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Thare have been a number of manufactures who have produced licenced Babylon 5 miniatures for games.

Harlequin Miniatures

Harlequin Miniatures produced a range of 25/28mm Babylon 5 miniatures box sets in the 1990s.

Agents of Gaming

Agents of Gaming produced a range of Babylon 5 space ships for thier game; Babylon 5 Wars. They sold the range on to Mongoose Publishing when they lost the licenced.

Also Agents of Gaming published a game called Fleet Action which had a range of smaller Babylon 5 space ships miniatures for fleet actions.


Mongoose Publishing in the 00s produced a range of 28mm Babylon 5 miniatures box sets to support thier Babylon 5 Role-Playing game and a large range of Babylon 5 space ships miniatures thier miniatures wargame; A Call to Arms: Babylon 5 Space Combat.

Micro Machines

Micro Machines are mini toys made by Galoob (now part of Hasbro). In the 1990s they made a number of box sets of Bablyon 5 toy Space Ships which many gamers found very useful for games.

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