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About the Biola Boardgamers

Our Goals

Our goals are:

  • to have fun playing games together in a casual setting. Competitive players are welcome, but for the most part we're playing for the fun of it, not just to win it.
  • to increase your appreciation of the board gaming hobby.

The Games We Play

Our group's collection consists of more than 80 games currently. Most of these games are "euro" or "designer" games, so new players are not likely to recognize most of the games at first. Still, if you like light strategy gaming, you are bound to have a great time!

We typically don't bring games that take more than an hour to finish playing because, after all, it is the lunch hour.

You can look at a simple list of our game collection in the forum below. You can also click "Browse" in the Gulid section above to see a comprehensive list of all the games we own. Please note that not all of these games are available for votes. All available games are listed in the simple list.

To learn more about the board gaming world, look around Board Game Geek (BGG, or "the geek", as it is commonly called). The more you contribute to the community, the more geekgold (GG) you earn. GG is essentially virtual money that allows you to buy avatars and microbadges and stuff.

What do you want from me?!?!

One new player asked: "Is there a secret handshake?"

No, there isn't. All we ask is that you wash your hands before playing other people's games. Dirty hands quickly leave their mark on game bits. Help the game owner's to preserve their investment as if it were your own.

Most of us bring lunch since it's the lunch hour - just keep your food off the games!

Usually, it takes a few minutes for everyone to get from their offices to the break room, so we typically start arriving around 12:05 or so.

Where do you get these games?

Every 2-3 months, we do a group order at an online board game seller. These sellers typically have discounts of 30-40% off most games, so we save a lot. We also get a good deal on shipping when we do large orders.

Game orders are always in progress. Requests are posted in the most recent "Game Order" thread in the forum below. Once there are enough games in the cart to get discounted shipping, the order is placed.


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