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Evil lurks here!
This is a session report on the Historical Scenario - Multi-Role in a Mission posted in the file section. It gives you a chance to play a single mission based on historical events. The mission was made by Fernando Sola Ramos from Spain.

The first thing that needs to be done is to choose your squadron which consists of 4 Hornets and one E-2/C. Among the Hornets you have one Veteran, one Skilled and two Greens. The E-2/C is Average.

Choosing the pilots was done by compareing all the Hornet 18C and Bear got the position as Veteran based on being Fast and having a (+2,+2) on attacks.

Mustang got the Skilled position based on having a (+2) bonus on AtG attacks.

Both these guys also had 0-5 as OK stats.

Greens were Duke and Lightning which didn't have any bonus nor negative modifications on attacks.

Eyes got the job as E-2/C pilot based on his ability to provide +1 bonus to all AtA attacks, even if he needed a 7 to ignore events.

The Sites were draw and North got a Zu-23-2, East a nasty SA-10 which has a 3 range. South got another SA-10, west a SA-6 and the Center site turned out a SA-11 which is nastier than it's SA-10 brother. The 2 SA-10's and the SA-11 would have to be dealt with fast, but the other two could be ignored.

The mission also tells us that 2 MIG-21's will be starting in the Centre area and that 1 Bandit will be draw for each Approach, but Bandit draws are after armament.

With 2WP in penalty the Hornets carries 6Wp's worth of armament and therefore I feel I can't use 1WP for the ECM Pods. Either I succeed or go down in glorious flames.

Bear carries 2x AGM-62, 1x AGM-88 and 1x AIM-7.
Mustang carries 3x AGM-62.
Lightning and Duke both carries 2x AIM-7, 1x AGM-62, 1x AGM-88 and 1 MK.82

The Squadron armed and ready for the Target-Bound Event.

The Target-Bound Event draw was a real nasty and luckily the dice I won for another AAR rolled my way and the AAA Vehicles event was ignored and saved me 2 attacks.

Having only armed my airplanes with 3 AGM-88's which cost me 3VP's I needed to hit them on the first try or suffer the consequence. Therefore I choose to enter Eyes from the South to draw attention away from the four Hornets entering from the West. It isn't good to send in the E-2/C unprotected, but the Supply Depot was my main mission.

Then came time for the dreaded Bandit draw and a couple of MIG-29's and Su-27's would spell doom to me before the mission even got off the ground.

A Bandit draw anyone can like.

The Over-Target Event was SAM sites, which would add 1 site to each Approach area if Eyes can't ignore it. That would not be good, but again Eyes rolled up his sleeves and a sweet Fighter Jet came up and another Event was ignored.

If Eyes goes down in this mission, at least he guided the Squadron intact untill they were Over the Target.

Let the AGM's and AIM's fly.

Turn 1

Bear is Fast and he lets his AGM-88 fly towards the SA-11 site in the Center as that has the highest priority and with a +2 bonus he only needs to roll a 2 to succeed and manages that fine and the site goes up in flames. Score +0,5VP and Spend both of Eyes SA counters to give Lightning and Duke their chance to launch their AGm'88's against the SA-10s. Lightning takes out the one in the East, but Duke misses the one in the South so Eyes will be flying in under fire.

The SA-10 in the South has a go at Eyes and manages to Damage him despite him Evading. Atleast he got to use his SA's before they had to be discarded.

Nothing happened during the Slow pilots phase.
One of the MIG's flew towards the Hornets and one flew towards Eyes.

Situation at end of Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn two saw Bear down the Mig flying towards the Hornets and sadly Eyes was Damagedagain by the SA-10 and therefore Destroyed. -1VP and sad to see him go.

At this point I was so excited about turn 3 and launching a ton of AGM'62's that I forgot tot take a photo of the situation.

Turn 3

Open fire!
Bear launches his 2 AGM-62's and scores 1 and 2 points of damage, which could have been better.
Mustang spends his SA token and launhes his entire load. 3 AGM-62's score a total of 5 Damage points for a total of 8 now.

The came the dreaded Sites and Bandits attack portion and the SA-10 attacks Lightning and after Evading he suffers 1 Stress. The MIG targets Duke, but he Surpress with his AIM-7.
Duke launches his AGM-62 towards the target and scores 2 hits for a total of 10 hits, but here I do a strange decision and uses Lightning to take out the MIG instead of launching his AGM towards the target. Don't really know why.

Situation at the end of Turn 3.

Turn 4
Nthing in the fast portion of the turn, so again I suffer against the SA-10, but Lightning Evades brilliantly and escapes to launch his AGM-62 and his MK.82, but in a twist of fate they both fails spectacularly and that leaves me with Duke and his lonely MK.82 to get me the last hit and Destroy the Target.

Duke as a Green pilot flies without any bonuses and as succh needs to roll a 7 to score the destructive hit. Can my blue die do the job.
A long aggonising roll later and it stops.

DUKE DOES THE JOB. Never have a Fighter jet looked better.

12 Hits and destruction. Lots of VP's, but still a potentially desasterous Home-Bound Event to go.

The draw is "Elusive Flight Plan" and as uneventful as they come. Truely great to get that one, since I haven't got Eyes anymore.

Time for a Search and Rescue attempt for Eyes, but sadly he goes MIA due to a bad roll. He got me to the Target unharmed but it cost him dearly.

So, even if the Target was destroyed I still had to total up the VP's to find out my evaluation.

Minus VP's
3 AGM-88 -3VP
Eyes Destroyed -1VP
Eyes MIA -1VP
20 Stress points -2VP

Total -7VP

Pluss VP's
Target destroyed on Turn 4 +5VP
12 hits on the Target +12VP
2 Sites destroyed +1VP
2 Bandits destroyed +2VP

Total +20VP

So 20VP minus 7VP is 13VP's for a Great Evaluation and a Succcess.

A fun mission and a fun way to play Hornet Leader. I might try it again with a random squad.
Fernando, great job and bring us more.
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Fernando Sola Ramos
Pilar de la Horadada
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Great AAR, Stig!

I have some other missions almost finished. They only need some playtesting, but I won't post any of them until I finish my final exams in July.

I am very happy that you enjoyed the mission. That was my intention from the beginning: to entertain. And to offer a quick way of playing HL:CAO with a historical feeling (I have three children and time is something that more often than not I lack).

Thank you for your AAR.
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