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Computer Third Reich
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3.5" Disk
North America
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From the box back:

World War II...the conquest of Europe

Out of the ashes of post World War I Europe, an Austrian artist rose from obscurity to command the greatest military machine known to man. His name was Adolph Hitler. He and his band of Nazi cutthroats promised a starving German people revenge for the injustices of the first war and a Reich that would last for a thousand years.
Gaining absolute power in 1934, Hitler set about returning Germany to ger previous place of military prominence with massive rearmament programs. First Austria, then Czechoslovakia fell under the Nazi boot.
The west viewed the German rise to power with growing alarm, and when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, Britain and France declared war.
The stage was set for a war of such magnitude that it could only be compared to the greatest of natural disasters. World War II had begun!
THIRD REICH is more than a game, it is the definitive historical simulation of Europe during WWII. All the elements: military, economic, geographical, ideological and chronological are included in the game. Until now, Third Reich has been a game for the truly dedicated boardgamer. With the recent advances in electronics, it is now possible to put all of the rich detail of the boardgame into your home computer.

COMPUTER THIRD REICH has the following features:

  • State of the Art Graphics!
  • Easy-to-Use Interface!
  • Choice of Human or Computer Opponents for either side!
  • Three Historical Scenarios plus the Campaign Game!
  • Advanced SAVE GAME Function to make play-by-email easier!

When you've flown your umpteenth fighter plane, shot up your 50,000th enemy tank, or killed the 10,000,000th whatsit from Mars, try a game for your computer that challenges your mind instead of your reflexes