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Do not submit awards yourself. Please contact admin Purple about awards.

Award entries are not a straightforward process like game submissions are. They are VERY easy to mess up and continuously require new sets, categories, and honor submissions every year. 99% of user submitted awards are done incorrectly and are not properly linked or titled correctly. Please leave award submissions to the admins. You are always free to ask about adding new ones or updating old ones.

What Awards Qualify For An Entry?

  • It should be a large award, not something given out by a few individuals or a single blogger. It needs to be noteworthy.
  • The award should cover a large general selection of games. Awards targeted at just wargames or just children's games are fine, but we will not track an award that is exclusively for chess variants.
  • It should be about the game quality, not about other properties. An award for the "most furry-friendly game" or the "most copies sold" is out. Though if that was a category of a larger award, it might get in.
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