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Tomorrow we will be able to commemorate the Battle of Gettysburg itself, three days of bloodshed that determined the fate of the nation, 150 years ago.

In honor of that special anniversary, Line of Battle Series' definitive regimental game on the battle, Last Chance for Victory, will go up for preorder from MMP.

And not just in the usual way...

Making Preordering Fun!

The preorder page will open for orders with the first shot of the battle itself 150 years before: 0830 EDT (0730 ACW time) on July 1st. From that point on, you'll be able to make your preorder at whatever time/day you'd like to personally memorialize with your copy of the game. Possibilities are endless, so that's up to your imagination... just be sure to add an hour to the historical time you are after to get modern Eastern Daylight Time.

You'll know proudly, forever, that your copy was ordered 150 years to the minute (give or take) when your chosen event happened.

Like any game, it will remain on preorder after the time the guns fall silent, but I think it would be a great tribute to the battle for us to push the game over its mark before the close of the battle. As a personal favor to me, Dean is asking for your order sooner rather than later.

We hope to make a print-out available after the 3rd that will chart when people made their preorders. Please help spread the word... we can do this and it will be fun to watch happen! Getting the job done that hard and fast will decidedly help get the game into your hands to play sooner.

As a bit of a foretaste of the time, effort, and dedication that has gone into creating this game, here are Dean Essig's Designer Notes: all 19 pages of them! These could easily go down as some of the most comprehensive and thoughtful historical notes in all of wargame history!

Map Sample

What is Line of Battle?

Line of Battle is a new series of American Civil War regimental-scale simulations. The first in the series was 2011's None But Heroes, which covered the Battle of Antietam.

The series, which is a descendent of Dean Essig's ground-breaking Civil War Brigade Series, emphasizes the problems of command and control on the American Civil War battlefield. It incorporates written orders, sluggish commanders, cowardly units, and 'skedaddling'. The Line of Battle series also streamlines combat, allowing for a much quicker play.

The series rules, v2.0 and the game-specific rules will be available for download on the preorder page. The first edition of the rules are currently available for download.

Game Components:
Line of Battle Series v2.0 Rulebook
Game-Specific Rulebook
Two Order of Arrival Booklets
Two Charts and Tables Booklets
Six Full-Color Game Maps
Three Full-Color Play Aids
2,240 Counters
22 Scenarios... with up to three size variations each, one of which is one map for each!
Box and Dice
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