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Subject: Monsters & Magic Game Log 6/3/2013 rss

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GAME LOG: June 3rd, 2013

Number of Players : 2
Game Length : 5 hours
Winner : Nobody
End Card: Hand Of Doom

Adam: Warlock and Tinkerer
Brian: Leprechaun and Conjurer

Some days are just right and this was one of them. The weather was, to put it simply, perfect. Crystal blue skies, not a cloud in sight; 75 degrees and a gentle breeze. If the day was anything to go by then this game was going to be, to put it simply, perfect. And it was.

We each took two characters to fool ourselves into thinking and acting as if it were a four player game. The rule was simple. If a situation arose whereby a player’s character would obviously have an interaction with their other character then one had to follow through no matter what. For example, if after rolling a 1 for movement, the following die roll would force Death or Wolfie to land on your 2nd character, you HAD to move them there; you couldn’t choose not to.

With the Warlock picked we finally had the opportunity to play with one of the painted characters! Brian had the option to play the Thief but freely admitted that he knew how much it would p*** me off so he chose the Conjurer and the Leprechaun instead. I had the chance to play the barmaid again but was gracious enough to pass on that since I knew how much it annoyed him last time. I went with the Tinkerer instead and after Paul’s success last game who could blame me?

The cards were fantastic. We were given ALL the pools with the exception of Craft so powering up was easy and quick. This was especially true for Brian’s Conjurer making use of the special ability to move the pools to him! He also used this ability when the spellweaver card was drawn in the Highlands giving him basically unlimited spells. Well played Brian. Couple this with the Warlock’s ability to always have a full compliment of spells as well as the Tinkerer having a Spellbook meant we saw more Spell casting in this game than we have ever done before. Brilliant. Once the Cairn Caretaker card was drawn all 4 characters took advantage and traded in trophies galore. The Warlock made the best use of this as you can see from the stats below getting 7 additional strength in one go!

There was a lot of shopping going on. An awful lot. The Leprechaun‘s almost constant “3 gold every time you land on the woods” was becoming a nuisance to say the least. His plan was obvious....get a mountain of gold and head to the city to buy one of everything. This plan would have succeeded if it hadn’t be for the Generosity Spell the Tinkerer cast on him!!!! ALL of the Leprechaun gold was taken and the Tinkerer did just that - went to the city and bought 3 potions, 1 pet, a flail, a Spellbook and prayed at the high temple for 1 strength AND 1 craft! It was a smug moment indeed and I relished it openly.

All 4 characters took a Warlocks quest, completed then relatively quickly and were in possession of a Talisman early on in the game so it really was a stat building race from then on in. But the Warlock had his taken so there was only one thing for it - the Dungeon back door to the Crown of Command. The first attempt against the Lord of Darkness was successful but it wasn’t enough of a win to land him on the crown; he landed in the Crags instead. He went back in, cast a Teleport spell, fought the Lord of Darkness again using a Psionic Blast spell to boost the numbers and - boom - the Crown was his!

The end card. Let me just say how nice it felt to be in the center of the board. I haven’t gone by that place in oh a long time...a long time. Now, what would the ending card be? Enter the HAND OF DOOM. It’s worth pointing out here that I was completely without Fate or Spells or any Object or Follower that would help in any way. I only had 3 lives. It was just me and the dice. I rolled a 2 and lost a life. Rolled a 4 and killed the leprechaun. Rolled a 2 lost another life. Down to my last life...took a deep breath, Brian stopped breathing all together in anticipation. I prayed for a 6. He prayed for another 2.

I rolled a 1. ALL characters are killed and NOBODY wins the game!
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