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Against the Odds Article Index

This is an index to articles appearing in Against the Odds: A Journal of History and Simulation.

  • Regular columns (On Guards, And the Data Shows, Simulation Corner, etc.) are shown in italics.
  • Feature article is shown in bold
  • Authors who are in the BGG database are linked.
  • If the article topic or coverage is not entirely clear from the printed title and/or subtitle, a brief explanation [in brackets] may be added.
  • Variant cards and addenda counters are added as a separate italicized list at the end of each issue's entry.
  • A weblink to the appropriate ATO page is included after each issue title.

As each issue contains the general "A Whiff of Grapeshot" (editor's intro) and "Order of Appearance" (developer's docket), these are left out of this list.
Main game rules are not noted (as they are assumed to be included) but any additional rulesets are.
The "subscriber-bonus only" items listed were only available for subscribers receiving that issue when it was first released. Anyone ordering that back issue today will not receive those extras in their copy.
Pocket Battle Games that may have been included in a particular issue are not listed.

Table of Contents

Magazine Issues

48. Apocalypse in the East: The Rise of the First Caliphate 646-656 A.D. and Balck Friday (Vol.12, No.4) - link

  • Apocalypse in the East by Jason Juneau
  • On Guards: The Excubitors by Andy Nunez
  • Hand to Hand Combat in the Days of Yore by Gary Vardon
  • The Fifth Columnist [book reviews of "Gate of Hell" and "The Siege of Charleston"] by John D. Burtt
  • The Call of Cortuglu: Expansion Rules for Nothing So Well Lost: The Siege of Rhodes 1522 by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • And the Data Shows: The Caliphates by Ed Heinsman
  • Plan 1919: The Surrender That Never Was by Matthew Adams*Simulation Corner: Designing for Chaos by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

47. Arctic Disaster: The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17 (Vol.12, No.3) - link

  • Arctic Disaster: The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17 by Mark Stille
  • On Guards: Soft Petals of Destruction: The Flower-Class Frigate and the Battle of the Atlantic by Andy Nunez
  • Germany's Arctic Executioners: The Luftwaffe, U-boats, and Convoy PQ-17 by J.D. Webster
  • The Fifth Columnist [book review of "Road to Manzikert"] by John D. Burtt
  • What if Germany Defeated the D-Day Invasion? by Matthew Adams
  • And the Data Shows: Usually a Great Notion by Ed Heinsman
  • The "Great Dichotomies" of Wargames by Lewis Pulsipher
  • Winning the Battle for History: Germany versus the Soviet Union by Jim Werbaneth
  • Simulation Corner: Brexit: The Tyranny of Goals by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

46. No Middle Ground: The Golan Heights 1973 (Vol.12, No.2) - link

  • The Golan Heights 1973 by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • On Guards: Lightning out of Israel: The IDF's Barak Brigade by Andy Nunez
  • Thrown Against the Wall: The Brutal Sacrifice of IAF Fighter Bombers in 1973 by J.D. Webster
  • The Fifth Columnist [book review of "Inside Israel's Northern Command"] by John D. Burtt
  • Reaping the Harvest: Part 2: The People, Places, and Design of September's Eagles by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • And the Data Shows: Surprise, Surprise by Ed Heinsman
  • The Mongol Invasion of Vietnam and the Second Battle of the Bạch Đằng River by Steven M. Johnson
  • AA in Naval Games: We've Had It All Wrong! by John B. Gilmer, Jr.
  • Forever... and a Day!: Variant Rules for The Union Forever! by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Struggling Towards a New Combat Results Table by David March
  • Simulation Corner: Is ISIS a Game Too Far? by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

45. Red Dragon, Blue Dragon: The Huaihai, 1948-1949 (Vol.12, No.1) - link

  • Red Dragon, Blue Dragon by Earl Dixon
  • On Guards: The China Hands by Andy Nunez
  • Sowing the Wind: The National Air Races 1929-1939 by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • The Fulda Gap Sandbox by John B. Gilmer, Jr.
  • And the Data Shows: On the Move: Kingdoms in Exile by Ed Heinsman
  • Long Spear, Short Legs: Variant for Wintergewitter by Jerrold Thomas
  • The Power of Airpower by Gary Vardon
  • Designing Dueling Eagles by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Simulation Corner: Boardgames in the Culture Wars by John Prados

44. Vercingetorix: Twilight of the Gauls (Vol.11, No.4) - link

43. Islands of the Damned: Wake Island and Peleliu (Vol.11, No.3) - link

42. A Thunder upon the Land (Vol.11, No.2) - link

  • A Thunder upon the Land: The Battles of Narva and Poltava by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • On Guards: The Cossacks are Coming! by Andy Nunez
  • Armor Actions of the Indo-Pakistani Wars by William Stroock
  • And the Data Shows: Winter as an Overrated General by Ed Heinsman
  • Napoleon’s Dream: Optional and Expanded Rules for Beyond Waterloo by John Prados
  • Transportation, Trade Routes, Terrain Barriers, and Larger-Scale Fortifications in Sweep of History Games by Lew Pulsipher
  • Op-Ed: The Baby Caliphate and Other Middle East Scenarios by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Frustrations of the Cardboard Battlefront by John Prados
      • Two addenda counters (plus eight expansion counters) for Beyond Waterloo (subscriber-bonus only)

41. Circle of Fire: The Siege of Cholm, 1942 (Vol.11, No.1) - link

  • The Making of a Siege: Cholm 1942 by Michael Rinella
  • On Guards: The Luftwaffe in the Air and on the Ground at Cholm by Andy Nunez
  • Tante Ju: The Junkers Ju 52/3m: The Airplane that Indirectly Lost the War for Germany by J.D. Webster
  • Independence Day: A Variant Scenario for Turning Point Simulations' The Battle of Midway by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • How Alternate History Can Affect Wargaming: The Stalingrad Example by Peter Tsouras
  • And the Data Shows: Revisiting the Learning Curve [Red Army encirclements of German forces] by Ed Heinsman
  • The Forever War that Isn't and Will Not Be: The American Perspective on the "Global War on Terror" by John D. Beatty
  • Sweep of History Games: Possible Locations by Lew Pulsipher
  • What Are We Planning For? [Make War on China?!] by Jon Compton

40. Lilliburlero: The Battle of the Boyne, July 1690 (Vol.10, No.4) - link

  • The Battle of the Boyne by Philip Jelley
  • A Clockwork Orange Army by Philip Jelley
  • On Guards: The Wild Geese by Philip Jelley
  • And the Data Shows: Marching Days [political parade holidays] by Ed Heinsman
  • A One-Way Ticket (Or: Once across the sea, it's deuced hard to come back to England) by Christina Kahrl
  • Op-Ed: Beyond Stalemate: Syria and the Limits of Unlimited Warfare by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: What Was He Thinking? Napoleon's Fantasy [Pt.I] by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

39. These Brave Fellows: Mortier's Stand at Dürenstein (Vol.10, No.3) - link

  • On Guards: The Incomparable Ninth Légère by Andy Nunez
  • These Brave Fellows: Mortier, Kutusov, and the Road to Dürenstein by Andy Nunez
  • Great Napoleonic Thoughts: National Characteristics and Quantitative Playability by Wally Simon and Russ Lockwood
  • The Sargento Mayor: The Evolution of a Superior Warrant Officer in South American Military History by Andrew Preziosi
  • And the Data Shows: Sans l'Empereur [independent Napoleonic commands] by Ed Heinsman
  • The Autumn Rampage of Frank Luke, Jr. by Blaine L. Pardoe
  • The Flight of the Falcon [Abdulrahman and the flowering of Córdoba] by David W. Tschanz
  • Op-Ed: The Not-Quite-Forever War by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Half a Century on the Cardboard Battlefront by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

38. Guns of the Askari [WWI in East Africa] (Vol.10, No.2) - link

  • On Guards: The Faithful Askari by Andy Nunez
  • Forgotten Fronts by John Gorkowski
  • The Beast of the Rufiji: The Unique Saga of SMS Königsberg in East Africa by J.D. Webster
  • Cold Front in the East: Ten New Dogfights for Buffalo Wings by Sam Sheikh
  • Submarine Warfare in the Gallipoli Campaign by Darin Leviloff
  • Two Vignettes of German East Africa by J.D. Webster:
      • Flustered Feathers: The Story of German Aviation in the East African Campaign
      • Das Afrika-schiff: The Epic Journey of Zeppelin L.59
  • And the Data Shows: A Sideshow Sampler [influence of sideshow campaigns] by Ed Heinsman
  • War and Peace: The Reunification of Japan following the Period of Warring States by Sam Sheikh
  • Morgan's a Comin'! The Confederate Raid through Indiana and Ohio, July 1863 by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Morgan's Raid: Variant Rules for Morgan's A'Comin'!
  • Simulation Corner: Spies that Set the Board Ablaze [development notes for Set Europe Ablaze] by John Prados

37. For Bloody Honor: The Russian Civil War (Vol.10, No.1) - link

  • On Guards: The American Expeditionary Force in North Russia by Andy Nunez
  • For Bloody Honor: The Russian Civil War by Mark Woloshen
  • Northwest Pakistan's Collapse: Ineptitude or Appeasement? by Perry Moore
  • And the Data Shows: Foreign Intervention: Golden Opportunity or Siren Song? by Ed Heinsman
  • The End of the P500 System by Michael Rinella
  • Mao's "Secret Victory" by Earl Dixon
  • A Matter of Deception: The Suez Crisis by David March
  • Simulation Corner: Have Boardgames Arrived? by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: The Ali Scenario: Simulating a Sunni-Shia War in the Middle East by Ed Erkes
      • 16 extra markers for Defeat Into Victory
      • 20 base and expansion counters for Pocket Battle Game #12: Operation Cerberus
      • Full (plus expansion) rules for Pocket Battle Game #12: Operation Cerberus (subscriber-bonus only)
      • 14 addenda counters for War with a Vengeance! (subscriber-bonus only)
      • Three addenda counters for The Battle of Stalingrad (subscriber-bonus only)
      • One expansion counter for Codeword: Barbarossa from Four Roads to Moscow (subscriber-bonus only)

36. Defeat Into Victory: The Final Campaigns in Burma (Vol.9, No.4) - link

  • Obituary for Mr. George A. Rawling
  • On Guards: The Extraordinary Orde and his Chindits [Orde Wingate] by Andy Nunez
  • Defeat Into Victory: The final Campaigns in Burma by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Danjite Okonoeba Kishin Mo Sakui ("Before a resolute will, even the gods give way"): The Battle of Imphal/Kohima, 1944 by John D. Burtt
  • And the Data Shows: All Hopes to Naught [colonial wars in the Pacific] by Ed Heinsman
  • Some Lessons from the Senior Genre: What Board Wargame Designers Can Learn From Miniatures Rules by Jim Werbaneth
  • The Russian Campaign of 1812: How can the wargame translate its extremes? by Frédéric Bey
  • Simulation Corner: The Coming Boardgame Renaissance? by John Prados
  • The Fifth Columnist [book review of Mawdsley's "The Russian Civil War"] by John D. Burtt

35. Boudicca, the Warrior Queen (Vol.9, No.3) - link (Out of Print)

  • On Guards: The Lost Legion: The Legend of Legio IX Hispana by Andy Nunez
  • Hell's Fury: Boudicca's Revolt against Rome in Britain, 60-61CE by Richard H. Berg
  • The Matter of Britain [History 56BCE-495CE] by Andy Nunez
  • Good Games vs. Good Simulations? by Lew Pulsipher
  • Axis Airpower: Nike and Nemesis by Sam Sheikh
  • The Fifth Columnist [four Burma book reviews] by John D. Burtt
  • And the Data Shows: Romans Go Home [rebellions against Roman rule] by Ed Heinsman
  • Learning the Art of the Great War by William Stroock
  • Decision-Based Combat Results by Michael Raymond
  • Simulation Corner: Design Choice and Instant Gratification by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: "Post-Westphalian" Warfare and its Implications by Ed Erkes
  • Codeword: Barbarossa Update from [Four Roads to Moscow] by John Prados
      • Additional cards for the Codeword: Barbarossa update above

34. Right Fierce & Terrible: The Battle of Sluys and Schwarm! (Vol.9, No.2) - link

  • On Guards: The English Bowmen in the Hundred Years War by Andy Nunez
  • Right Fierce & Terrible: Sluys 1340 by Jeremy White
  • The Fifth Columnist: "Boudicca's Rebellion" Book Review by John D. Burtt
  • And the Data Shows: Right Fierce, Terrible, and Expensive [medieval shipbuilding] by Ed Heinsman
  • Sinai Armageddon by William Stroock
  • Simulation Corner: Sound and Sense by John Prados
  • Hit Them Where They are Weak: A Discussion of Amphibious Warfare for Wargamers by Gary Vardon
  • All or Nothing: The Battle for Fort Mercer by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Op-Ed: Gaming the Arab Spring and Beyond by Ed Erkes
  • Schwarm! Designer's Notes by Mark Aasted
      • no extra variants or counters

33. Meatgrinder: Battle for Xuân Lộc 1975 and Bloody Hunlikely! (Vol.9, No.1) - link

  • On Guards: Tank Duels & Voting Machines: The Development of The Republic of Vietnam Armored Forces by Andy Nunez
  • Meatgrinder from Hell: Xuân Lộc 1975 by Perry Moore
  • The Fifth Columnist: Three Vietnam Book Reviews by John D. Burtt
  • And the Data Shows: Take the Money and Run [Embezzlement by World Leaders] by Ed Heinsman
  • At Home While the Battle Raged [America, Gaming, and Kissinger during Vietnam] by John Prados
  • Simulation Corner: Contingency Wargaming [Persian Incursion, Into a Bear Trap, etc.] by John Prados
  • The Last Days of the Red Hats: The ARVN 1st Airborne Brigade at Xuân Lộc, April 1975 by Sam Sheikh
  • The Papier-Mâché Dragon: South Vietnam's Air Force in 1975 by J.D. Webster
  • Roads to War [The Sacred Way, Burma Road, and Ho Chi Minh Trail] by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Op-Ed: Wargaming "A Game of Thrones" (or not) by Ed Erkes
  • The Battle of Loos by David March

32. Birth of a Legend: Lee and the Seven Days (Vol.8, No.4) - link

  • On Guards: The Maryland Line at the Seven Days by Andy Nunez
  • Birth of a Legend: The Seven Days Campaign of 1862 by Michael Rinella
  • And the Data Shows: Stumblers at the Gates [failed sieges through history] by Ed Heinsman
  • Simulation Corner: Wargames as Historical Laboratory by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: Tralfamadore at War: Tunnel Vision as Military History by Ed Erkes
  • The Fifth Columnist: Seven Days Book Review by John D. Burtt
  • Alert at Pearl Harbor by John Gilmer
  • The Economies and Sweep of History Games by Lewis Pulsipher

31. Hungarian Nightmare (Vol.8, No.3) - link

  • Descent into Oblivion [aerial re-supply of Budapest] by J.D. Webster
  • Slaughter on the Danube by A. Stephan Hamilton
  • And the Data Shows: [WW2 urban battles] by Ed Heinsman
  • Expansion Rules for "Tarleton's Quarter!" by Lembit Tohver
  • These Proceedings are Closed [end of WW2] by David W. Tschanz
  • The Battle of Navarino by David March
  • Simulation Corner: How Many Cooks Spoil the Broth? by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: Dim-Zero-Sum by Ed Erkes
  • On Guards: The SS by Andy Nunez

30. The Lash of the Turk (Vol.8, No.2) - link

  • The 1683 Campaign for Vienna by Andy Nunez
  • And the Data Shows: Why the West Fears the East by Ed Heinsman
  • On Guards: The Janissaries by Andy Nunez
  • Building Biafra by Jason Juneau
  • Designing for Cause and Effect by Lew Pulsipher
  • The Forlorn Hope of the Lost Cause by John D. Beatty
  • Singular Wretchedness by David W. Tschanz
  • Op-Ed: (Don’t) Remember the Cheonan by Ed Erkes
  • Play Balance by Rob Beyma
  • Simulation Corner: How to Simulate Changing Military Technology in Games by John Prados

29. Buffalo Wings (Vol.8, No.1) - link (Out of Print)

  • Buffalo Wings by J.D. Webster
  • On Guards: Elite Air unit LLV 24 by Andy Nunez
  • And the Data Shows: Costs of Aerial Warfare by Ed Heinsman
  • Op-Ed: Gaming the Rules of Afghan Engagement by Ed Erkes
  • Strangled by Air [Interdiction] by Sam Sheikh
  • Simulation Corner: How Israel Games the Unthinkable by John Prados

28. “Tarleton’s Quarter!” (Vol.7, No.4) - link

  • Tarleton’s Quarter by Mike Joslyn
  • And the Data Shows: All the Other British Commitments by Ed Heinsman
  • On Guards: Banastre Tarleton by Andy Nunez
  • Wagram by Frédéric Bey
  • Red Stars Aloft [Soviet WW2 pilot quality] by J.D. Webster
  • Op-Ed: Nuristan-Bienphu [Afghanistan] by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: A Broad View of Afghanistan by John Prados

27. The Pocket at Falaise (Vol.7, No.3) - link

  • Falaise: Circle of Fire by Randolph Sherman
  • And the Data Shows: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics at Falaise by Ed Heinsman
  • On Guards: The Poles at Falaise by Jack Stalica
  • Umbrella of Death [Allied Airpower at Falaise] by J.D. Webster
  • Fizzling Fish [US bad torpedoes] by David W. Tschanz
  • Continent in 100 Battles [list of South American battles] by Enric Martí
  • The Victoria Cross of Falaise by Lembit Tohver
  • Op-Ed: The Caveman Salient by Ed Erkes
  • The Belgian Brigade in in WW2 by Robert Ware
  • Simulation Corner: Can Students Still Appreciate History? by John Prados

26. There Must be a Victory (Vol.7, No.2) - link

25. Storm Over Taierzhuang (Vol.7, No.1) - link

  • Storm Over Taierzhuang by Terence Co
  • On Guards: Martial Arts by Ed Leonard To
  • And the Data Shows: The First Two Rules of War by Ed Heinsman
  • Fledgling Dragons [early Chinese air force] by J.D. Webster
  • What Makes a Game Epic by Lew Pulsipher
  • Random Events by David L. Buchbinder
  • Groping With the New Paradigm Revisited by Jon Compton
  • Op-Ed: Mercantilism: The Military Simulation Game by Ed Erkes
  • The Nuremberg (In)Defense by John D. Beatty
  • Wishful Thinking by John D. Beatty
  • Simulation Corner: Who Has a Great Game Package by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

24. Deathride (Vol.6, No.4) - link

  • Deathride by Randolph Sherman
  • Bismarck: The Iron Chancellor and Europe by Mark Perry
  • On Guards: The Imperial Guard of Louis Napoleon by Andy Nunez
  • And the Data Shows: Other Great Deathrides of History by Ed Heinsman
  • Gas Bag Fugitives [balloon escapes] by J.D. Webster
  • Op-Ed: The Rashomon War by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Dilemmas of Design by John Prados

23. Guerra a Muerte (Vol.6, No.3) - link

  • Guerra a Muerte by Javier Romero
  • On Guards: Granaderos a Cabala by Javier Romero
  • And the Data Shows: Battles & Leaders of South America by Ed Heinsman
  • Apocalypto, the Athualpa Revolt by Kenneth Gallagher
  • A Designer’s Challenge by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Keeping the Colonies Royal by Andrew Mulholland
  • Op-Ed: The Rashomon War by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Dilemmas of Design by John Prados

22. Paukenschlag (Vol.6, No.2) - link

21. Day of the Chariot: Kadesh (Vol.6, No.1) - link

20. A Fatal Attraction (Vol.5, No.4) - link (Out of Print)

  • A Fatal Attraction by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • On Guards: The ANZACs by Andy Nunez
  • Op-Ed: Victory Column by Ed Erkes
  • The Folly of Huertgen Forest by David Tschanz
  • Cutting and Running from the Myth by Dave Boe
  • Beating the Odds at Long Tan by Mal Wright
  • And the Data Shows: Pre-WW2 Amphibious Assaults by Ed Heinsman
  • Simulation Corner: Signals and Noise by John Prados

19. Not War But Murder (Vol.5, No.3) - link

  • Not War But Murder by Michael Rinella
  • On Guards: The Confederate Sharpshooters by Andy Nunez
  • And the Data Shows: Bloodiest Battles by Ed Heinsman
  • The Civil War in Athens by Richard H. Berg
  • Not to Persevere by Shawn P. Rife
  • McKinley the Reluctant Warrior by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Op-Ed: Axis of Ahabs by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Card Driven Wargames by John Prados

18. Kulikovo 1380: The Golden Horde (Vol.5, No.2) - link (Out of Print)

17. Imperial Sunset (Vol.5, No.1) - link (Out of Print)

16. La vallée de la mort and Na San (Vol.4, No.4) - link (Out of Print)

15. Cactus Throne (Vol.4, No.3) - link

14. War in the Aegean and Assault on Narvik (Vol.4, No.2) - link (Out of Print)

13. Bittereinder (Vol.4, No.1) - link

  • Bittereinder the Second Anglo Boer War by Hjalmar Gerber
  • On Guards: The Theron Scouting Group by Hjalmar Gerber
  • Simulation Corner: Games of War by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: The Return of Napoleon – Sort Of by Ed Erkes
  • Modeling Conflict: Sword of Rome by Wray Ferrell
  • Of Politics War and Gaming by David. B. Dockter
  • Walking in the Devil’s Garden: Land Mines by Sam Sheikh
      • no extra variants or counters

12. Chennault's First Fight (Vol.3, No.4) - link

  • Chennault's First Fight by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • On Guards: American Mercenaries in WW2 by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: The Redmond I Knew by John Prados
  • The Unsharpened Blade: Confederate Railroads by Andy Nunez
  • Op-Ed: Crusader Rabbits by Ed Erkes
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Chindits by Sam Sheikh

11. The Big Push (Vol.3, No.3) - link (Out of Print)

  • The Big Push by Roger Nord
  • On Guards: The Irish Guards by Andy Nunez
  • God is a Yankee by John D. Burtt
  • Op-Ed: Does Character Count in War? by Ed Erkes
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Loos by Sam Sheikh
  • Simulation Corner: Choosing a System by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

10. Into a Bear Trap (Vol.3, No.2) - link

  • Into a Bear Trap by Perry Moore
  • The Battle for Hearts and Minds by Sam Sheikh
  • On Guards: Retrospective by Andy Nunez
  • Simulation Corner: Models of Combat by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: The Lessons of Najaf by Ed Erkes
  • Leadership in Civil War Games by John B. Gilmer, Jr.
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Mogadishu by Sam Sheikh
      • no extra variants or counters

9. Suleiman the Magnificent (Vol.3, No.1) - link

8. Fortress Berlin (Vol.2, No.4) - link

  • Fortress Berlin by John Prados
      • Flustered Feathers: The Attempts to Relieve Berlin by John Prados
      • The Safest Coffins in the World by Roy Arthur
      • Acolytes of the Black Cross by Randolph Sherman
      • Operation Eclipse by Andy Nunez

7. A Dark and Bloody Ground (Vol.2, No.3) - link

  • A Dark and Bloody Ground by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • On Guards: The War Chiefs by Andy Nunez
  • The Pioneers of Aerial Assassination by Sam Sheikh
  • Groping for the New Paradigm Part 2 by Jon Compton
  • Mamluk and Mongol by David Tschanz
  • Op-Ed: The Alexander Mystique by Ed Erkes
  • Simulation Corner: Historicity by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

6. Go Tell the Spartans (Vol.2, No.2) - link

  • Thermopylae by Robert G. Markham
  • On Guards: The Persian Immortals by Andy Nunez
  • The Spartans by Andy Nunez
  • War Game Academics by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Op-Ed: Lawrence Keeley by Ed Erkes
  • Kursk: A Reappraisal by Larry Schweikart
  • Twin Towers by Larry Schweikart
  • Tactical Level Air Combat Games by Sam Sheikh
  • Groping for the New Paradigm Part 1 by Jon Compton
  • Elouges by Mal Wright
  • Bushido Perverted by Peter Schutze
  • Simulation Corner: Too Much of a Good Thing by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

5. North Wind Rain (Vol.2, No.1) - link (Out of Print)

  • North Wind Rain by Mark Stille
  • On Guards: The Japanese Imperial Guard by Andy Nunez
  • The Seven Days and Atlanta by John B. Gilmer, Jr.
  • Simulation Corner: Game Design 101 by John Prados
  • Op-Ed: Doing the Wave by Ed Erkes
  • Grand Tactics of the Mid 17th Century by Ben Hull
      • no extra variants or counters

4. Napoleon at the Berezina (Vol.1, No.4) - link (Out of Print)

  • Napoleon at the Berezina by Robert G. Markham
  • On Guards: Napoleon’s Imperial Guard by Andy Nunez
  • Simulation Corner: Iraq as Game by John Prados
  • Field Marshall Walther Model by Warren and Stuart Kingsley
      • no extra variants or counters

3. Kesselschlacht, 1944 (Vol.1, No.3) - link

  • Kesselschlacht by Perry Moore
      • Sidebar: Slaughter at Ternopol by Timothy Kutta
      • Sidebar: The Doomed Division by Andy Nunez
      • Sidebar: The Assault Gun by Andy Nunez
      • Sidebar: Air Supply of Hube’s Kessel by Warren Kingsley
  • On Guards: The Soviet Guards by Andy Nunez
  • Op-Ed: The Genocidal Temptation by Ed Erkes
  • Heraldry at Waterloo by Ken Gallagher
  • Desperate Days over the Reich by Timothy Kutta
  • The Battle of Dernancourt by Mal Wright
  • Simulation Corner: Remembrance: Richard Queen by John Prados
  • The Soviet Nadir by Perry Moore
      • no extra variants or counters

2. Khe Sanh, 1968 (Vol.1, No.2) - link

  • Khe Sanh by John Prados
  • On Guards: The US Marine Corps in Vietnam by Andy Nunez
  • The Army of the Tennessee at Chickamauga by David A. Powell
  • HG 76 December 1941 by Mal Wright
  • America’s Forlorn Hope by Mike Joslyn
  • Adding Politics to Your WWII Game by John B. Gilmer, Jr.
  • Simulation Corner: Looking for Mr. Goodgame by John Prados
      • no extra variants or counters

1. Hegemon (Vol.1, No.1) - link (Out of Print)

Annual Editions

2016 Confederate Rails (and No Safe Harbor [Darwin, 1942]) - link

  • Rails of War by Randolph Sherman
      • Sidebar: 1870 - Rails Across France
      • Sidebar: 1941 - The Soviet Near Disaster
  • Horse Soldiers Versus The Iron Horse by Kevin Duke
  • Crafting No Safe Harbor - The Down Under's Day of Infamy by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Survivability of warships, tanks, and warplanes by Lewis Pulsipher
  • King Jayavarman VII - The Greatest Warrior King of the Khmer Empire by Steven M. Johnson
  • The Soviet Polish War - Russian Civil War Sideshow by David March
  • The Jugurthine War - Rome Against the King of the Numidians 111-105 BCE by Jim Werbaneth
  • No Land Beyond the Volga - Designing the Mapboard for Stalingrad: Verdun on the Volga by Mark Mahaffey

2015 Four Roads to Paris - link

  • The Fall of France: An Analysis of Several Theories by Andy Nunez
      • Appendix: Wunderwaffe 1940
      • Section: We Were Betrayed
  • Death From Above: The Stuka in the French Campaign by J.D. Webster
  • After France: What? by John D. Burtt
  • The Wars for Control of the African Slave Trade: 1502-1850 by Steven M. Johnson

2014 Set Europe Ablaze [The Resistance War] (and Depths of Courage) - link

2013 La Bataille de Vauchamps [1814] (and Shogi [Pacific late '43]) - link

2012 Forlorn Hopes [Dutch East Indies 1942] and Hunt for the Graf Spee - link

  • Forlorn Hopes: The Campaign for the East Indies, 1942 by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Soldier Gods of the Sky: Japan's Paratroopers by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Grim Determination in the Netherlands East Indies by John Prados
  • The Empire Loses Burma by Mitch Williamson
  • Toward a More Perfect Kursk Game by Chris Fasulo
  • Beyond Beyond Waterloo: Some Experimental Rules for the 2011 Annual Game by David Hughes
  • Operation Cerberus: The Channel Dash, February 11-12, 1942 by Paul Rohrbaugh
      • no extra variants or counters

2011 Beyond Waterloo [Napoleon's 100 Days] and Terrible Swift Swordfish - link

  • Beyond Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Gamble by John Prados
      • Sections: Allied Powers Against France, Massing the Armies, Calling the Nation to Arms, The Carapace of France, The Emperor Maneuvers, Brief Overview of the Battle of Waterloo, The Last Days of the War
  • Lost Opportunities: George B. McClellan, The Young Napoleon by Michael Rinella
  • The Boldest of Missions: The Seeadler and the Daring Mission of Count Felix von Luckner by Blaine L. Pardoe
      • no extra variants or counters

2010 Four Roads to Moscow - link

  • Operation Barbarossa: Fact vs. Myth by Nigel Davies
  • March to Magdala: Abyssinia 1868 by Roger Deal
  • The Numbers Fallacy by Nigel Davies
      • One cardstock sheet with link rules for all four games in the Four Roads to Moscow set (subscriber-bonus only)

2009 Verdun: A Generation Lost and An Loc, 1972 - link (Out of Print)

  • Verdun: A Generation Lost by Roger Nord
  • First Siege of Bhurtpore by Andrew Preziosi
  • A Short History of Solitaire Wargames by Paul Aceto
  • No Surrender!: The Siege of Londonderry by Phillip Jelley
  • The Battle of An Loc by Arrigo Velicogna
      • One cardstock sheet with rules for Berkut, a variant for Fortress Berlin (subscriber-bonus only)
      • Four expansion counters for Berkut variant above (subscriber-bonus only)

2008 Operation Cartwheel [1943 Pacific] and Gazala Line, 1942 - link

2007 Look Away! The Fall of Atlanta and Biafra! - link

2006 Toppling the Reich - link

Campaign Studies

3. Bradley's D-Day and War with a Vengeance! - link

  • Bradley's D-Day by John Prados
      • Sidebars: By Air to Battle, The Resistance and the Invasion, Intelligence and Deception
  • War with a Vengeance! The V-1 Campaign Against Great Britain by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Operation Neptune: Thank God for the Navy! by Ed Heinsman
  • Thor's Hammer: The Ninth Tactical Air Force by J.D. Webster (web appendices here)
  • D-Day Logistics by Éric Grenier
  • Those Who Fought at D-Day (Utah Beach and Omaha Beach) by Paul Rohrbaugh
  • Dress Rehearsal: Dieppe by Ed Heinsman
  • A Hopeless Chaos: German Air Operations on D-Day by Sam Sheikh
  • Supporting the Invasion: The Role of Engineers and Medics by Tim Tow
  • What if D-Day had Failed? A Modest Speculation by David W. Tschanz
      • no extra variants or counters

1. Wintergewitter - link

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