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Temporarily Closed

BGG Auctions are suspended until a new system is rolled out in the near future. -Aug 2016


Auctions in the Bazaar are exclusively paid for with GeekGold. You can browse both the currently active auctions to see what you might bid on, and the completed auctions to see what has already sold.


Good practices for bidding on an item:
  • only bid with owned GeekGold
  • ask the seller questions if in doubt before bidding


Good practices for selling an item:
  • include link to game
  • include picture of auctioned version (if available)
  • include shipping arrangements
  • contact the auction winner within a reasonable amount of time


How shipping is handled varies from auction to auction. Some auctions will include shipping costs. Some will ask the winner to compensate the seller for shipping costs via PayPal, or by an additional GeekGold fee.
Sometimes shipping destinations are restricted. In most of these cases this will be "US only", sometimes with "Canada" added.

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