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November 20-23, 2008 (10:00am Thursday - 3:00pm Sunday)
The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport
4545 W. John Carpenter Freeway - Irving, Texas 75063
For $110 per night for a single or double room (+tax)
$60 Early bird special before May 31st $80 After May 31st
Refund deadline for cancellations: September 1st

Flea Market

The Flea Market is a 30-45 minute event where you can sell off your new or used games in a flea market style. Sellers will get early admission into the room to setup and then it's a feeding frenzy for people to buy, sell, and barter their games. Be there on time - it's over before you know it.

Treasure/Puzzle Hunt

Come match wits with your fellow 'Geeks. This is a team event lasting about 2 hours where you're presented with a series of puzzles to solve.

Poker Tournament

This is a No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament. No fee, no buy-in, just a lot of fun for bragging rights and some cool prizes. Limited to 150 players, so sign-up early.


We'll have somewhere around 15-20 vendors there to show you the latest and greatest in new games and gaming products.

Special Guests

This just in:

Jason Matthews of 1960: The Making of the President fame will be joining us for a political roundtable discussion.

And Tom Lehmann of Race for the Galaxy fame will be joining to make sure that Mr. Matthews doesn't get a chance to speak.

Game Show

This is a great way to spend couple of hours on evening. Another team event requiring advance sign-up.


Check out the BGG Con 2008 Sponsors page for more information about the many great game companies that have generously donated games to the BGG.Con library, the BGG.Con game giveaways, or both!

Then go to their webpages and buy stuff, because they deserve it.

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