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Subject: Finally, a win! rss

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Mike Kollross
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Pew pew pew!!!
I'm a member of the Game Artisans of Canada
After several crushing defeats I was finally able to chock one up on the win side.

I went with a pair of rare 5 mast pirate ships. The Black Swan and the Revenant.

15 Revenant
3 Calico Cat (double action on roll or 5 or 6
3 Captain (move and shoot)
2 Helmsman (+S to base move)
0 Hag of Tortuga (5 extra points during fleet construction)

13 Black Swan (may be crewed by any nationality)
3 Capitan Alarico Castro
3 Captain
2 Helmsman

Total for fleet 44pts. I added divers for the last point.

I also added fruit, natives and missionary for UT and 3 5gold coins.

My opponent (Matt) played:

Darkhawk II with Calico Cat, explorer and helmsman
La Santa Isabella with Master Bianco, Biancos haulers, Capitan Alarico Castro, Helmsman and explorer.

I went first. I lucked out and got extra actions with the BlackSwan and moved my 6S. Sweet. The Revenant came up short with Calico Cat and moved only L+S.

Matt headed for the center wild isle with the Darkhawk II and the West isle with the La Santa Isabella. He pulled slightly past the is;and and then using the schooner keyword swung 180 on his stern and ended up with his bow touching the island (docked) and facing his home island. He explored the island, loaded gold and was headed home the next turn. I had thought of this strategy before but had not yet tested it.

I again rolled high and got my double action. I was able to come up on the Santa Isabella and hit with four of my five cannons leaving her derelict.

The Revenant rolled high and headed for the Darkhawk II.

Matt played mermaids and froze the Revenant for 4 rounds.

I sunk the La Santa Isabella as my first move and Matt played Neptunes figure head. I played divers and scored his 10 gold. We weren't sure if Neptunes Gold meant you kept the gold on board but we played it did not and the unique teasure he also had was removed from the game.

Matt fired on the Revenant and due to bad rolls took out only one mast. The La Santa Isabella left his home island fully repaired thanks to Neptunes Figurehead but sans crew.

The Black Swan rolled high and with two move and shoots, swung around the island and came broadside to the Darkhawks stern and hit with 4 out of 5 cannons. The next move/shoot sunk her. Matt played rafts and sent his crew to the island.

The Isabella headed for more treasure but the Black Swan continued to get double actions and sent her to the bottom for a second and final time.

I was the winner with two ships sunk and 10 gold, Matt was goldless and shipless. (don't feel bad for him as it was the exact opposite the first time we played.

I was very impressed with the La Santa Isabella and her crew. It has four cargo available AFTER adding Master Bianco, Biancos Haulers, helmsman, explorer and Capitan Alarico Castro.

Net result is:
one treasure +2 at home island
Drop off treasure when within S of home island (no need to dock)
Double action on roll of 5 or 6
+S to base move (S+L+S)
Explore as a free action
25 points

Very cool combination that I will be using in the future.
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