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Subject: Guildhall Review by Honey Badger Reviews rss

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Honey Badger
United States
Arvada/Wheat Ridge
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Honey Badgers generally don't care, but this game is about:

Guildhall is a set collection game from AEG that plays 2-4 players in about 45 minutes. The object of the game is to complete chapters of a guild so you can turn them in for victory points. This may be the first game that uses the term victory point, we have not heard of it before.

The most basic rule of the game is that you cannot have two cards that are the same color and profession. You cannot play a red farmer if a red farmer is already in your guild and you cannot trade a red farmer to another player if they have one in their guild.

The unique part of Guildhall is the power of the card is determined on how many cards are in your guild currently. An example, the Dancer receives no extra cards the first time she is played because there are no dancers in your guild, but when you play your 5th dancer, you draw 4 cards because there are 4 dancers in your guild.

To complete a guild, you need to collect the five different colors of a guild (Red, Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow). There are 6 different professions that help you complete this task, they are:

Farmer - He "farms' these so called victory points.
Weaver - She lets you take a card from your hand directly into your guild.
Dancer - She lets you draw as many cards as there are dancers in your guild, and gives you an extra action. FYI, the green dancer is named Rhythm.
Historian - He allows you to take a card from the discard pile and add it to your guild.
Trader - He allows you to trade cards from your guild to other guilds.
Assassin - The jerk card. He allows you to kill a card(cards) in other guilds.

During the game you only have two actions on your turn. You can either play a card (so you can play 2 cards on a turn, 3 if one of them is a Dancer). Discard and draw back to the hand size limit of 6. Turn in a completed chapter, or chapters, (all 5 colors of a single guild) for victory points.

The victory points range from 2 to 9 and there are always 5 to choose from. Some of the victory point cards take two completed chapters to receive the victory points. The victory point cards also come with a special onetime abilities except for the basic 5 point card.

The game is played to 20 points.

This game has everything. Dancers, Weavers...well you saw the list.

The setup:
Shuffle shuffle and shuffle. When you are done shuffling, you should probably shuffle some more. The professions tend to stack from the previous game and it is a large deck of 120 cards. Each player gets 9 profession cards and five victory point cards are laid out. The players then get a onetime chance to discard any cards and draw back up to 9 and place 3 of them in your guild to start the game.

Learning Curve:
The first few rounds are a little confusing and you wouldn’t think you would lose track of 2 moves, but you will. When you are teaching this game, you will want to walk someone through a few rounds before you start. The most important thing to remember is that when you play a card, it does not go into your guild right away, it does that at the end of the turn.

*Starlson Meter (Analysis Paralysis) - 4 Badgers out of 10. The AP actually goes down the longer the game goes, you run out of some options as you place more cards in your guild.

Best things:
DieHard Bambi: A simple game with depth. I think this game shines with 3 people, but I have played it with 2 and 4 and they are still good games. This one falls into the filler realm for me, but it can push the 45 minutes if people are slow. The card mechanic is very different and makes for an interesting game.

Worst Things:
DieHard Bambi: There is a gang up on the leader in Guildhall that may turn off some people. The end game is not very dramatic as well as you can see someone getting to the 20 points and sometimes you cannot do anything about it.

Would we play again:
DieHard Bambi: Guildhall has moved into my top 10 fillers, so I see many plays ahead.

Reminds us of:
Diehard Bambi - This one feels fresh, I have not played many like it.

Pairs wells with:
DieHard Bambi: Put in a few episodes of the Guild with Wang Chungs Dance hall Days and you have a party!.

*Note - The Starlson Meter is an indication of how many times in an hour we want to punch our friend Starlson in the face for going too slow.
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