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Subject: Monsters Menace America: Gregol's Advanced Variant rss

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Greg Pattison
United States
North Carolina
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Monsters Menace America: Advanced Variant

After playing MMA a couple of times I realized that the game is much more interesting with some house rules. Two major changes: more stomp markers for a slightly longer game, and a point system for determining the winner. Also rules for 5 and 6 players and some minor changes that I think make the game better. These rules are designed to be used together as a rule set, with the normal rules, and some minor changes.

In order to play with these rules you will need to make a copy of some more stomp markers so you have 42 total. Copying of the 23 markers that come with the game onto a piece of brown card stock works great. On the back of one of the new markers write “Start Monster Challenge”. Also if you want to play with 6 you’ll need to have 4 small markers to use as “Black OP’s” Bases.

Rules Changes

1. Stomp Markers

The number of stomp markers used depends on the number of players. You need to make to stacks of markers. One is the Main Stack the other is and Endgame Stack. The number in each stack depends on the number of players. See table below. In the Endgame Stack make sure that one of the markers you use is the one with “Start Monster Challenge” written on the back. Now mix up the Endgame stack so you are not sure which one has the “Start Monster Challenge” on the back. Place stomp marker normally but when all the markers in the Main Stack have been placed, start placing the Endgame markers. Every time an endgame marker is placed look on the back to see if it is the “Start Monster Challenge” Marker. If it is, finish any effects of the stomp, the monster Challenge will begin imminently after Scoring.

Number of Stomp Markers used.

# of Players Main Stack Endgame Stack
2 18 6
3 24 6
4 28 8
5 30 10
6 30 12

2. Winning Conditions and Scoring (Based on a system by follow geek Jason Little)

After as the “Start Monster Challenge” Marker is drawn, it’s time to take score.
Each player gets points based on their monsters rank in 4 categories: health, infamy, trophies, and Monster Challenge. Health, infamy, and trophies are scored before the monster challenge. Compare each monster’s rank to each other and assign points accordingly. If more then one monsters are tied for a rank they all get the full points. See the chart below.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Most Health 10 6 4 2 1 0
Most Infamy 10 6 4 2 1 0
Most Trophies 10 6 4 2 1 0

Example of scoring:
4 monsters have the following:

Konk Megaclaw Zord Toxicor
Health 14 7 20 12
Infamy tokens 4 7 2 6
Trophies 3 3 2 4
Pre MC Score 16 18 14 18

Konk has 14 health making him 2nd, which scores 6 points. He has collected 4 infamy markers and ranks 3rd , good for 4 points. His 3 trophies ties for 2nd with Megaclaw, they both get 6 points. So Konk’s Pre Monster Challenge Total is 16.
Megaclaw gets 2 for 4th in health, 10 for 1st in infamy, and 6 for 2nd in trophies. Total 18.
Zord: 10 for health, 2 for Infamy and 2 for Trophies, 14.
Toxicor: 4 for health, 6 for infamy, 10 for trophies, 18.

After these scores are tallied its time to start the Monster Challenge. The Player who paced the “Start Monster Challenge” Marker chooses a challenger to fight. The Monster challenge works the same way as in the normal game. Monster weighs in, and the victor gets the other monsters health. The victory then chooses another challenger and so on, until one monster is left.

After the monster challenge is over monsters score points for how they did. If a monster was the first one beat down. He ranks 6th. Second monster beat down ranks 5th, and so on. Also a monster scores 1 point for each monster it beats in the Monster Challenge. After the monster challenge, add your Monster challenge score to you Pre-MC score, and that’s your total. The player with the most score wins. If two or more players are tied the player who had the higher rank in the Monster Challenge wins.

Lets look at our pervious example:
Say Konk was the player that drew the “Start Monster Challenge” Marker. Konk choose to fight Megaclaw, and beats him down. Megaclaw would be the first one down, ranking 4th, and score 2. Konk scores 1, takes Megaclaws 7 health, and picks a fight with Toxicor. Toxicor goes down like a chump and scores 3rd for 3 points. Konk scores another 1 for the victory and takes his 12 health. Now the showdown. Konk can’t hang with Zord and takes 2nd place, worth 4 plus his 2 for beating Megaclaw and Toxicor, for a total of 6. Zord is the champ and scores 5 + 1 for beating Kong. So Zord won the Monster Challenge but did not have quite enough points to beat out Konk or Toxicor. The final scores look like this:

Konk Megaclaw Zord Toxicor
Health 14 7 20 12
Infamy tokens 4 7 2 6
Trophies 3 2 2 4
Pre MC Score 16 18 14 18
MC Score 6 2 7 3
MC Rank 2nd 4th 1st 3rd
Total Score 22 20 20 21

3. Monster Battles (In game monster fights)

Since the Monster Challenge starts as soon as the “Start Monster Challenge” stomp is drawn. The Challenger spaces on the board do not work as in the original rules. Instead they are now “Monster Battle Hexs” and the following rules apply:
1.If a monster starts it turn in a Monster Battle Hex it may instead of moving, challenge a monster within it movement range to a monster battle.
2.The monster in the Battle Hex gets +1 added to its defense.
3.The monsters fight one round of battle. The monster that does the most damage is the winner, and steals 2 infamy token from the loser. If the loser does not have 2 tokens then they come from the bank.
4.The loser must retreat to its lair.
5.If any monster losses all its health it goes to Hollywood.

4. The rest of the small changes

1. All combat is simultaneous. (The big one! Not necessary, but use this if your up for a challenge.) Monsters do not attack first. In a monster on monster battle in which both monsters loss all their health in the same round. The monster that is the least dead, the one that is the least negative health, wins.

2. Military bases to not give 1 infamy for being stomped, only 1 trophy. Trophies are used for scoring and may be used in the Monster Challenge. When an attacking monster is finished rolling, and it’s time to assign damage, the monster about to take damage may “cash in” a trophy to cancel all damage they would have received for the hits.

3. Infamy are used for scoring and may be used in the Monster Challenge. An attacking monster may “cash in” an infamy to reroll all of their attack dice for one round. They mush reroll all their attack dice, and may use more then one infamy in a round. If a trophy was played to cancel damage, it’s to late to play an infamy for that round.

4. A monster must end it’s turn on one of it’s own lairs in order to disappear.

5. Stomping cities give the following health: Some cities call for a health die roll. A health die roll consists of rolling the die, if a 1-2 is rolled add +1, 3-4 add +2, 5-6 add +3.
So for a 2d city a monster gets 6 plus two die rolls worth on health.

City Health points Die rolls
1hp 0 1
1d 3 1
2d 6 2
3d 9 3

6. Monsters in their lair when the Monster challenge starts cannot fight, and get the lowest rank.

7. Some Mutation card changes: High-Octane Blood just gives you +1 move. Fins and Gills gives +1 move. Iron Stomach gives you 2 health for each military base stomped. Laser Beam Eyes allows you to attack before cruise missiles strike with a +2 to hit. (Note without this card, using simultaneous combat, a monster would not get an attack in a missile before it strikes.)

8.Changes for two and three player games

During setup players place the units of military branches that are not controller by any player. Players place one unit on each of the branches bases. These Units never move, and are replaced only if the base is not stomped. In battle they fight as normal, and are taken as trophies if the base is stomped.

9. Changes for five player games

Take out the Guard Commander Research card. The National Guard are played as a normal military branch. The National Guard player may deploy up to 3 units. No other player can deploy the National Guard.

10. The Six player game.

Same rules as above plus: Take out the X-Fighters, Mecha-Monster, and Captain Colossal Cards. A new military branch is available for play, the “Black Op’s” branch. The player who controls the Black Po’s branch controls the X-Fighters, Mocha-Monster, and Captain Colossal units, and may deploy one unit per turn. In the setup phase of the game the Black Po’s player places 1 Black Po’s base in any empty non-water space on the board, and one unit on the base. On each of the next 3 turns the Black Po’s player must place 1 and only one base on any empty non-water space on the board. The placed base must be at least 5 spaces away from any other Black Po’s base, even one that has been stomped. The Black Po’s team work the same as any other team: smashed bases give trophies and all units destroyed can be placed again. One last rule: Research card cannot be drawn of a player does not deploy forces, and are only drawn for making a monster retreat.

11. Monsters that play different
As the game is written, all the monsters play the same. Use this new monster chart and the monsters are significantly different from each other. All the special abilities are unchanged form the regular game.
Name Health Move Defense Attack Damage
Konk 10 3 4 4 3
Tomanagi 11 4 4 3 3
Zord 11 2 5 3 3
Megaclaw 12 4 4 2 5
Gargantis 10 4 4 3 3
Toxicor 9 3 4 3 3

Disclaimer: Not all of these rules have been play tested to a large degree: If you don’t like it don’t use it.

Questions, Comments:

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