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What are accessories?

Accessories are items or add-ons that are used in games, but do not add rules or change the game play. For example, a collection of upgraded components is an accessory. A card with alternate art is an accessory. Not all accessories will receive a separate listing.

Conversion kits, that convert one edition of a game to another (probably newer) edition of the game, are considered accessories, even if they add new rules or change game play. This is also true for items that convert a game to a different game (if that game is also available separately). In general, a conversion kit contains replacement material that updates old components to new rules. Items that add only new content without revising existing material count as expansions.

Recharge packs for legacy games (i.e. items that allow you to reset your game and play it again) are considered expansions, even though they do not change gameplay.

What will receive an accessory listing?

An accessory must be specific to a game to receive an entry.

What will not receive an accessory listing?

  • Game pieces not specific to a game - e.g. generic dice, cubes and wood bits, timers, card sleeves, component stands, bags
  • Miniature products without new rules - e.g. additional miniatures or books with background material
  • Books - Novels, painting miniatures, histories, biographies, will not be accepted. Books written in direct support for the game and used in game play will be given consideration.
  • Storage solutions not specific to a game
  • Storage and organization for CCGs - e.g. deck boxes
  • Card sleeves
  • Fan merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, etc. (except for those used in game play, like in Munchkin)

Accessories not specific to a game can be found in Miscellaneous Game Accessory, Miscellaneous Card Game Accessory, and Miscellaneous Miniatures Game Accessory.

See the threads below for information about creating custom versions:

Accessory vs expansion?

Some publishers will create a set of upgraded components but package them with a scenario or expansion rule-set; this is an expansion because of the rules. Some accessories may become expansions in later versions and their status may change.

Alternate art and foil cards
  • One card from a game or expansion is released separately as a foil/alternate artwork. = Accessory
  • A single promo expansion card, later released with different artwork or foil = Version of the expansion
  • Compilation of other sets/expansions = If the same artwork, expansion. If alternate artwork, accessory. If a mix of the same artwork and alternate art, expansion.
  • Cards from different sets/expansions are bundled together in a new way, with alternate artwork/foil = Accessory, unless it comes with its own rule book, then expansion.
  • Cards don't have alt artwork, are just bundled from different sets = Expansion
  • If an expansion is released first, and then an alternate art promo card = the promo is an accessory. If the alternate art promo card is released first, before the expansion, that promo card would be an expansion.

Regardless of the above, if an alternate art item also includes a rule book (or rules sheet), it counts as an expansion (or even as a core game, if it is standalone). It will get a game entry, or version entry under an existing entry, depending on how it relates to the existing entries.

Different alternate art versions of the same item(s) count as separate accessories.

If you need to submit an expansion instead, please see the BGG Guide to Game Submissions.

Submission Requirements

Accessory submissions must have been released separately when the entry is submitted.

  • We will not approve components of other products as accessory entries.
  • We will not approve unreleased products as accessories.
When submitting an Accessory entry to BGG you must add a link that shows the item was released separately in the Admin Notes (publisher webstore, online store, etc.)
  • Kickstarter / Crowdfunding links for extras and stretch goals are not acceptable (many items announced separately end up being released together). If an item was a separate add-on, it may be added once released.
This will help us determine:
  • expansion or accessory
  • should the submission be approved or declined

Version Guidelines

The name of the game should not be re-iterated in the version nickname. For more information about version nicknames, please see the Versions Guidelines

Designer, Artist, Publisher

When entering a new item, submit any needed people and companies first, and then wait a few minutes for the system to catch up. Then when you create the item, you can link any pending people or company submissions. After the item is approved, different admins approve the people and company submissions. People or company submissions are not approved until they have a linked and approved database entry. The pending people/publishers won't be visible until they are approved, but they are there. You will get a geekmail as each part is approved.

  • If a designer or artist is Uncredited, please enter it as such. It will show up as (Uncredited).
  • If a game is available as downloadable content (such as for a Print & Play), choose Web published. Enter Self-published for tangible output produced by the designer, either directly or on their behalf.

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