Brian Nors Jensen
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Eric Lang wrote this in the Kickstarter comments yesterday, but it is already gone in the history. Just sharing so more can read it
Eric Lang wrote:
Re: multiplayer Kaosball. I did talk about it awhile ago, but it's buried way down in comments by now. 4-player free for all is crazy, as you would expect. There actually is a fair amount of room to maneuver, though, and whether or not to interrupt somebody going through your killzone often becomes a tough decision, as you still only have up to six live energy cards to play with.
Three-player looks a bit like prisoner's dilemna with one team having open access to the major scoring mound, but they are surrounded by two teams that act first, and if they make a beeline for the ball they have to stop, which gives everyone else a chance to react. It's actually quite balanced overall.
Four player alliances, 2v2, I must admit is my favorite multiplayer mode. The fact that the lowest scoring team is the final score for the entire alliance means that it's a complex game of coordination and teamwork and not just extreme specialization. And now that we've unlocked a bunch of the teams, the different alliances you can get is pretty hilarious. The pre-game draft is also a very different animal, where you have to bid against your opponents but raise the prices of your teammate's desired upgrades and ringers.
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