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Subject: Caesar: Conquest of Gaul Battle of Lutetia using SGBoH rss

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Carl Way
United States
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Caesar: Conquest of Gaul - The Battle of Lutetia (52 BC)

This battle pits three Roman legions under Titus Labienus against three tribes of Gauls, including the Parisii, Aulerci, and Senones under Camelogenus, the king of the Aulerci. The battle was fought near the site of present day Paris on the southern bank of the Sequana (=Seine) River.

The gallic tribes could all be activated together until the first shock combat, after which, activations would proceed as normal.

The following photo is the battle after the first tribal activation - all the units advanced on a broad front, with the cavalry on the right flank.

The Romans used their first activation to advance the XII legion on the left flank. Labienus was successful on a activation seizure attempt (as per the scenario set up, Labienus has 2 seizure attempts for the battle) and moved the VII legion forward on the right flank.

The tribal forces moved forward again across a broad front. The Romans then activated their cavalry, archers and slingers and moved them forward in the center between the XII and VII legions.

The tribal forces shock attacked the XII legion with both Aulerci and Parisii infantry and cavalry, the center with the Parisii, and the VII legion on the left with the Senones.

The XII legion got great die rolls and scored several reaction fire javelin hits. The Aulerci had really poor roles against the XII and inflicted very few damaging hits so made little progress.

The Parisii forces in the center decimated the Roman cavalry, archers (although they did get in several reaction fire hits), and slingers.

The Senones on the left flank were able to inflict several retreat rolls on the VII, but could not sustain their attack.

The Romans then activated the XII legion on the left flank and moved the second and third lines into gaps and flanking positions around the Aulerci. The XII got great die roles and routed four infantry and one cavalry unit. The Aulerci and the Parisii both lost their Ferocity DR bonus after these encounters.

The rout totals at this point were: Gauls = 27; Romans = 28 (the tribal rout limit is 50, while the Roman limit is 80) - things don't look good for the Parisii!

Now it is the Gaul's turn. What to do? If the Parisii don't come to the aid of the Aulerci, the game could be over after the next Roman activation (their are 40 some rout points left on the tribal right flank and the XII is in great tactical position) - additionally, Labienus has one seizure attempt left. The Parisii in the center could split their command with half going to the aid of the Aulerci and the remainder joining the Senones in an attempt to overwhelm the VII legion - however, one Parisii group would be out of command for the subsequent activation. The tribal center also has to contend with the IX legion that is being held in reserve.

This is a photo of the battle after five activations.

On their next activation, half of the Parisii and their leader, Homerus, attacked the VII legion - the attack was partially successful resulting in one routed roman infantry from a flank attack.

Labienus moved the reserved IX legion forward on the right flank slamming into the Parisii and Senones. The attack resulted in 2 routs and heavy damage. Labienus was successful in seizing continuation (his second and last for the game) and continued the attack on the right flank with the VII resulting in 1 rout but little further damage.

The Sinones activated (they still had Ferocity) and pressed the attack on the VII - the attacks resulted in only minor damage.

The Romans then activated the XII which resulted in carnage on their left flank with 4 routs and considerable damage inflicted. At this point the game was over: the Gauls reached 72 rout points to 47 for the Romans (50 rout pts were needed to defeat the Gauls).

Roman right flank at the end of the game.

Roman left flank at the end of the game.

This seems like a very difficult battle for the Gauls to win. Even though there were more tribal infantry, the 4-3-3 formations of the veteran Roman legions were a tough nut to crack. If the Gauls don't start out with some very good die roles (resulting in Roman retreats/routs), there is little chance for success. Plus, the 50 vs 80 ending rout point totals for the Gauls vs Romans means that the Gauls need to rout a least one full legion while sustaining minimal casualties.

This was my first attempt at playing with the Simple GBoH rules. I must say that play seemed to pass much quicker (this scenario took a very leisurely 1 to 1.5 hrs) and I didn't miss the additional complexity of the regular GBoH rules. I am going to play a couple more scenarios in the next week or so to become one with the SGBoH rules. After Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, I'm going to tackle some SPQR scenarios and the Men of Iron game, Infidel.

For more Video Game and Board Game Reviews, News, and more head over to my blog at!
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Keith Plymale
United States
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Since this was titled with SGBoH adding that GMT in March, 2017 released a new second edition of the rules, charts and playbook.
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