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Series of games by J. D. Webster covering air combat from Korea through modern times.

The designer is also the creator of the Fighting Wings series of WWII air combat games.

Games in the Series

Board Game: Air Superiority
Air Superiority
Board Game: Air Strike
Air Strike
Board Game: Desert Falcons
Desert Falcons
Board Game: Eagles of the Gulf!
Eagles of the Gulf
Board Game: The Speed of Heat
The Speed of Heat
  • Air Superiority
    • Standalone game focused on air-to-air combat.
  • Air Strike
    • Air Superiority expansion adding rules for air-to-ground combat.
  • Desert Falcons
    • Air Superiority expansion focusing on air-to-air combat in the Middle East from 1950-1980.
  • Eagles of the Gulf
    • Air Superiority expansion focusing on air-to-ground combat in the Middle East from 1950-1980. Part 1 was published in Battleplan #9, part 2 was published in Air Power #11 & #12.
  • The Speed of Heat (SoH)
    • Standalone game focusing on Korea and Vietnam. SoH updated the Air Superiority/Air Strike rules as the Air Power Standard Rules, 1st Edition.

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