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A BGG TV module was added (apparently at the last minute) to the front page for GenCon 2013.
BGG TV is not currently mentioned on the screen to customize your front page.

Soon after GenCon, the BGG TV module disappeared from the front page.


This prompted many threads, e.g.:

Main page is loading much more slowly now
Can't get rid of BGG TV which was just added to my front page
bgg TV
Boardgamegeek TV removal
I don't care about GenCon coverage. How do I get rid of the BGG TV on my front page?
Editing Front Page
removing BoardGameGeek TV


The people with the power to change were at GenCon. Many people didn't like having BGG TV on the front page since it slowed down the page loading, and Flash causes trouble for some people, etc etc.

It seems apparent from admin comments that BGG TV will probably be added to the screen to customize your front page later, assuming it continues to exist as a module.

Workaround to disable it:

You can use various browser techniques to block it, e.g. with Firefox Adblock. These are discussed in the threads.
Blocking will do the trick.

Disabling for Gen Con 2014

It's back (e.g. BGG TV is back, How do I remove it?)!
For Gen Con 2014, you can now edit your front page to remove the BGG TV module

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