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Subject: Lenino 1943 - battle report (with pictures) rss

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Polish wargamer

Situation map:

First turn (day):
Soviet 11th Cavalry Division approaches from the south west, and performs attack on the village Starosiele, defended by the II battalion of the 698 German infantry regiment from the 337 Infantry Division. Germans kept their positions but are aware that Starosiele could be easily surrounded. They withdraw a bit north and join III battalion of the regiment, already in the prepared trenches. Bad weather keeps German planes on the airfields.

Second turn (day):
Soviet 12th Cavalry Division enters the battlefield and attacks positions of I battalion of the 698 regiment, fortified on the highlands west of the II and II battalions. Germans, supported by the artillery from the north bank of river Miereya are able to keep defend their position. 11th Cavalry Division attacks positions of the II and III battalions, but Germans are well prepared and soviets suffer heavy losses. Rain and storm still keep German planes grounded.

Third turn (night):
Soldiers of the 698 regiment are asking HQ for permission to withdraw on the north side of Miereya, but are ordered to keep their positions. Soviets try the surprise attack, but are stopped in the heavy fire of German artillery. Soviet 6th Cavalry Division enters the battlefield but instead of joining both 11th and 12th Divisions, it moves east, to outflank Germans and tries to cross river Miereya.

Situation map:

First turn (day):
Artillery of the soviet V Cavalry Corps arrives and joins the assault on the positions of the II and III battalions of the German 698 Regiment. Whole soviet 11th Cavalry Division, supported by the big number of guns and tanks perform massive assault that drives Germans away, to the river Miereya. Both German battalions are destroyed.
Soviet attack is finally stopped, thanks to the intervention of the Luftwaffe and German artillery. But soviets are approaching Lenino and are just about to cross Miereya east of the city. Situation starts to look bad for Germans.

Second turn (day):
Soviet 42 Infantry Division enters the battlefield. 6th Cavalry Division crosses river Miereya east of Lenino and captures village Polzuchy. 11th Cavalry Division attack Lenino with support of artillery and tanks, but instead o the morning attack, this time Germans are winners. Soviets are losing many tanks because of the artillery fire and Stuka bombers.
Aware that the situation is getting hard, HQ sends 690 Infantry Division and 113 Armored Battle Group. Germans attack Polzuchy, but without visible effects. Their bombers are attacking soviet positions, but upcoming rain is making it harder and less effective.

Third turn (night):
Soviet 290 Infantry Division enters the battle from the east side of the map. 42 Infantry Division, supported by the two cavalry regiments crosses Miereya west of the Lenino, through the valley full of marshes. German soldier and artillery literally massacres soviet 460 Infantry regiment, but despite the losses soviets keep their positions on the north side of the river.
Soviet tanks and cavalry try to attack Lenino again, but attack breaks down in the fire of German artillery.
German 113 Armored Group attacks soviet cavalry that defends right flank of the soviet bridgehead. German tanks forces cavalry to retreat and cuts the front of the soviet forces in Polzuchy village from the rest. But Germans haven’t enough troops to close the cauldron.

Situation map:

First turn (day)
Polish 1st Infantry Division enters the board from the east. It’s stronger unit that most of soviet forces, so HQ wants to use it as a hammer for a German troops that should be weaken after two days of combat.
Soviet attacks at Lenino are still fruitless and both sides are suffering loses. Soviet counterattack near Polzuchy forces 113 Armored Group to withdraw and opens communication between soviet soldiers in Polzuchy and the rest of the bridgehead.
Bad weather keeps Luftwaffe grounded.

Second turn (day)
Polish 1st Infantry Division crosses river Miereya. Soviet forces attacks Germans at Lenino and near Polzuchy, but at both situations Germans are defending well.
Germans get their last supply 15 Penal Battalion. It takes position north of Lenino, because German wants to shorten their line of defense. 113 Armored Group fight to tear itself from soviet forces, but soviet cavalry still tries to keep Germans there and surround them.
German airplanes are still on the airfields.

Third turn (night)
Polish III Infantry Regiment joins Soviets and night assault at the position of German 113 Armored Group drives Germans back, securing bridgehead on the north-east side of river Miereya.
Germans successfully shorten their defense line around Lenino, keeping their main position save for now. 113 Armored Group withdraws, to resupply and rest a bit.

Situation map:

First turn (day):
Polish III and I Infantry Regiments attacks Germans positions north of Lenino, but withdraws under heavy fire. Lack of artillery on polish side causes their attack fruitless.
German 113 Armored Group performs an attack against soviet infantry on the north-west side of Miereya, between positions of I and III battalions of 698 Infantry Regiment. Join attack of German tanks, supported by infantry drives soviets back on the south side of the river.
Bad weather still keeps German airplanes unused.

Second turn (day):
Polish regiments attacks German positions once again and even if they are doing better than before, German airplanes appears and saves the day. Stuka bombers are causing big looses among polish and soviet troops that day, making their all attack attempts impossible.

Third turn (night)
Stalemate. Soviets are about to start slow, artillery supported attacks at German positions, but it will take a time to weaken Germans enough. Germans are still strong enough to keep their current defense lines and 113 Armored Group could be used as a quick reserve unit, ready to help anywhere.

Final situation map:

Soviets managed to cross river Miereya, but couldn’t break German defense lines nor capture Lenino city.

Victory points:
Soviets: 37
Germans: 25
Result: Soviet tactical victory

Germans performed good defense which could be even better if supoortted with air force, but thanks to bad weather German planes were grounded during the most of the battle.
Soviets were able to cross Miereya, but suffered heavy looses in frutiless asaults at Lenino.
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