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Annual Ukrainian Boardgaming Festival Award
Årets Brætspil
Årets Spel
Årets Spil
Årets Spill
Årets spil - Indeks Retail
BoardGameGeek Golden Geek
Charles S. Roberts awards
Deutscher Spiele Preis
Essener Feder
1x1 [Family Link]
Jogo do Ano [Award Category Link]
Leader 1 [Family Link]
12 Realms [Family Link]
Ben 10 [Family Link]
Phase 10 [Family Link]
Games Magazine Game of the Year [Family Link] Hall of Fame [Family Link]
Golden Ace [Family Link]
Grand Prix du Jouet [Family Link]
Gra Roku [Family Link]
Guldbrikken [Family Link]
Hra roku [Family Link]
Index [Family Link]
International Gamers Award [Family Link]
Japan Boardgame Prize [Family Link]
Jogo do Ano [Family Link]
JoTa [Family Link]
Jugamos Tod@s [Family Link]
Kinderspielexperten [Family Link]
Kinderspiel des Jahres [Family Link]
Les 3 Lys [Family Link]
Lucca Games Best of Show [Family Link]
Ludo Award [Family Link]
Meeples Choice [Family Link]
Mensa Select [Family Link]
Spiel des Jahres fan [  Spiel des Jahres fan Link]
Deutscher Spielepreis fan [  Deutscher Spielepreis fan Link]
International Gamers Award Jury member [  International Gamers Award Jury member Link]
The Dice Tower Gaming Awards fan [  The Dice Tower Gaming Awards fan Link]
International Gamers Award fan [  International Gamers Award fan Link]
2017 Copper Supporter [  2017 Copper Supporter Link]
2017 Silver Supporter [  2017 Silver Supporter Link]
2017 Gold Supporter [  2017 Gold Supporter Link]
2017 Herculean Supporter [  2017 Herculean Supporter Link]
2017 Ultimate Supporter [  2017 Ultimate Supporter Link]
À la Carte fan [  À la Carte fan Link]
Boardgames Australia fan [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
MinD Spielepreis [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
Nederlandse Spellenprijs [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
Nordic Game Award [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
Origins Awards [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
Pelaajien valinta [  Boardgames Australia fan Link]
Karl-Heinz Schmiel [Board Game Designer Link]
The Pineapple 1 [Board Game Designer Link]
Indice-1-10 [Board Game Artist Link]
15 Shapes [Board Game Artist Link]
Test person for merge 17 [Board Game Artist Link]
Spiel der Spiele [Board Game Artist Link]
Spiel des Jahres [Board Game Artist Link]
Tric Trac [Board Game Artist Link]
Vuoden Perhepeli [Board Game Artist Link]
Walter Luc Haas Award [Board Game Artist Link]