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BGG is excited to recognize the following sponsors for their contributions to BGG.CON 2008. Sponsors have donated games for either placement in the library and/or prize table giveaways. Our UltimateGeek Sponsors contributed at the highest levels to both areas. The Gold Sponsors contributed at the highest level for either the library or the prize table. We have many other sponsors who will be recognized at the convention.

These sponsors are awesome and help make BGG.CON more and more awesome each year. Go to their pages, buy lots of stuff, and let them know you appreciate all they do to make our Convention, and our hobby, great.

UltimateGeek Sponsors
Thought Hammer
Funagain Games
Rio Grande Games
Z-Man Games
Gen X Games
R&R Games
Noble Knight
FRED Distribution

GOLD Sponsors
Insight Games
Bezier Games
Boulder Games
Mayfair Games
Venatic Games
Out of the Box
Paizo Publishing, LLC
North Star Games
GMT Games
Top Shelf Games
Atlas Games
Bucephalus Games
White Wolf

SILVER Sponsors

Le Valet d'Coeur
Surprised Stare Games Ltd
Days of Wonder

BRONZE Sponsors

IllumiNOW, Inc.
Ibble Dibble Games
Queen Games
Edwin Mieg oHB (Tipp-Kick)
Valley Games
Lookout Games
Sierra Madre Games
APE Games
Games for the World
Fragor Games
Call Sign 7
...and many more!
Check back for updates!
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