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Tiago Ali de Oliveira Bueno
São Paulo
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Last night (02/13/2006) I managed to play my first entire TWofR session. I had other two tries, but because of time I had to cease playing.

In the council of Elrond, the friendship of the ring is urged to depart south while the eye of Sauron was not to vigilant (my brother, who was playing the shadow, let only one die to search during most of these first rounds), but if the eye was not looking for the ring, it was looking for the total destruction of the Free People. Sauron armies quickly entered at war and recruited in both Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul to strike both the elves and Gondor.

The first strike hit on Osgiliath and led no survivors among the armies, but news of this strike led Gondor to war and Faramir with his Rangers stroke back at the orc army and the forces at Minas Tirith crushed the few orcs left. But if the south was resisting, in the north, Moria also gathered forces to attack Lorien with Dol Guldur; at least, the friendship was already secure far away from Moria when the Balrog appeared.

Gimli and Legolas separated from the friendship to aid Lorien secure itself, but the forces of the shadow were harsh to revenge the defeat at Osgiliath. The Durin’s Bane fell over Lorien, and the golden forest tried to resist under siege, but soon, only ashes remained in the once most beautiful elf haven in the east. And with it, the shadow managed to take down Legolas, Gimli, Celeborn and Galadriel.

During the attack to Lorien, the shadow armies also located the friendship near Dol Guldur, it forced then to stay quiet some time to hide again. The eye turned to Rivendell, trying to decimate the elves early in the war, and the attacking forces at Lorien passed through Moria to gather reinforcements and to reach the last haven to the west.

Gandalf and Boromir, with the aid of Gwaihir the lord of the eagles flew to help Rivendell, that was already under siege, the Witch King and four Nazgûl were helping the attack, but Elrond was better prepared than Celeborn to the battle, and with the sacrifice of Gandalf, the attacking forces were crushed. Gandalf the gray was dead, but as was the Witch King and most of the Nazgûl banned.

South to Isengard, Saruman declared war on the Free People and only Eomer take up armies to the Isen were they were attacked. The lord of the Rohirrim declared war on this shameful attack and the entire nation retreated to Helm’s Deep to defend Rohan. But Saruman wanted glory above all, and his army headed to the empty city of Edoras.

As the Saruman forces passed north to Helm’s Deep, the leader of Rohan decided not to wait for battle, and his forces marched to the nearly unguarded Orthanc. With Edoras and Helm’s Deep unguarded, Saruman forces easily took then both, but Saruman himself meet his destiny under the charges of the Rohirrim.

In Minas Tirith, first Strider, then the friendship take some rest, and in the dark forest of Fangorn, Gandalf the White appeared. The shadow attacked Minas Tirith, but the southerns refused to take part in the battle and the Sauron Army was quickly disbanded after the first wave (my brother forgot to force the Harad into war before he attacked Minas Tirith). The friendship used the confusion of the battle to quietly leave the sanctum of the white city, but Aragorn claimed his heritage.

With Harad at war, the Shadow began gathering forces in the north to take Dale, the Lonely Mountain and The Dark Forest, as the North and the Dwarves were far from war, and would not muster forces in time to cease the attack and all the elves forces were guarding Rivendell from further attacks from Dol Amoroth and Angmar, the friendship was almost reaching Mordor. The war was uncertain, the friendship should be quick to reach Mount Doom before the Free People were devasted, but the Shadow have yet several battles before victory.

That was when Boromir urged Elrond and the elves in Rivendell to March a Day and a Night to reach Moria and claim that Dark Fortress as their rightful revenge against the coward attack on Lorien. Using two actions before the Shadow player was able to play (I used the last action in a round in witch he end up with to many Eyes and the first action in the following round), Rivendell forces stroked hard at the unexpecting guarding forces of Moria, and Moria could again be a safe haven as it once was.

Seeing his military might threatened, the Shadow tried to take Orthanc back, but Gandalf the White managed to take over the Nazgûl while Eomer leaded the attack on the Uruk Hai. In the last attempt to cause as much harm as possible, the Eye attacked Minas Tirith, but the white city was well guarded, it was Aragorn, heir to Isuldur, who delivered the last strike in the War of the Ring.

With the Shadow forces in fear from the military might of the Free People, it was easy to Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin to reach the Mount Doom and destroy the ring forever.

In my first game I managed to get a Military Victory with the Free People near the end of the game, I know that it is not an easy thing, but I also know that my brother did several mistakes as the Shadow player, including, in two different occasions, left his fortress not well guarded (both Orthanc and Moria were with only one or two units at the moment my move were clear, in Isengard, he managed to gather some armies before I forced him into Siege, but in Moria he had no chance).
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