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Subject: Battle for Hill 107 rss

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Mike Spoto
United States
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The Adventures of
The Inspireing Lt.

The men and I were advancing on hill 107 from the South. We were following our secret weapon, a Churchill Crocadile, which was going to make us very hard to budge from the hill once we were there. Our Crusader-II was out ahead scouting and was hiding behind a hill to the NorthEast. We also had a pair of Stuarts and a Humber in reserve.

The Jerries were advancing from the North. A pair of Panzer-IV's was rolling down the East road. We could hear their treads clattering from behind the hill to the NorthEast. Their infantry was sure to be following behind. A single half-track was winding down the West road. This seemed unusual to me, so I pulled out my field glasses and gave the distant hill the once over. There! Just as I thought. I caught just a hint of movement that gave away the position of an enemy sniper.

Jerry was in for a nasty surprise this time. I sent the Humber up the West road to overrun that sniper before he became a problem for us. As our Crocadile was climbing the south side of Hill 107, it all went to hell. The two Panzers crested the hill to the NorthEast. Our Stuarts rushed in to engage at point blank while the Crusader popped over its hill to engage the following infantry. We all ducked our heads as the Crocadile's main gun opened up on the farthest Panzer. Then the Panzers and Stuarts began trading shots at point blank range. One of the Stuarts was burning, but so was one of the Panzers.

I raised my field glasses again to check on the Humber. To my horror, the sniper killed the Humber's driver with a perfect head shot right before my eyes. The Humber skidded to a stop. I could see the half-track closing in, and I could just make out an anti-tank crew inside armed with Panzerfaust!

I jerked my head as the Crocadile opened up on the Jerry infantry cresting the hill. They were setting up mortars. Things were about to get interesting. The other Stuart went up just then, but the Panzer had taken a hit too. I kept one rifle group with the Crocadile, and moved the other and myself to the far side of the hill as the mortar rounds started falling on Hill 107.

The Crusader charged past the Jerry infantry to line up on the damaged panzer from behind. The Panzer went up, but our troubles were far from over. The Jery infantry added its fire to the mortar's, pounding the the men I had holding the hill. The Crocadile was busy trying to keep the infantry pinned down on their hill. I grabbed my field glasses, and saw the Humber trading shots with the half-track's anti-tank squad. One well aimed burst swept the bastards off their feet. Jolly good show boys! I could see the sniper trying to sneak around the hill, away from the Humber. The half-track took off to pick him up.

The mortars and infantry fire finally zeroed in on my men holding the hill, and my breathe froze in my lungs as I watched them blown up and mowed down at the same time. I sent the last of my men up the hill to support the Crocadile, and told the wireless operator to order the Crusader to charge the half-track. As I looked in my field glasses again, I saw the sniper jump aboard the half-track. If he got to a better position, my men would be done for! The Crusader screamed across the distance and fired on the half-track. A perfect hit! The half-track blossumed into a fireball!!

The Jerry infantry knew it was almost over. Then the crazy bastards did the last thing I expected, they charged the hill! I had the wireless operator tell the Crusader and the Humber to get over here yesterday! The Crocadile rolled down the hill to meet the enemy's charge. I heard the whoosh of its flamethrower as it toasted the first group of infantry. My men fired as well and managed to pin down the other rifle group. The charging mortar group was stuck in the open!

The Crocadile turned and unleased its fury on the remaining rifle group, cremating them where they stood. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. The mortar group stood frozen as the charging humber and Crusader opened up on them. None remained to surrender. It was over. We had paid dearly, but we now held Hill 107. As I looked at the bodies of more than half my men, I wondered if it was worth it.
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