving the forest, but in the haze of the firefight, the German Panzer managed to miss every shot fired, while the Sherman charged down the massive enemy tank and peppered it full of holes until it was a flaming wreck. The massed American infantry eventually split up, with one infantryman following the Vickers MG to confront the German MG-42. These two groups exchanged heavy fire, but neither could do much more than keep the other's head down. (Disruptions, Disruptions, Disruptions) The leftover American infantry took up firing positions in the nearest house and prepared for the incoming Panzergrenadiers.

The determined SS soldiers bared down on the objective, and threatened to cut off the Sherman's escape and perhaps doom it to the same fate as the Panzer. The Americans, knowing that they had infantry support to hold the objective, pulled the Sherman southward on the road and began to open fire on the Panzergrenadiers with it's hull mounted machinegun. Unfortunately the heavy grass and uneven landscape gave the SS plenty of cover and the Sherman's Machinegun fire was completely in effective as the enemy infantry got ever closer.

It was at this point that the American Vickers and Infantry became frustrated with the situation and charged the German MG-42. Surprisingly the 42 was caught off guard and a close range firefight ensued, leaving the crew of the MG-42 dead and the Americans in complete control of the northern forest.

All that remained of the German forces was a handful of hard boiled SS troops. At the point of losing their MG-42, the Panzergrenadiers split up, one charging the American-occupied house and two more continually creeping towards the Sherman. Fearing the explosive charges of the SS Panzergrenadiers, the Sherman tank performed a slow retreat towards the forest it originally came from, spraying machinegun rounds frantically at the closing German infantry with still no success.

The American Infantry holding the objective building quickly noticed the charging SS Infantryman, and opened fire. As bullets struck the ground all around him, the lone Panzergrenadier leaped into a nearby crater and fired widly into the prepared American position. One lucky shot striking down an American G.I.

This firefight became a vicious exchange, with both sides riddling each other with rifle fire. Eventually, wounded and battered, the Panzergrenadier managed to kill the last defending American, and took the house for the Axis. The U.S. Infantry to the north had heard the exchange but were too late as the SS overran the small cluser of buildings and took control of the objective. The Sherman had retreated too far from the objective to be of any help. It was a dark day for the Americans, but they would live to fight on in the ensuing counter-attack...scheduled for the next day.
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