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Subject: Differences in the Swedish edition rss

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This is a comparison between the rules in the Swedish edition and the English translation of the Luftwaffenspiel rules (which I will refer to as the "English rules" for simplicity), as well as the boards of the various editions.

* There are five bombers and five fighters on each side instead of six.

* There are two bomber movement dice included, but no target die.

* The number of spaces on the board is different, e.g. bombers take 25 spaces to reach the middle of the board instead of 13-18 in the LW or 15-18 in the LV, and fighters take 26 spaces to reach the bomber route instead of 19-24 in the LW or 22-23 in the LV.

* The English rules could be interpreted to mean a fighter on a bomber route can change directions each turn. In the Swedish rules it says they move back and forth between the middle of the board and the target area.

* There are two sets of marked points on the home stretch of the bomber routes, but the rules only make reference to one. To match the original version this should be the first line 8 spaces from the start. The second set is spaced out like the balloons, but it makes little sense for there to be a row of obstacles there and it can probably be safely ignored.

* There's no rule that two breakdowns means a bomber is taken off the board.

* There's no rolling for bomb targets, no air defence, and a flat 10p for making a bomb run.

* There's no indication that a bomber makes a stop at the target area instead of "bouncing" with any leftover movement.

* You use two dice for bomber movement after a bomber passes the middle of the board on its way to the target, whereas the English rules specify three dice once you pass the AA spaces on your way back and one die before that.

* You get 10p for any downed plane. The English rules don't award points for a fighter shot down by its own flak, but this could possibly be a translation glitch.

* You get 30p for a normal landing instead of 20p.

There's an ambiguity that exists in both the English and Swedish rules. Once all bombers have cleared the breakdown spaces you are free to move them "in any sequence". This could be interpreted to mean you simply choose one of them to roll for each turn, but it could also be interpreted to mean you have to move once with each one before you can again choose freely. While the latter introduces a practical complication of keeping track of which bombers have moved in a "turn", it's probably much superior with respect to how the game plays out since otherwise it's very likely to turn into a series of solo missions with bombers hanging in mid-air until it's their turn to approach, and flak only firing at one bomber and/or fighter at a time.

Also, though it's not stated clearly in either rules set, I would assume you have to indicate before rolling which bomber and/or fighter you are going to move, then roll the appropriate number of dice for that bomber and move with the indicated planes whether you like it or not.
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