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BoardGameGeek is a great resource on the web, but the information is so dense that it can be difficult to use on mobile devices with small screens.
BGG can be a useful tool when away from a computer. For example you can check game ratings on games found at flea markets, log plays during a game session, add interesting games to your wishlist for later consideration, etc.

There are a few options for using BGG on mobile devices.

BoardGameGeek for iPhone

ryanch created an application to access BGG from your iPhone.

(from the iTunes App Description)
The application provides access to:
- BoardGameGeek game Stats
- What Games are in your collection
- Games in your wish list
- Game Search
- Log Plays of games that you have played

Discussion thread: Board Game Geek iPhone App

Mobile BGG for Windows Phone 7

justmarks created a new Windows Phone 7 application available on the marketplace called Mobile BGG. Using the XML_API, it has an optimized mobile experience that gives you the ability to:

  • Search for games
  • View description and detailed information of games
  • View the Top Games on BGG
  • View your collection and wishlist
  • Filter your collection by time and number of players
  • Add games to your wishlist
  • Rate Games
  • Record plays using your phone's contact list
  • View plays

More features are being added weekly so please email for new feature ideas.

User: justmarks
User: justmarks
User: justmarks

BGG Mobile Tool

This is an open source application for Java enabled mobile devices currently maintained by Aelf.

The dedicated website has a lot more information and links to download the current version. There is discussion of the tool (including bug fixes and feature requests) in this thread: Free BGG API Tool for Java phones - search games, log plays

User: Aelf

It takes advantage of the XML_API to allow for a wide range of features including:

  • Searching by title, user collection, trade, want and wish lists
  • Logging games played*
  • Adding games to wishlist*

(*)these features require you to use your BGG username and password to log in to the tool.

Since the application is Java based, it is not compatible with every phone model. There is discussion of supported models on the discussion thread.

BGG Mobile Search (currently down)

mkgray hosts a lightweight web version of the BGG game search

Bookmark the following address on your mobile web browser:
(Down as of 10 Nov 2018)

This option is very simple and is almost guaranteed to work with any mobile web browser since it uses only basic text and has no complicated features.

BGG website with mobile friendly pages

icesphere hosts a website that provides the ability to search games on BGG, view game information, view hot geeklists, hot games, top 100 games, a user's collection, game recommendations, a graph of games played, subscriptions, change game rating, and logging of games played (you can also log a game's expansions at the same time you log a play for a game).

It can be accessed at
(Down as of 10 Nov 2018)

Discussion thread:

BoardGameGeek for Android

A native Android application that provides many features of the site, plus some additional things.

  • Sync your collection, plays, and GeekBuddies
  • View the Hotness and forums
  • Search for games
  • Enhanced play logging
  • Filter and sort your collection (and save these views for future use)
  • Create shortcuts to games on your home screen

Get it on the play store here: [BROKEN LINK]

Follow it on the forums:

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