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Most Front Page modules share the same format and many common features. Usually there is a Header Strip and beneath that a list of items. For information of how to change the modules shown by default on the Front Page got to:

Header Strip

On the Header Strip, from left to right are:

  • Thumbs Up: This shows how many users have recommended the item in the list.
  • [-] or [+] This allows you to collapse the contents of the module, leaving only the Header Strip, or expand the module to show the contents.
  • Forum Name
  • Browse, Create, Post Beneath the name of some modules may be Browse (view the contents of that module in detail), Create (create a new entry in that module) and Post (post a new thread in that module. Create and post have similar functions, but refer to different types of content creation.
  • Hot | Recent | Active These allow you to view the currently most popular entries in the module (Hot), most recently added entries in that module (Recent) and the entries with the most frequent additions in that module (Active).
  • Hot Deals! or Ending These are specific to the auction/marketplace modules and are self-explanatory.
  • Pg. 1 [>>] Most modules have multiple pages - in some cases thousands of pages. Pg. X tells you which page you are on and the >> box allows you to progress through the pages. When you are not on the front page of a module you will see instead: [1] [<<] Pg. X [>>].

Beneath the module header is usually a list of items contained in that module in a common format:

  • Number of thumbs the item has received
  • Title of the item
  • Author of the item, or the creator, depending on the type of item
  • Postings Either the number of entries in GeekLists or the number of postings to a thread

Hot, Recent and Active

If a module has Hot, Recent or Active in their headings then clicking on these words will sort the module contents as follows:

  • Hot will sort the items of the module by the number of thumbs (or recommendations) it has received during a certain time period (7 days for images. Each recommendation granted to an item stays with that item for the rest of its existence. However, if there were no way to depreciate thumbs over time, each module's Hot button would only ever show the items that had received the most recommendations of all time - an all-time Top 100, rather than a current Top 100. That's the reason why a module sorted as hot only shows the thumbs-up received during a certain time period. In effect, the number of recommendations shown in the module listing declines over time, allowing newer items to bubble to the top. If you ever want to know how many recommendations an item actually received, just click on the item.
  • Recent shows items in the module based on submission/creation date. As new items are added, they show up at the beginning of the list, moving older items further down the list.
  • Active shows items that have had recent additions. The more additions and the more recent those additions the nearer to the top of the list an item goes. Additions also have a "half-life" similar to recommendations so that, over time, older additions have no effect when deciding if an item is active or not. In effect those thread or GeekLists that are receiving the most additions today show at the top of the list.

If you are a registered user and are logged in, BGG remembers your settings for Hot, Recent and Active and always shows each module sorted in the order you chose.

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