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Jars' Revenge
Commodore 64 downloadable edition
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The C64 scene has waited almost 30 years for a decent conversion of Atari's 2600 classic "Yars' Revenge". Thanks to Peiselulli and Linus from Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated, that wait is now over.

Jars' Revenge is a full-screen (using all border space), PAL and NTSC compatible 2012 update of a timeless console shoot 'em up developed as an entry for the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011). The game is currently cartridge only as it actually uses a few bytes of the available ROM space as extra memory (have fun with that, crackers!)

As it is a remake of an Atari game (with the IP still in use), obviously there is no way that we could get away with officially selling copies of Jars' Revenge here at RGCD. Sorry about that. We have, however, provided the cartridge .rom for free download above - so you are welcome to make your own cartridges or use the file in an emulator.

Source: The Publisher Website.