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    While most of your questions are answered with the FAQ's at the bottom of each wiki page, these are a few questions that don't necessarily fit anywhere else. What about children at BGG♥FAM?
    Our core philosophy is that BGG♥FAM is a convention where kids of all ages are welcome and have fun. It is not, however, a gaming convention designed specifically for young kids. Think Epcot Center instead of Magic Kingdom, or Tomorrowland instead of Toontown. So even if you don't have kids of your own, but you don't mind them being around, you should still have a great time.

    At no time will BGG or Team Geek take responsibility for your children - there is no babysitting provided. We feel comfortable allowing kids 12 and up to roam around the convention areas, as long as you're comfortable with it as well. We trust that you as their parents are the best qualified to make that decision. There will be no other non-BGG events or visitors on the ground floor - we're very grateful to the Hyatt setting aside all of the space for us so we don't have to share, even though this event isn't big enough yet to justify it on it's own.

    We anticipate setting aside the Industry Wing as an "under 12" area for dad or mom or another trusted adult to bring the kids over for fun activities for the young ones - a toy room, a craft room, a game room stocked with child-friendly games, and a mother's lounge. Team Geek will be at the hall entry to make sure no kids pass in or out unaccompanied but will otherwise not be providing any child supervision. about harassment/poor conduct/abuse?
    Our standard statement applies: We’ve seen reports of an increasing number of incidents of harassment at various geek-related events and conventions the past few years. We just want you to know we will not tolerate any such behavior at BGG♥FAM and we reserve the right to eject anyone from the convention without refund. We can’t imagine anything like that happening at our wonderful party, but we want to be clear and proactive.

    If you have any questions, please contact

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