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Subject: Japan no match for USA in this one. rss

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Owen Sieber
United States
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I'm looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks!
Hi, I'm Matt, A radar technician.
First game of Zero!

Players playing
Owen: 2 US F4F wildcats
Pilot: Jackson - Wingman: Porter
Pilot: Worthington – Wingman: Jones
Matt: 1 Japanese A6M2 zero’s
Pilot: Shicaro – Wingman: Tongo
Eli: 1 Japanese A6M2 zero’s
Pilot: Suzari – Wingman: Onozaki
Since this was our first game playing, there was a lot of rule searching. I think we nailed them all, but who knows. The game was fun.

The Americans got the luck of the flip and was ready for battle. After drawing a very good offensive hand, I was able to take it to them.

Turn 1:
Jackson on his wingman are flying in formation one altitude lower than his partner Worthington he spots a group of Zero’s flying right towards Worthington. Without hesitation he climbs and gets into position to take a shot at Tongo, Shicaro wingman. With a precise hit, Tongo goes down in a burst of flames.

Shicaro reacts swiftly and positions himself and gets the advantage over Jackson. He fires his guns but Jackson was able to roll out of the way to avoid taking any damage.

Jones sees a Zero moving in on his leader and attempts to block out the attack. With a swift maneuver he was able to get a shot off. But because there were caught of guard he completely misses. To compensate for his wingman’s miss, Worthington tries to get the advantage on Suzari, but Suzari better piloting avoided it.

Onozaki moves in on Worthington and lays some lead into his wing cause a little damage, but the hit was not to bad. Suzari then moves into position to take out Worthington, but was not successful.

Jones realizes that Jackson could be getting into trouble he moves into position to fire at Shicaro. Shicaro catches on and was able to roll to safty without taking a scratch. Jackson now feeling the heat dives away from Shicaro but was unable to shake him. Shicaro follows him down and out of the clouds.

Being in good shape, Shicaro was able to get behind Jackson and is now tailing him. With him in his sights, he was able to get a great set of shots off and Jackson is now smoking heavily from his port side.

Jones is desperately moves and gets into a great spot at Suzari’s wingman. With a few presses if his trigger, Onozaki his hit… Flames engulf his cockpit and down he goes. SPLASH one more Zero. Worthington seeing that Jackson is in trouble, dives to try to lend him a hand.

Suzari dives as well and trys to get into position on Worthington, but was unable to break the dive fast enough and could not get into position. And is now flying parallel with him.

Turn 3.
Porter knowing that Jackson is in trouble tries to get a shot off on Shicaro. But again Shicaro ACE piloting skills avoids the attack. Jackson again tries to avoid the attack by diving even lower and still can not shake Shicaro. Shicaro follows Jackson down and is not really on his tail.

Shicaro gets the right moves and BAMB… Jackson is toast. Porter is in shock watching his leader go down.

Jones sees what happens and takes a shot at Suzari and just clips his wing. Then both Jones and Worthington dive to give Porter a hand with the Zero that just splashed Jackson. Suzarki was so fixed on Jackson, that he did not see Worthington come from the sun and down Suzarki goes. 3 zero’s down and 1 to go.

Shicaro moves down and tries to get an advantage on Porter and fails miserably. Porter was able to ascend into the sky and lose Shicaro.

Turn 4.
Porter limping along ascends even higher to get away from the action. A regroup is needed.

Jones moves in for the kill on Shicaro and was able to maneuver Shicaro into an advantage spot for Worthington. Taking the shots needed, Worthington splashed the remaining Japanese Zero!

Chalk one up for the good guys!!!

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