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The BoardGameGeek Chain of Generosity is a giveaway geeklist series. The series has several "Chains" or Threads, each of which is a chain of people giving away games.

Each Chain starts with a "seed" game or item. People are encouraged to enter to randomly win the item. When the deadline for entering is up, a name is randomly chosen from those who entered, and that person gets the game. It is then the winner's responsibility to put up a game of their own in a similar fashion.

Though most chains have no restrictions, several have special rules and eligibility requirements. In the "Card Game Only" chain, for example, only card games may be put up to be taken. In the "Mystery Box" chain, Entry is limited to the US, and the item is a flat-rate box packed with mysterious items.

The Chain of Generosity started on July 25, 2007. The first item was the game Mutiny, given away by Erik Warnes. The first winner was ryhesling.

Since then, there have been hundreds of items given away, and there are at least 10 active giveaway chains, including the Original Chain, the Geek Chain, Grognard Chain, Mystery Box Chain, Grouch Chain, Chosen One Chain, and others. There is also a Europe-only series of chains, and two Australia-only chains. There is also a VideoGameGeek Chain of Generosity.

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