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FAQ for 51st State

Info taken from various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
List of game FAQs

General Questions

How many VP does one get for a redevelopment/leader change?

You receive a 2VP token (your new location/leader is also worth a point).

Each card in your state is worth 1VP. You do not lose point for cards. Your old card is still worth 1VP so you take this 1VP when you discard the card and 1VP for the redevelopment action = 2VP.

May I steal a 'Universal Resource' token from my opponent?

Actually there is no such thing as universal resource - it's just a token that can be anything - it's just a help for players. You should exchange it for some resource. But if someone does not change it in time for another resource, then it would be his mistake and you could take the universal resource token.

What is important is that ONLY RESOURCES can be stolen, you can't steal tokens nor people. Therefore it might be wise to spend a resource first if you have no other plans / opportunities to use it before using a token that will make the same result.
Please also remember that tokens can be used to extend the range, so think over all of your actions carefuly.

How many leaders may I replace every turn?

As many as you want (as long as you have the cards and resources).

How does the trait function "=" work?

Example: "Each Scrap type card in your play area yields one VP token"

For each Scrap type card in your play area, you place one VP token on the trait card, even if they were played before, so it means if at this point you have three Scrap type cards on your play area, you get three times a 1VP token and the trait card is already full because of the Three Slot Rule.

If you have less than three Scrap type cards or none, after playing the trait card you add a 1VP token as soon as you incorporate a new Scrap type card to your play area. Up until the three tokens limit of course.

Some tokens are missing. Where do I get them?

Send an e-mail to and ask for the fix pack.

Where is the victory point track?

Have a look at the bottom of the box

Can you use a redevelopment token to perform the first Redevelopment Action in turn?

You can spend the token before the material resource, it is your choice. What the rules want to say is that you can only make a redevelopment action with a material resource once per turn.

Can you exchange Spoils for resources whenever you want, or only during the Production phase?

Only during phase 2 to gain the resources. You can discard whenever you want outside production phase to make room (because of the limit of 3 cards) but you won't get the resources.

Are the abilities of leaders triggered when redeveloping?

Yes, it does not matter whether you are incorporating or redeveloping. For example, if your leader is Uncle Hammer and you redevelop a brick type card, then Uncle Hammer will earn another VP.

May I have more than one of the same location in play?

Yes, you are allowed to.

How does "Old Slaughterhouse" & "Hideout" function as an agreement?

You can only place these cards under the base or under locations already having this ability. It doesn't give the ability to other cards.
the rule says "additional spaces" (french rules are not as clear because it only says 'add')

What happens to attached spoils/agreements of an incorporated location if it gets redeveloped?

You will lose the spoils and agreements, the tokens get transfered to the base card.

Specific Cards

Why is "Noticeboard" a closed location?

It is an error. Noticeboard should be a trait.

How does the "Factory" work?

Did you mean "Old Factory"? If so, that card allows you to store up to three resources of any kind on the card across turns. They cannot be stolen. It is explicitly explained in the English rules.

How does the "Killer's Tavern" work?

This card works just like the other Card = VP trait cards and is explained above. In short, the card will always hold as many 1 VP tokens as you have cards bearing that icon (just below and to the left of the card title; in this case, a Gun) as built locations, up to the usual limit of three. If you redevelop the location, the VP's do go to your base. However, if you lose cards of that type due to redeveloping OTHER locations, it will lose VP tokens from that card.

How does the "Parking Lot" work?

If you meant "Old Car Park" (English Edition), it works just like "Killer's Tavern" except for cards bearing that particular icon.

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