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List of game FAQs

Introduction to the Unofficial FAQ

There have been a lot of weird rules questions, probably interactions that didn't come up during playtesting, and some things which may just have been oversights. infocynic compiled an Unofficial FAQ for Pegasus, and then one day decided that making it a Wiki entry and combining the base game and Exodus FAQs would be helpful. So now we're here.

Official rulebook (core)
Official rulebook (Pegasus)
Official rulebook (Exodus)
Official rulebook (Daybreak)
FAQ 2.1 (all) (last update 5 March 2015)

Questions are in bold.
Official answers are in italics, with a link to the thread.
Unofficial answers appear in plain text, with a note on whose opinion(s) they are. Sometimes no answer appears because it's too debated.

Special thanks go to all the geeks who have written excellent responses to some of these questions, to those who have shared responses from Corey Konieczka, Tim Uren, and Zach Tewalthomas @ FFG, to Corey, Tim, and Zach themselves for taking the time to answer these questions, and to everyone who helps keeps this article up-to-date.


FFG: Fantasy Flight Games
OPG: Once per game (character ability)
XO: Executive Order (Leadership skill card)

As they appear in citations, "Corey, FFG" means Corey Konieczka, a designer on the base game, Pegasus, and Exodus; and "Tim, FFG" means Tim Uren, a designer for Pegasus and Exodus. "Zach, FFG" means Zach Tewalthomas, employee at FFG who has been assigned to answer questions on BSG.

General rules

Q: If an ability has to be used at a certain time, can players rush past that step to deny the opportunity to use the ability? (thread)
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic) No. Players must be given a reasonable opportunity to use abilities before moving on to the next step. (Also see an entry under "skill cards", below, for what happens when two players want to use the same skill cards at the same time, or see the skill check detailed steps outline to check for interactions of specific abilities, including character once-per-turn and once-per-game abilities.)

Q: Can you look at which civilian ships have been destroyed? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes.

Q: Are drinks allowed on the table? (thread)
A: (FFG customer service, by way of Yib-Yab) No.

Q: Why is Boomer Excluded in the Official No Sympathizer Variant? Is there a way to use her? (thread)
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to kushiel) The decision to not use Boomer in six-player games is based in part on the limitation of "You Are Not a Cylon" cards in the base game and in part based on the design of her abilities. One aspect of her negative ability is that it makes her more likely to be the Sympathizer. However if you prefer to play the variant with a rule stating that players simply cannot use both Baltar and Boomer in a six-player game or a rule that the Sympathizer card is treated as a "You Are Not a Cylon" card, there is no overwhelming reason to not do so.

Q: Is a die roll capped at 1 and 8? For instance a character plays Best of the Best. Someone plays a Strategic Planning and an 8 is rolled. Do you destroy 8 raiders or 10? With Calculations can it be bumped to 11?
A: (FAQ): No. After all modifications to a die roll have been calculated, any number greater than an "8" is treated as an "8" and any number less than a "1" is treated as a "1."

Q: When text instructs to destroy a basestar (e.g. rolling a 5 when using a nuke, as opposed to assigning a 3rd damage token to it), do you straight up remove it, or do you draw 3 damage tokens?.
A: (FAQ): Remove the basestar without drawing any tokens. However, note that when playing with the Ionian Nebula option in the Exodus expansion, even if drawing a basestar damage token will destroy that basestar for sure (it already has 2 hits), you should still go through the motions to ensure the drawn damage token is not Collateral Damage nor Damage To Personnel, 2 damage tokens that have effects that extend beyond the destruction of the basestar.

Q: When multiple activation symbols or instructions appear on a card (such as the Fleet Mobilization Super Crisis), how do you resolve them?
A: (FAQ): Resolve each one separately in left-to-right order.

Q: In the base game rule book it says: "Each Cylon ship can only be activated once on a given player’s turn." Doesn't that totally nerf Cavil's OPG and Pegasus' By Your Command Treachery Card?
A: (Zach, FFG, to InfoCynic) Ultimately, the meaning across the board is simply “no more than one Cylon ship activation per activation effect”. It is meant to say (in a rather confusing way) that you cannot, for instance, first activate raiders in Sector 1, moving them to Sector 2, then activate Sector 2 for the same activation icon, and move the raiders again. (thread)

Q: When piloting a viper, when can you choose to land?
A: (FAQ): Landing a viper is a movement. It can be done as a player's Movement Step or as a move granted by an "Executive Order" Skill Card or by a "State of Emergency" Skill Card from the Exodus expansion. He cannot land a viper as an action. (During January and February of 2011, this was temporarily ruled to be "only during your movement step.")

Q: After successfully activating the Brig location, can a character move to Colonial One (or Pegasus), when discarding a Skill Card? The board says that you can move to any location. (thread)
A: (rulebook) No. On page 18 of the rulebook the passing of the Brig check is clarified as: The current player may move his character to any space on Galactica.
(Confirmation given to ColtsFan76 here. Note that this is a reversal of an earlier ruling given to David Goldfarb.)

Q: On a jump with FTL Control, what happens first: rolling for population loss or choosing the destination?
A: (rulebook, page 13) The roll for population loss happens first. The admiral only needs to make a destination choice after he knows the result of that roll.

Q: When jumping into the sleeper-agent phase, if the chosen destination allows the admiral to make a choice (for instance to gain some resource), does the admiral get to see his new loyalty card before making the choice?
A: (rulebook) No, the rulebook states that the effects of a Destination Card are "immediately" followed when the fleet travels to a destination. So the admiral has to make his choice before receiving a new loyalty card.

Q: Is it possible to choose the replacement version of a character (from Daybreak) after the execution of the original (i.e. replacment Zarek after the execution of original Zarek) (or vica versa)?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) No. They cannot be chosen. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens if a deck empties while a player is looking at cards from it (alternate Zarek's nessecary steps for example)?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Decks are empty and reshuffled even if the card(s) are only being "looked at." This doesn't apply when looking at "the entire deck" (such as with "Consult the Oracle".) Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: May/must the admiral disclose whether he selected the top destination or the second one (e.g., when the deck has been scouted)?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Only if asked. He may not deliberately obfuscate it, and must truthfully answer if asked, but he need not volunteer it. It should be said that the BGG regulars think this ruling is weird and conflicting with earlier rulings and spirit of the game. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: What can players reveal about information in other players' hands, e.g., after using Ellen Tigh or Doc Cottle's abilities to give away skill cards?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Your group should clarify these rules. The general principle is that the same rules that govern your hand govern what you know about their hands. Some specific examples:
Ellen passes Helo an Investigative Committee. Before a check, she cannot just blurt out that Helo can form a Committee, but if someone asks if anyone has one, she could volunteer the information then.
Doc has recently passed Boomer 2 cards. When discussing whether to try for a check or not, he can state "Boomer has at least 2 cards that she can contribute to this check." The statement is nonspecific and could be a lie at any rate. Note that the BGG regulars frown upon argumentation that includes "it can't do any harm because I could be lying"; that said, the salient issue here is the first sentence, that the group should decide -- some groups are notoriously more lax on secrecy than others, and in principle FFG only gives guidelines on how secrecy should be handled. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: What can an ex-President reveal about the Quorum cards in the new President's hand?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) As long as no specific information about which Quorum cards are in the hand is revealed, general statements like "The President has a Quorum card that could be helpful here," or even "The President has a card that will help get you out of the brig," are allowed if playing with a deck that includes Execute Prisoner since that would count as "getting you out of the brig," just like Presidential Pardon. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: What can a Cylon leader reveal about the Super Crises in their hand or by inference, in the other Cylons' hands?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) They can't say what they have, but they can suggest what might be in the other Cylons' hands; however, this should not be used as a method to simply enumerate everything that might be in the other hands and thus reveal what is in their own hand. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: I thought of a very rare situation which causes the Cylon activation icons of crises played from Caprica to be processed. Am I correct?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Cylon ship icons in the lower left corner of crisis cards never activate when the crisis is played from Caprica. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: At what point does a card stop being "yours" or "in your hand"?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) As soon as you play it and it begins to resolve. For example, if in the process of (a non-mutineer) playing a Mutiny card [Daybreak], you draw another, you are not sent to the Brig for having two Mutiny cards. For another example, if you have 5 cards in hand, and play "Support the People" (Pegasus, Politics), you may draw the 2 cards. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: When does a skill card with a lasting effect (e.g., Investigative Committee or Executive Order) get placed in the discard pile?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Technically, it should go into the discard pile as soon as it is played and begins to resolve. Most of the time, you may want to leave it near the board or somewhere else to remind everyone of its effect; however, if the discard pile for that deck needs to be reshuffled before the effect is fully resolved, the played card should be included in that deck. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: In general, when multiple players have to discard skill cards, in what order do they do that?
A: (infocynic, after answers from Zach, FFG): If there is no draw component, all discards are simultaneous. If there is a draw component, start with current player and go clockwise. Moreover, if a 0-strength Daybreak Treachery card is discarded: it doesn't count if it was random, and it doesn't count if it was "discard your entire hard"; otherwise it counts. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Character abilities

Base game

Q: If Apollo uses "Alert Viper Pilot" following another player's first Command activation, then plays XO (or State of Emergency (Exodus)) on that same player, if the other player uses the XO (or SoE) to move, does the player formerly in command still get a second unmanned viper activation?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic): Yes, unless he reveals as a Cylon or (because of SoE) is executed before that activation. Apollo's AVP ability resolves in full immediately after the first activation, including any new actions granted by the AVP action, such as from XO or SoE. The player in Command does not need to declare what that activation will be before Apollo uses his ability.

Q: If Apollo reveals as a Cylon, and he has to discard down to three cards, does his Headstrong ability apply?
A: (Corey, FFG, on FFG's forums): His ability does NOT apply to this [discarding down after revealing]. As soon as Lee reveals his "You are a Cylon" card, all of his character abilities are ignored. (

Q: Can Adama or Chief Tyrol use their OPG on a super crisis card? (thread)
A: (FAQ) No.

Q: How many loyalty cards does Boomer get in the sleeper-agent phase if she is a revealed Cylon at that time? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Orphius): Boomer would still receive 2 cards during the Sleeper phase. (This makes Boomer the only character whose drawback still partly functions after revealing. Corey's decision was on the base game, but it also holds for Pegasus. Note that an earlier ruling of Corey said that she would receive only one, but he changed his mind. Also note that if the Exodus expansion is used, the Exodus rulebook specifies that she draws only one. In the Exodus rules, however, the loyalty deck never empties. The Daybreak expansion has included this ruling in its rulebook.)

Q: If Starbuck uses her "Secret Destiny" OPG on Roslin's turn, does Roslin get two new crisis cards to choose from? And what if she uses it on Baltar's turn: does he get an extra Delusional Intuition draw?
A: (multiple threads): No and no, both Roslin's and Baltar's ability refer to THEM drawing a crisis card; when Starbuck uses her OPG, SHE draws a new crisis card. So neither Roslin's nor Baltar's ability activate.

Q: To what kind of choices can Helo apply his Moral Compass? (thread)
A: (FAQ): In the answer to the question in the FAQ on how Helo's Moral Compass interacts with Apollo's Choose a Different Path, it is clarified that Helo can only apply his Moral Compass to change the main choice on a "Current Player Chooses...", "Admiral Chooses...", "President Chooses..." or "CAG Chooses..." crisis. It follows that if there is a choice within the choice (e.g., the second option on the Requested Resignation crisis, where the President can choose to hand over the title and otherwise is placed in the Brig), Helo cannot influence that choice within the choice. Furthermore, Helo must make a decision on his Moral Compass before the choice within the choice is made.

Q: If a die is rolled without Strategic Planning, and Helo decides to use his ECO ability, can a Strategic Planning be played on the reroll? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to InfoCynic) If Helo is using his reroll ability and no Strategic Planning was played for the first roll, any human may play one before the second roll. By extension, we can assume that the same thing holds for rerolls caused by playing Evasive Maneuvers.


Q: If a human player is executed with the Airlock and comes back as Adama, can he use his OPG to take the Airlock skill check cards?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to nbergom) As per the order of resolving a skill check on page 16 of the rules, the result of the skill check is resolved before discarding the Skill Cards that were played into the check. So when Adama comes into play, the cards have not yet been discarded. If the player has not yet used a once-per-game ability, he would be able to use Adama's Command Authority to draw the cards into his hand. Note that with Daybreak, this answer no longer applies, as Daybreak introduces Miracle tokens and characters lose their Miracle tokens when they are executed.

Q: Can Cain use Blind Jump while the FTL marker is on the first space (which is arguably not a red space)?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes.

Q: Which happens first, Caprica Six's once-per-game ability to add cards to a skill check, or Declare Emergency?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user) Caprica Six's ability.

Q: How does the Prepare for Jump Step work if Cavil uses his once-per-game ability on Caprica and plays multiple crises with the Advance FTL symbol?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Resolve all the FTL icons sequentially at the end of the turn during the prepare for jump step. If the first or second icon triggers a jump (including possibly the New Caprica phase), the additional icons are resolved after the jump. If playing with Kobol, if this causes the jump after reaching distance 8+, the game immediately ends and the humans win. This was changed on January 23, 2016, by Zach, FFG, to infocynic, in the jump icons being processed immediately after the rest of the crisis card has been processed (Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ).

Q: Can Cavil use his OPG to infiltrate Galactica and take actions as a human player, or uninfiltrate and take actions as a Cylon?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to kushiel) The actions Cavil gains by using his once-per-game ability are not lost when he uses one of them to infiltrate or stop infiltrating. While the abilities on Skill Cards (aside from Treachery cards) cannot be used on revealed Cylons (which is why the second action granted by an XO is lost once a Cylon leader becomes a "Cylon" again), the abilities on Cavil's character sheet, on the other hand, are available to him whether he is a Cylon or he is infiltrating as a human.

Q: How does Cavil's Primacy ability interact with the Cylon Fleet module (from Exodus)?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic) Cavil's ability can't be used to add or remove basestars to the reserve board. If Cavil needs to place a basestar and none are in supply, he takes the one from the lowest-numbered reserve board space (as per page 14 of the Exodus rules).

Q: When playing with the Ionian Nebula (from Exodus), which happens first, Ellen Tigh's Politically Adroit ability or encountering an ally in her location?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic) Because both effects happen at the same time, the current player chooses the order.

Q: Suppose Ellen encounters an ally in her location, and meeting that ally moves her to another location (which might happen on meeting an ally in the Brig or Sickbay). Can she then use Adroit on a player in her new location?
A: (thread) Considering the previous answer, common sense says "yes". She can decide to first use Adroit in her current location, then meet an ally, or first meet an ally and then use Adroit in the location where she has moved to on meeting the ally. Of course, she can only use Adroit once, and only meet one ally on her turn.

Q: Can Caprica Six and/or Dee use their once-per-game abilities to add additional cards to a crisis above the limits normally imposed by being in the Brig or Detention, or by being a Cylon leader (Six only)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes, you can use these abilities while in the Brig.

Q: If both basestars are on the board, can Cavil use his Primacy ability to add raiders and a civilian ship WITHOUT removing a basestar first? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes. Adding or removing basestars is optional.

Q: Must Cain always reach an actual count of 10 when the Admiral's Quarters are activated to use her continuous ability? For example, if Cylon Hatred or Jury Rigged or Declare Emergency were used, could the total of the check be less than 10 and still allow her to execute the target?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic): No, in order to use her ability, they must reach at least 10 for the check. This is unaffected by abilities like Jury Rigged and Declare Emergency.

Q: If the "Code Blue" crisis fails, Dee is the current player, she's human, and morale is 3 (before applying the effects of the crisis), is the replacement character placed in the Brig or in that character's starting location? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of DaveD): Apply the effects in the order listed. (I suspect that some will still question what that means, so I retain my original answer: first lose the morale. At the loss of this morale, Dee is executed, the new character is placed on the board (wherever is appropriate), titles are passed, the new character is still the current player (that hasn't changed) and therefore is moved to the brig.)

Q: If Dee uses Communications during the New Caprica phase, can she look at the civilian ships that are locked and/or prepared, even though she can't move them? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Dee can only look at ships in space areas.

Q: Can Dee use interrupts drawn from her Fast Learner ability? The ability says 'before making a Skill Check' and interrupts say 'Play before cards are added'.
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to Danath) Yes, if Dee uses her Fast Learner ability to add Skill Cards to her hand before a skill check, if any of those cards are playable before adding cards to a skill check, she would be able to use them on that same skill check.

Q: If Dee is chosen as a character after execution, and morale is already 2 or less, what happens?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) She is immediately executed. (In effect there is no effect except to pick another new character so nothing really changes.)

Q: If an execution reduces morale to 2, when does Dee get executed?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) If morale is reduced to 2 by means of a human's execution, fully resolve that execution first, then resolve Dee's execution. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: When Ellen Tigh draws her extra cards from her movement ability, do they have to come from her skill set? (thread)
A: (Core Rulebook, Page 12) Yes. Unless an ability explicitly says otherwise, you have to stay within your skill set.

Q: Can Ellen Tigh use her OPG ability to take the Admiral title while in the Brig?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=DCAnderson, type=user): No.

Q: When Ellen has used Manipulative to take the Presidency, and she becomes President that turn in another way (e.g., by using Administration), must she hand the title to the previous owner when her turn ends? (thread)
A: (FAQ): Yes. The FAQ says that if Ellen no longer holds the Presidency at the end of her turn, she cannot hand it back. However, in the case described she does hold the Presidency at the end of her turn, ergo, she has to hand it to the previous owner of the title. Note that in principle there is nothing against someone using Administration to elect the current President, but it is a useless action, even in the case of Ellen being temporary President.

Q: If Helo uses his reroll ability after "Calculations" has been played, does the modifier carry over to the reroll?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user) Yes.

Q: Can Helo be executed while he is "Stranded"? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coltsfan76): Yes (by any means: including crisis, Airlock (Pegasus), or ally (Exodus). (He cannot be brigged or be sent to Sickbay while Stranded, though.)

Q: If Kat uses her "Hot shot" ability to discard a skill card instead of rolling a die, when shooting at a basestar with structural damage, does the +2 from structural damage apply?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) No, because this is not a die roll.

Q: If Kat gives someone an Executive Order, can she use her "Hot shot" ability on an action that her XO target takes (e.g., launching a scout)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) When a player plays a skill card, quorum card or activates a location that requires a die to be rolled, THAT PLAYER rolls the die (not the current player). Basically, this means that if Kat gives a player an Executive order, she cannot use her Hot shot ability (which only works when she rolls the die). However, FTL Control is an exception, as the rulebook explains that for FTL activation the current player rolls the die. So Kat can use her Hot shot ability when someone else activates FTL on an XO by her.

Q: When Laura Roslin attacks occupation forces on New Caprica, does this count as activating the location she's currently in? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) No, this does not count as activating a location.

Q: If Roslin uses her once-per-game ability to resolve a Quorum Card while on New Caprica, does she risk going to Detention? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to abraxus_smith) No, she is not in danger of being placed in Detention. This ability is not the same as playing a Quorum card from her hand for a number of reasons. To be clearer, the title card should really say "When you play a Quorum card from your hand...

Q: Does Zarek's drawback include Cylon characters while on New Caprica?
A (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Zarek cannot [activate] locations containing any character (whether human or Cylon). This can seriously restrict him on New Caprica, and he will need to work with his teammates to have options. (Note that Corey said move in the original e-mail, when he obviously meant activate, since Zarek does not have a restriction on moving.)

Q: If the Engine Room is used on Roslin's turn, are both the crises she draws treated as having a jump icon, or only the first one she draws?
A (Fantasy Flight support): For the purposes of using the Engine Room during Roslin's turn, whichever card Roslin chooses to resolve is treated as "the next Crisis Card drawn."


Q: Can Gaeta reroll an FTL roll made on Helo's turn, if Helo has already rerolled it (and vice versa)?
A: (FAQ) After the die is rolled either character’s player may reroll the die. If both wish to, the current player (in this case, the player who is playing Karl “Helo” Agathon), decides who has the first opportunity to reroll the die. Note that if one of the two players rerolls the die, the other will still have an opportunity to reroll the die after that, even if he did not state his intention to do so previously. (thread)

Q: Does Tory get to draw 2 skill cards from her Adaptable when a Quorum card is played through the President's Office location, Roslin's OPG (Skilled Politician), or Aaron Doral's ally card?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Each Quorum Card has an action listed on it. Anytime that action is resolved, Tory Foster may use her “Adaptable” ability. Note that in a case such as the “Assign Mission Specialist” Quorum Card, the “Adaptable” ability only applies when the card is given to another player, not when that player uses it (since the latter is not an action). (

Q: If Tory is in the Brig and is the target of Execute Prisoner, can she draw 2 skill cards due to Adaptable before the execution (e.g., to force a deck to reshuffle)?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) No. She is executed before she has the chance to draw. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: If a human is executed as a result of Execute Prisoner and chooses to come into play as Tory, can Tory now draw 2 skill cards due to Adaptable?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) No. You cannot use an ability that respond to effects that caused your previous character's execution. (See also: Hot Dog chosen after Dee's drawback, when the trigger for Dee's drawback was the Pop + Morale ship; Hot Dog cannot now use the Draw 3 Piloting/Keep 1 ability.) Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: For the purposes of Adaptable, what actually counts as using the Action on a Quorum card (e.g., if you use Quorum Chamber, you're taking the Action on the Quorum chamber, not the action on the Quorum card)?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) Playing a Quorum card (by any means) may be treated as equivalent to "take the action on a Quorum card." Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

(See Pegasus for Cavil vs. the Cylon Fleet. See Official FAQ for Gaeta on New Caprica.)


Q: Does Hoshi need to discard to use Movement abilities from the Pegasus expansion?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Tim adds: Any limitation or requirement involved in the use of actions of a particular type also apply to the use of Movement abilities of that same type. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Hoshi use Dutiful while using his Organized OPG to gain an additional activation?
A: (FAQ) Yes. The three locations he chooses when using "Organized" must all be different from each other, but each time he activates "Command," "Communications," or "Weapons Control," he can use "Dutiful" to discard a Skill Card and activate it again. Note that Dutiful can be used only once per turn, so if Hoshi activates, for instance, Communications and Weapons Control with his Organized ability, he can only use Dutiful for one of them. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: When Hoshi uses Organized, does he need to choose all three locations to activate at the start (like the Basestar Bridge), or can he choose each location after he activated the previous one?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) The Basestar Bridge is the exception, not the rule, so Hoshi can decide after each activation, like with Command. Follow-up question is whether he can continue activating locations if he lands in the Brig during one of them. Common sense says yes: he cannot be in the Brig when he starts using Organized, but if he lands in the Brig during the process he can continue using it (and perhaps activate the Brig itself as one of his activations). Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Can Hoshi pick the Brig as part of Organized?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Hoshi must always choose exactly 3 locations, he cannot choose less. He can choose Brig/Detention if not there; if he does, run the check as normal. If the check is passed, Hoshi moves to any location on Galactica (NC for Detention); if the check is failed nothing happens. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Does alternate Zarek's Nessecary Steps apply to his starting mutiny draw?
A: (FAQ) Yes. When he draws the Mutiny Card required by his "Disreputable" ability, he draws two Mutiny Cards, keeps one, and places the other on the bottom of the deck. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can base Apollo start the game in an assault raptor?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Hot Dog use Memento after a population loss has been prevented by a Preventative Policy?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) "No. Hot Dog's ability is triggered by population being reduced. A loss of zero does not reduce population." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: When can Athena's "For Love" be used?
A: (FAQ) Athena can use her “For Love” ability any time a player discards a Skill Card for any reason, with the following exceptions:
— When a player discards down to his/her hand limit.
— When resolving a Super Crisis.
— When a character discards a skill card to resolve an ability on his/her character sheet. This includes discards caused by Kat's "Hot shot" ability, Hoshi's "Dutiful" ability, and Anders's "Star Player" ability. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)
The answer was clarified as the restrictions being limited to 'positive abilities', i.e., For Love can be used to counter Tigh's Alcoholic, Roslin's Terminal Illness, and Hoshi's Reluctant.
Note: The FAQ's answer is an extension of an earlier answer given by Tim, which only talked about hand limit and super crisis.

Q: Can Athena use "For Love" to allow someone with no cards to move between ships?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) You can't try to move without a card and hope that Athena will love you. She's just not that into you. Tim joked that you could step out of the airlock and hope that she shows up in a raptor to rescue you, but if she doesn't, you're executed. (He emphasized that was just a joke and in no way a real answer!) Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Can a Cylon leader move from a Cylon location to a human location / begin infiltration by any means other than the Human Fleet action (e.g., Athena using 'Resolute' to activate Hangar Deck while on Caprica)?
A: (Zach, FFG to infocynic) No. There is no effect if a Cylon leader would be moved from a Cylon location to a human location by any means other than the Human Fleet action. Re: Athena's useless Resolute?

Q: How does alternate Apollo's Choose a Different Path interact with original Helo's Moral Compass?
A: (FAQ) "Choose a Different Path" creates an additional option when resolving a "President Chooses," "Admiral Chooses," "CAG Chooses," or "Current Player Chooses" Crisis Card. Note that the alternate version of Apollo cannot use "Choose a Different Path" after Helo has used "Moral Compass." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Does D'Anna have to discard down to 3 cards if she uses Visions while in the Brig?
A: (FAQ) No. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Doral use his miracle ability to move to the Resurrection Ship to immediately draw a super crisis?
A: (FAQ) No. Players cannot move to a hazardous location unless specifically instructed to do so. Using the "Meticulous" ability replaces the normal rules that instruct players to move to the Resurrection Ship. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Can alternate Baltar reveal outside the Brig?
A: (FAQ) No, except if players are using the Pegasus and/or Exodus expansions and he is executed. Zach adds: When the Support version of Gaius Baltar reveals as a Cylon while in the brig, his "You Are a Cylon" card is resolved as printed. Any ability or effect listed after the text "If you are not in the brig," is not resolved. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: If prompted to draw a treachery card and a mutiny card at the same time from a Personal Vices, can alternate Apollo discard that treachery card as part of the 2 cards for his Moral Dilemma?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) The treachery card is drawn first, so Nupollo can discard it for his Moral Dilemma. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Can alternate Helo use his No One Gets Left Behind ability on the final jump?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) Daybreak Helo can't use his ability because there's no Remove Ships step during the final jump. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Daybreak / New Caprica

Q: What happens if Athena uses "Resolute" on New Caprica?
A: (FAQ) She can choose either version of board spaces. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: How does Doral's miracle ability work on New Caprica?
A: (FAQ) He ends his Infiltration, moves to any New Caprica Location, and then takes another action. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: How does Romo's Miracle ability work on New Caprica before Galatica returns?
A: (FAQ) It works as described on his character sheet when he is not on New Caprica. When he is on New Caprica, he instead moves a character in “Detention” to any New Caprica location and takes all of that player’s Skill Cards. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: And after Galatica returns?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) If Romo is on Galatica, it works as described on the character sheet. If Romo is on New Caprica, the previous answer applies. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: How do abilities that activate locations work before Galatica returns?
A: (FAQ) Until Galatica is back, you only activate NC locations, so no abilities that activate Galactica locations work, and abilities that let you choose locations can only NC locations. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Skill cards

All games

Q: If a player is entitled to draw cards that must come from within their skill set (e.g., Ellen Tigh's continuous ability), can that player draw more cards of a single type than he or she could draw at the beginning of his or her turn (e.g., could Ellen draw 2 treachery)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of coltsfan76): Skill set ONLY includes type for this, not number. Baltar's skill set includes only the 4 printed on his sheet, not the extra card he may draw after seeing a crisis. The NUMBER limits matter at the start of the game when selecting your initial hand.

Q: Do characters with choices in their skill sets make the choice before seeing any cards or only before seeing any of the split set? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of coltsfan76): Before seeing any of their cards. (This came up because of a poorly worded section in the Pegasus rulebook, which seemed to contradict the original rulebook.)

Q: What is defined as "at the same time" for interrupt cards? Literally at the same moment, or is there a timing window? (
A: (Corey, FFG, FFG forum) If multiple players try to play a card that has the same timing window (for example "Before Resolving a Skill Check"), the current player would decide the order in which they are resolved. If, as a result, the second card can no longer be played, it is returned to its owners hand without effect (like in your reckless example). Note that this ruling is now included in the Daybreak rulebook.

Base game

Q: If an XO'd player activates a board location requiring a skill check, who decides the target: Current Player, or XO'd Player? (thread))
A: (Corey, FFG, to mainmandetroit) The player who was given the XO.

Q: When an XO'd player starts a skill check, who plays first into the Check, left of the XO'd player, or left of the Current Player? (thread))
A: (Corey, FFG, to mainmandetroit) Left of the Current Player.


Q: Are the "Investigative Committee" cards included with Pegasus intended to replace the cards in the base game if you're not playing with the Pegasus expansion? (numerous threads)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of coltsfan76) Officially, they are not intended for use in the base game, but you may play however you wish.(Personally, I mixed in the Pegasus components and wouldn't play without them, except I don't always use NC or the Cylon Leaders, so the new ICs are here to stay in my copy! I find it a lot more interesting not knowing exactly how much destiny has to help. You can always use "Guts and Initiative" to stop destiny.)

Q: Does the "Special Destiny" Treachery card allow Cylon players to draw a treachery card? (thread)
A: (Official rules) The rules only say Cylons are immune to some effects of crisis cards. This is not a crisis; therefore yes, they must draw the card.

Q: If a Cylon Leader is infiltrating and receives an Executive Order or uses a Critical Situation card, can he stop infiltrating for his first action and still receive a second action (i.e., draw a super crisis or use an action on his character sheet)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, in this thread) No, they don't get a second action.

Q: Can any player play a Major Victory card, or only the player who made the kill? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of coltsfan76): The player playing the card must be the one who killed the appropriate target.

Q: If multiple cards with Reckless Skill Check effects are played into a skill check, what order are they resolved in?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of DaveD): Current player chooses.

Q: If someone plays "Run Interference" and Scar is in their sector, what happens?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of coltsfan76): Scar only counts as one raider for this card. Scar and up to 3 other raiders could be stopped.

Q: Can you discard multiple "Max Firepower" cards to continue rerolling against an occupation force?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user): Yes.

Q: Can Preventative Policy be used to prevent the loss of resources during the final jump away from New Caprica?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes.

Q: What happens when Sabotage is played on a human player's turn, when Pegasus is in play?
A: (Tim, FFG, to Hannibal Rex) If a Cylon player plays Sabotage on a human player's turn, the human player chooses whether the damage token is drawn from the pool of Galactica damage tokens or the pool of Pegasus damage tokens.

Q: Suppose the humans have failed Bomb on Colonial One. Now suppose that a human gets executed and chooses to come back as Zarek or Roslin, who start on Colonial One. (Either the Kobol objective is being used, or New Caprica has not yet been reached.) Where do they start?
A: (Tim, FFG, to David Goldfarb) Start them in the Hangar Deck.

Q: If a character discards a Treachery card to move to another game board, and a Cylon uses Sabotage, and the location he is moving to is damaged, what happens?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) The correct order is: Discard with intent to move -> Sabotage -> Damage Galactica -> Moves player to location. Thus, the player arrives in the damaged location but is not sent to sickbay. If the location the character is moving FROM is damaged, the player winds up in sickbay instead.

Q: If a character discards Treachery to move from Galactica to Pegasus, and a Cylon uses Sabotage, and Pegasus gets destroyed by that, what happens?
A: (thread) As the character's move is no longer legal after the Sabotage, he does not move, and his Movement step ends.

(See character abilities for Helo vs. Calculations)


Q: If a player plays "State of Emergency" and executes another player, does the executed player still get the move or action (possibly as a a newly-revealed Cylon or as a new character)?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Yes.

Q: Can XO or Critical Situation (Pegasus) be played in the same turn as "State of Emergency"?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Yes.

Q: If a player plays "State of Emergency" and is executed (or reveals as a Cylon) before the SoE has fully resolved, do the other players still continue to gain their moves or actions?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Once the card has been played, its action will be resolved completely, even if the current player is executed or revealed as a Cylon. This is different from an “Executive Order” Skill Card which, once played, is not resolved completely if its target reveals himself as a Cylon. In this case, the player does not gain the second action provided by the card because, as a Cylon player, he may no longer be targeted by an “Executive Order.” Note: by extension, we may assume that if a player plays "Executive Order" and is executed (e.g., because he is in the Brig and gave an XO to the President who as his first action plays "Execute Prisoner"), the targeted player also gets to take his second action. However, in an Exodus game the turn would end before the Crisis step happens.

Q: If "Red Tape" and "Establish Network" are in the same check, what happens?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Red Tape only checks the printed values of the cards.

Q: If "Red Tape" and "Trust Instincts" are in the same check, what happens?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) The current player chooses one to resolve first. If you resolve Trust Instincts first, the 5s and 6s revealed by that will be discarded by Red Tape. If you resolve Red Tape first, any 5/6 drawn by Trust Instincts will NOT be discarded.

Pegasus / Exodus combinations

Q: When Exodus and Pegasus are both used, what happens if "State of Emergency" is played and a Cylon activates the Caprica location to play a Crisis Card? Specifically, what is the resolution timing for the card text and possible jump icons?
A: (Tim, FFG, to pseudotheist, selwyth) When a Cylon player uses the Caprica location to play a Crisis Card, resolve all of the text on the card during that action. However, as Corey's previous answer indicates, the prepare for jump icon is not resolved until the Prepare for Jump step at the end of the turn (even if it is not the Cylon player's turn, as would be the case when a State of Emergency card is played). Each icon from all of the Crisis Cards played throughout the turn is resolved one at a time and if an icon triggers a jump (including possibly the New Caprica phase), any additional icons are resolved after the jump. If playing with Kobol, if this causes the jump after reaching distance 8+, the game immediately ends and the humans win. This answer was changed by Zach from FFG on January 23, 2016: When a crisis is played during a player's action step, resolve the prepare for jump after the other crisis effects Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: What happens to the cylon ship activations for crises played from Caprica during a State of Emergency?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) When multiple activation icons appear in one turn (e.g., by means of infiltrating Athena and/or State of Emergency, actually I think this requires SoE), they are processed at the "activate Cylon ships" step of the turn, in the order in which they were drawn. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: If the Cylon Genocide skill check is passed or the Leoben ally's Benevolent ability is used to destroy Cylon ships (including basestars), can the current player play Major Victory?
A: (Tim, FFG, to selwyth) In both of those cases, the current player would not be able to play a Major Victory card.


Q: What happens if Zarek (Political Leader) plays "Unorthodox Plan" to activate one of those locations with a character occupying it? Does Convicted Criminal weakness still count?
A: (BGG users) "Consensus is Zarek cannot activate those such locations." thread

Q: What happens if more cards are added to a check with "All Hands on Deck" after it has been resolved
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) "It adds one to the total strength for each zero-strength card in the check during the "Total Strength" step, even if more cards were added since the effect was resolved." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can "Change of Plans" be played after Political Prowess or Boomer's OPG?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Tim says: "If Political Prowess or Boomer's "Mysterious Intuition" Ability is used to make a check pass, "Change of Plans" may be played to change the pass result." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: How does "Change of Plans" interact with Cain's Intolerant ability?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) These occur at the same time (they are both changing the pass result). Current player determines the order. If CoP goes second, no execution and humans draw 2. If CoP goes first, execution and no human draw. "Before the current player chooses the order, the player who wishes to play "Change of Plans" has the opportunity to return the card to his hand instead." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens if Quick Thinking and Establish Network are in the same check?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Quick thinking looks at the printed value of the card. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens if "All Hands on Deck" is removed by "Quick Thinking" after it's ability has been resolved?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) All Hands on Deck and Quick Thinking are in the check. Current player chooses to resolve AHOD, then QT, picking up AHOD. Remaining 0's DO still have +1, as you'd expect. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Does "Negotiations" prevent Cylon ship placements (e.g., Cavil's primacy, setup on a Cylon attack crisis, etc.)? What about centurions?
A: (FAQ) It does not prevent the placement of Cylon ships during the turn it was played, but it does prevent the activation of centurions. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What counts as "Choosing to discard" for Dradis Contact or Bait?
A: (FAQ) Any time a player discards one or more Skill Cards, he is considered to have chosen the cards unless he was either instructed to discard them randomly (as a result of Apollo’s “Headstrong” ability, for example) or instructed to discard all of his Skill Cards (including as a result of Tigh’s “Alcoholic” ability). Note that if a player is instructed to discard a specific number of Skill Cards, they are always considered to have been chosen by the player. Even in cases where the player only had that number of Skill Cards or fewer in his hand, the player would have to draw a Mutiny Card for discarding a “Dradis Contact” or “Bait” Card. If a player has already drawn a Mutiny Card during this turn as a result of discarding one of these Skill Cards, he does not draw another Mutiny Card. Re: Questions we want answered (see Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered) if you'd like an additional explanation on why this is the rule)

Q: Can Dog Fight be used to remove a card on New Caprica before Galatica returns
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) No, since you cannot choose to damage a viper. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: How many skill cards does a player draw for 'Install Upgrades' if the check results in a partial pass?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Zero. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Expansion modules

Pegasus board (Pegasus)

Q: Does the "structural damage" token on a basestar affect shots made at it by Pegasus CIC? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic): They affect die rolls and therefore affect CIC rolls against it.

Q: Can Evasive Maneuvers be used to reroll the activation of Main Batteries if it caused damage to a viper? (thread)
A: No, the damage to the viper is not caused by an attack, it is collateral damage.

New Caprica (Pegasus)

Q: What happens to a Cylon who is executed on New Caprica? (many threads)
A: (Pegasus rules) Any effect which would send a character to the Resurrection Ship while Galactica is not in orbit sends them to the Medical Center instead.

Q: How do Cylon Leaders work on New Caprica? Can they start/stop infiltrating? What actions do they take? (many threads)
A: (Pegasus rules): A leader who is infiltrating at the start of the NC phase is a human player and moved to Resistance HQ with the other humans. He takes human actions (and draws a crisis). He may, as an action, stop infiltrating and go to the medical center (unless Galactica has returned, in which case he goes to the Resurrection Ship). A leader who was NOT infiltrating is moved to Occupation Authority. He or any leader who stops infiltrating takes Cylon actions. There is no way to START infiltrating if you did not begin the NC phase infiltrating or resume infiltrating if you stop, until Galactica returns.

Q: Once Galactic returns to orbit during the New Caprica phase, could a Cylon still play "Bomb on Colonial One," even though Colonial One is not in play? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes, the -2 morale would still apply if the check fails.

Q: If a Cylon leader is in Detention when the Admiral ends the game by jumping away from New Caprica, is he executed? Does this mean he no longer counts as being infiltrated (or for that matter, in detention) for the purposes of his agenda? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes, he is executed, and therefore no longer infiltrating for the purposes of his agenda.

Q: If you activate Occupation Authority (Cylon) when there are no forces on the board, what happens? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=DCAnderson, type=user): Two are added to the first location.

Q: When you activate Occupation Authority (Cylon) when there are two or more forces on the board, do you move only 1 (as the board says) or all (as the rules say)? (
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=DCAnderson, type=user): The board overrides the rulebook here, and only 1 force is activated. One additional force is then placed on the Occupation Authority square.

Q: When the New Caprica phase starts, are players in the Brig moved to Resistance HQ? (thread)
A: (Pegasus Rulebook, page 13): All human players (and only humans can be in the Brig, Cylon leaders count as human players) go to Resistance HQ.

Q: Where can a player who passes the check in Detention move to? (thread)
A: (FAQ): Any location on New Caprica.

Q: If civilian ships would be put on the board after Galactica returns from a treachery card or Super Crisis, where do the ships come from? (various threads)
A: (original rulebook, page 28): The ships are in play, and subject to component limitations. They can't be moved.

Q: What can and can't you do in Detention?
A: (Pegasus rules and comments from Corey, most by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user)
  • CAN
    • (must) draw a crisis and activate ships and prepare for jump.
    • use any character abilities, including Ellen's, Six's, and Dee's OPG, except Apollo Alert Viper Pilot and Kat's OPG.
    • play Quorum cards (remember to roll the die).
    • take any action from your hand, character sheet, title card, or attempt to escape.
    • stop infiltrating (see above for how this works).
    • be Admiral (or CAG in Exodus).
    • order the final jump (but you will be executed).
    • play movement abilities.
  • CAN'T
    • move from the spot except by passing the check, stopping infiltrating, being executed, or passing a crisis which specifically releases someone from Detention.

Q: Can you use the Admiral's Quarters location on someone in Detention (e.g., to take the Admiral title from them by moving them to the brig)?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user) While it would be a legal action, it would not move them to the Brig. Any effect which would move a character on New Caprica to the Brig instead moves them to detention.

Ionian Nebula (Exodus)

Q: Can revealed Cylons be chosen by ally card/crossroads abilities that say "player" (not "human player")?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic): Yes, but not if the ability involves choosing someone to send to the Brig. Also note that Helena Cain's ally card's "execute" ability has errata: you may only choose a human player to execute.

Q: Is Trauma discarded face-up before returning to the pool (for instance, when an ally is on a location that is damaged or when a character meets Doc Cottle who has a Benevolence token)?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to Danath): If a trauma token is discarded from a card without being resolved, as in both of the cases you described, it is returned to the pool of unused trauma tokens face down without being revealed

Q: If a player starts his turn in a location with an ally, plays Critical Situation (Pegasus), and gains the ability to leave that location by use of his action (e.g., Brig action, State of Emergency, or Hangar Deck), does he encounter the ally in his previous location? What if his new location contains an ally?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic): Critical Situation happens during the movement step; encountering allies happens at the end of that phase. Resolve any action granted by Critical Situation fully (including all players taking the benefit from State of Emergency if appropriate), then check for allies present in the current player's (possibly new) location. In the special case of Gaeta using Coup from the Brig, he is Admiral before he encounters any ally in Command.

Q: When a player is instructed to draw multiple trauma tokens, does he draw them one-by-one, resolving disaster tokens as he goes, or all at once? For example, if the trauma pool is empty except for the disaster tokens, and a human player is instructed by the Opera House to draw three trauma, what happens?
A: (Zach, FFG, to Desonos): When a player is instructed to draw more than 1 trauma token, he/she draws them all at once, then resolves any disaster symbols present. In your example, the human player will draw two trauma tokens at once (due to component restriction), resolve the inevitable execution, and finally draw three new non-disaster trauma tokens for his/her newly chosen character. (thread)

Cylon Fleet (Exodus)

Q: If a Crisis or other game effect says to put a civilian ship in a specific location, does the CAG choose where to place them instead?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic): No. The CAG only chooses when there is no location specified.

Q: If all humans are in the Brig, who gets the CAG title?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to ackmondual): See the official FAQ and follow the same rules as for the Admiral title.

Q: If you activate Cylon ships by means other than an icon (e.g., Cylon Fleet location or By Your Command [Pegasus]), do you follow all normal rules, including using the Reserve Board and possibly advancing the pursuit marker, as if it were an icon?
A: (Tim, FFG, to conedguy): Yes.

Q: If a player uses the Cylon Fleet (Cylon location) to launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider from each basestar, while no basestars are in play, and the Cylon Fleet board (from Exodus) is in use, what happens?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic): Absolutely nothing. The pursuit marker does not advance.

Q: When choosing actions at the basestar bridge, do you choose both, and then resolve them 1 at a time, or choose-resolve-chose-resolve?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic): You choose both actions at the same time and then resolve them one at a time.

Q: If activating raiders (or heavy raiders) and there are none on the main board and none in supply (i.e., all are on the reserve board), and there is at least one launch-capable basestar on the main board, what happens?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic): Treat this as a 'placement' event and pull ships one-at-a-time from the lowest-numbered sector on the reserve board until enough ships have been placed. Do not advance the pursuit track.

Q: If resolving a cylon ship activation and nothing happens due to there being only one basestar on the main game board and it having damaged weapons (Activate Basestars) or hangars (Activate Raiders - no raiders on main board, Activate Heavy Raiders - no heavies on main board, Launch Raiders), what happens?
A: (Tim, FFG, to conedguy): Nothing happens. thread The reason this works (or doesn't) is that you didn't reach "nothing happens, so do pursuit track stuff." You reached "basestars fire" for example, and then a token overrides that command, but by that point, it's too late to back up and reach "nothing happens."

(See Character abilities : Pegasus for Cavil's primacy ability and how it (doesn't) interact with this board.)

Mutiny (Daybreak)

Q: What happens if original Helo receives too many Mutiny cards while Stranded?
A: (FAQ) He discards down to one Mutiny Card (or two, if he’s the Mutineer), but does not move to the “Brig.”' Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Build Nuke be played after Unauthorized Usages?
A: (FAQ) Yes. When using the Exodus expansion, any time players are instructed to remove one or more nuke tokens from the game, place them adjacent to the board instead. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: How does Unauthorized Usage work with the Cylon Fleet Board?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Target a space area using the rules on the Exodus Admiral card. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can a player play Peaceful Resistance while in the Brig, or while the Admiral is in the Brig?
A: (FAQ) Yes to both, but in both cases the player who played the card remains in the “Brig.” Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Violent Protests be played while the President is in Sickbay or the Brig?
A: (FAQ) Yes. If the President is in the “Brig,” he does not move. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Kat use both her Hot shot ability and the bonus from "Send a Message"?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) No. The bonus on "Send a Message" only applies if she makes a die roll. She can either make the die roll at +2 or replace the die roll with her "Hot shot" ability. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Does the Mutineer draw a Mutiny card if the Engine Room is used?
A: (FAQ) Yes. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens if a player targetted by the Airlock draws a Mutiny card and is sent to the Brig before the check resolves?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) "The difficulty is lowered. Players pass or fail based on the difficulty during the "Determine Results" step. The difficulty can change between the start of the skill check and that point, as in the case of playing a "Declare Emergency" card." Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens if there are multiple crisis cards with a jump symbol on the Mutineer's turn?
A: (FAQ) He draws one Mutiny Card. The Mutineer draws a Mutiny Card each time he resolves one or more “prepare for jump” icons during the “Prepare for Jump” step of his turn. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Who gets to pick the cards drawn when "Ruined Reputation" is played?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) The targeted player. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Demetrius (Daybreak)

Q: What happens if there are too few cards left when activating the Captain's Cabin?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Start with the player who activated the location and proceed clockwise. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: What happens to the "Activate Cylon Ships" step on turns when a Mission was attempted?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) The step still occurs, so Simon can use his OPG. The same is true for a player's turn while he's in the Brig. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Support the People or Character Abilities that don't affect the ability of a check be used on Missions?
A: (FAQ) No. Tim adds: No character abilities that interact with skill checks can be used while resolving the check on a Mission Card (except those negative abilities that restrict the number of cards that may be played, such as in the case of Gaeta, Cally, or Doral). Re: Questions we want answered

Q: When does the distance from a passed Mission take effect?
A: (Daybreak rules, page 15) Immediately. The card remains on top of the Active Mission space as a reminder that no additional missions can be attempted until the next jump, but the distance applies immediately, and may trigger the sleeper agent phase.

Crisis and Super Crisis cards

All games

Q: What defines (or who decides that) a particular effect of a crisis card is negative (since Cylons ignore negative abilities)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic): The Cylon may choose to apply any negative effect he desires, for whatever reason. Each Cylon may make this choice independently.

Q: The Pegasus rules don't mention that Cylon players skip the "Activate Cylon Ships" step. Do they still skip it?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user): Cylon players (including non-infiltrating Cylon leaders) always skip this step.

Q: If a Cylon character is executed during the resolution of a crisis on his or her turn, what happens to the prepare for jump (and activate cylon ships, in the case of an infilitrating leader) symbols?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of nbergom): The turn ends immediately and the rest of the symbols on the card are ignored.

Q: How exactly is the timing of the interactions of character abilities, skill check abilities, and interrupts during the handling of a crisis? (thread)
A: The sequence of events is as follows:

1. Draw Crisis Card, taking into account Roslin's "Religious Visions"
2. Read Crisis Card
3. Starbuck’s "Secret Destiny"
4. Baltar’s "Delusional Intuition"
5. Current Player Chooses, taking into account Tory's "Amoral"
6. Lee Adama's "Choose a Different Path"
7. Helo’s "Moral Compass"
8. Boomer’s "Mysterious Intuition"
9. Political Prowess
10. Dee's "Fast Learner" (if she decides to add the cards to the skill check, set them aside for the moment), Chief of Staff, Arbitrator, Cylon Hatred, Friends in Low Places, Investigative Committee, Scientific Research, Restore Order, A Second Chance and/or one reckless interrupt (Support the People, At Any Cost, Guts & Initiative, Jury Rigged). If Restore Order is played, none of the reckless interrupts can be played and vice versa. If Support the People is played, eligible players receive two cards and then more interrupts can be played (but no more reckless interrupts, of course). If there is a conflict (e.g., two players want to play a reckless interrupt, or two players want to play an Investigative Committee), the current player decides which card gets played (the rejected card remains in its owner's hand)
11. Destiny
12. Add Dee’s "Fast Learner" cards to the skill check
13. All players play skill cards into the check, in player order, starting left of the current player (Probation may be triggered by the President)
14. Chief’s "Blind Devotion"
15. Shuffle Cards
16. Reveal Cards
17. Six’s "Human Delusion"
18. Cally’s "Quick Fix"
19. Skill Check Abilities: Red Tape, Trust Instincts, Protect the Fleet, Broadcast Location, By Your Command, Special Destiny, Force Their Hand, All Hands on Deck, Quick Thinking, Dogfight, Install Upgrades, Dradis Contact, Bait, A Better Machine, Personal Vices, Violent Outbursts, Exploit a Weakness (order decided by current player, and only one of each). Note that several of these are activated at this step, but have an effect later; i.e., once they are activated, they WILL have the effect later, even if they are removed from the check by another skill check ability
20. Daybreak reckless resolution (turn over top Treachery card; if not 0-value, discard it; if 0-value, draw the next Treachery card and resolve skill check abilities on both cards, then discard them)
21. Trigger Consequences
22. Total Strength, taking into account All Hands on Deck, Establish Network and Adama's "Inspirational Leader"
23. Declare Emergency
24. Determine Outcome (Pass, Partial Pass, or Fail)
25. Receive Miracle token from A Second Chance (if the current player is eligible for that)
26. Change of Plans
27. Process Outcome, taking into account Iron Will
28. Process Install Upgrades
29. Adama’s "Command Authority"
30. Discard Cards
31. Activate Cylon Ships
32. Process FTL Icon
33. Discard Crisis Card

  • This sequence also works for activating board locations with a skill check associated to them, but in that case the first eight steps and last three steps are ignored. Naturally, Step 9 (Political Prowess) is only used for location activations.
  • When playing skill cards into the check, note that (1) A player who is in a Cylon location or in the Brig cannot play more than 1 card; (2) an infiltrating player (except Simon) cannot play more than 2 cards; (3) Gaeta cannot play more than 3 cards; (4) Cally cannot play exactly 1 card unless she is in the Brig; (5) Doral cannot contribute on another player's action step; and (6) Simon must play 1 card face-up, and can play a maximum of 2 cards (or 3 when infiltrating).
  • There are situations in the game when multiple crisis cards can be played, for instance by Cavil using his OPG, or by using Exodus' State of Emergency. In such instances, until January 23, 2016 (see earlier in this UFAQ) "Process FTL Icon" did not mean that the Jump Track is advanced, but that players remember that the Jump Track is advanced at the end of the turn. After January 23, 2016, this was changed again into jump icons being processed immediately. This, of course, is only relevant for the expansions, in which FTL icons on crises that are played with Caprica are activated.
  • This answer collates many of the other answers which occur in this UFAQ.

Q: Is Cally (or any other player, for that matter), allowed to perform basic arithmetic and add up the total value of cards played into the check before she chooses whether and how to apply her Quick Fix?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, by way of InfoCynic, thread) Yes. Players are allowed to add and subtract the revealed strengths on Skill Cards before proceeding to the "Total Strength" step. "Before totaling strength" refers to the step, not actually doing the math. As with all abilities that interrupt the normal resolution of steps during the game, Cally must be given a reasonable opportunity to use her "Quick Fix" ability before moving on to the next step. By extension, we must assume that all players will get a reasonable opportunity to use their abilities, and cannot be denied the opportunity to use them because a player decides to rush the game along.

Q: If the second option on "Fulfiller of Prophecy" is picked on Roslin's turn, does she get two new crisis cards to choose from? And what if Baltar picks it during his turn: does he get an extra Delusional Intuition draw?
A: (Text on character cards): Yes and yes, the second choice on Fulfiller of Prophecy restarts the whole "draw a crisis and resolve it" process, so both their abilities activate again (Roslin's character card says "when you draw a crisis card..." and Baltar's says "after you draw a crisis card...").

Q: If a Cylon uses Caprica and draws two crises, one of them being "Fulfiller of Prophecy", and he then chooses to play "Fulfiller of Prophecy" and picks the second option, does he then get two new crisis cards to choose from?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) Fulfiller of Prophecy sends you to the Activate Cylon Ships step. Since this step doesn't exist, no additional crisis cards are drawn. This is a rather odd way of phrasing the answer, because the general rule would say that if you cannot do some part of the resolution of a crisis, you have to do as much as you can. Still, he could have said that there is neither an Activate Cylon Ships nor a Resolve Crisis Step, and achieve the same final answer. So, in conclusion, if a Cylon on Caprica selects Fulfiller of Prophecy and then chooses the second option, absolutely nothing happens. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: What exactly is the "Resolve Crisis Step"? This term only occurs once in the rulebook (without explanation) and on the "Fulfiller of Prophecy" Crisis Card. So what is it?
A: Considering other answers that FFG has supplied, it looks like the "Resolve Crisis Step" is an alternate name for the "Crisis Step". Why an alternate name? Failure of the proofreaders, probably.

Q: How exactly does the 'Activate Heavy Raiders' icon work, especially when there are Centurions on board?
A: (official rules):
  1. If there are any Centurions on board, move them all one space forward (move a stack together -- there is no limit to how many can be in one space).
  2. If any Centurion is on the last space, the game is over; Cylons win. STOP --> you are done
  3. Are there any heavy raiders on the (main) game board?
    1. YES: Are there heavy raiders next to the Viper launch areas (on the main game board, a.k.a. sectors 5 and/or 6)?
      1. YES: Is the number of heavy raiders on those areas less than or equal to the number of remaining Centurion tokens?
        1. YES: Place one Centurion on the first space of the boarding party track for each such heavy raider, then remove these heavy raiders from the board. Go to step 3.1.3.
        2. NO (not enough Centurions): The current player chooses which heavy raiders, that are next to a launch tube, board Galactica until all Centurions are on the boarding party track. The heavy raiders next to a launch tube that cannot board because of a lack of Centurion tokens stay on the main board, without moving. Go to step 3.1.3.
      2. NO (no raiders next to launch tubes): Continue to next step.
      3. For each heavy raider NOT ADJACENT to a viper launch area on the board, move it one sector closer to the closest launch area. STOP --> you are done.
    2. NO: Are there any basestars on the (main) game board?
      1. YES: Launch one heavy raider from each (unless it has a damage token preventing this, possibly two if modified by a Cylon Attack crisis). Did you run short of heavy raiders while playing with the Cylon Fleet module from Exodus?
        1. YES: Take the extra heavy raider(s) from the lowest-numbered sectors on the Cylon Fleet board until you have taken enough. If you still can't take enough, current player chooses where to place them. STOP --> you are done.
        2. NO (not using Cylon Fleet or didn't run out): STOP --> you are done.
      2. NO: Are you playing with the Cylon Fleet module from Exodus AND are there no Centurions on board?
        1. YES: Are all the heavy raiders already on the main game board and/or Cylon Fleet board?
          1. YES: Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) if needed). Did the pursuit track reach auto-attack?
            1. YES: STOP--> you are done.
            2. NO (not auto-attack): Take the contents of the single sector with the highest number that also contains a heavy raider and place on the main game board. STOP --> you are done.
          2. NO (all heavy raiders not already on main and/or Cylon Fleet board): Roll the die and place a heavy raider on the Cylon Fleet board in the indicated location. Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) and/or handle auto-attack if needed). STOP --> you are done.
        2. NO: (Not playing with Cylon Fleet module OR at least 1 Centurion is on board): STOP --> you are done.

Q: When required to send a specific character, e.g., the current player or President, to the Brig or Sickbay, and a different choice exists (e.g., on the crisis Requested Resignation), is it legal to choose to send the character to Brig or Sickbay, if that character is already there?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) Yes, if the effect requires sending the specific character, as opposed to "choose a human/player," then you may choose to send that specific character even if they are already in that location. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Q: When required to inspect a loyalty card of any human/any player, e.g., via a non-optional Crisis effect, can a player with no loyalty cards be chosen?
A: (Zach, FFG, to infocynic) No, the effect instructs you to "inspect a loyalty card (belonging to any player)" -- the primary concern is "inspect a loyalty card," not "choose any player," so this effect must be fulfilled when possible. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Base game

Q: Can "Legendary Discovery" trigger the New Caprica phase if it takes you to distance 7? If so, what happens to ships that were on the board at the time? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=DCAnderson, type=user): If you are at distance 6 and pass Legendary Discovery, remove all civilian ship from space areas and place them in the locked pile at New Caprica. All other ships remain on the board. Reset the jump track. When Galactica returns to orbit, set up the Battle of New Caprica, but do not remove any ships from the board. The current player chooses where to place ships if there are not enough left in the reserves.

Pegasus crises

Standard crises

Q: In Training Snafu, it says "damage 3 vipers in space areas or in the reserves". Do you chose a location? (i.e., can you pick space areas if you only have 1 or two vipers flying) or do you just lose three vipers and have to choose where they come from? Can you split the loss between space areas and the reserves (must you if you don't have at least 3 in space areas?) (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) The current player makes the choice of which 3 vipers to damage. You can mix and match from any vipers on the board or in the reserves. (By implication, I take that to mean that you will always damage 3 unless there are not 3 available to damage. You can't get out of damaging 3 by choosing space areas when there aren't 3 there.)

Q: If a Crisis card says "damage Galactica twice", can the current player choose to damage Pegasus?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of David Goldfarb) Yes, and he can choose and resolve each token before choosing the next. (By implication, this may also apply to the Cylon reveal power: "Can Damage Galactica", though the five tokens to choose from have to all be drawn from the available ones before the Cylon makes his selection)

Q: Besides a viper or weapons control, how can you kill Scar? (numerous threads)
A: (Compiled from rulings by Corey and Tim to various users, summarized:) Any effect which involves a die roll to determine whether you may or how many raiders you may destroy, as long as the result of the die roll is a 7 or 8. This includes Pegasus Main Batteries, nukes, Best of the Best (Exodus skill card), or similar effects. This excludes cards which permit destroying raiders without a die roll, such as Authorization of Brutal Force or the Miraculous Return Crossroads Card (Exodus).

Q: If a game effect requires all players to discard and then draw one treachery what is the order of this? Can a revealed Cylon use a "Sabotage" just drawn on a treachery card just discarded?
A: (Tim, FFG, by way of Danath) Each player discards and draws in turn starting with the current player and proceeding clockwise. A Cylon player would be able to play a "Sabotage" card he has just drawn if, later in the turn order, a human player discards a Treachery card.

Q: If the current player gets executed by a crisis (e.g., Verdict of Guilty), what happens with the Activate Cylon Ships step and the Jump icon? And if she chooses Boomer as a replacement, does she get to use the Reconnaissance ability?
A: (Rulebook) Execution of the current player in an Exodus game means that the turn ends immediately, i.e., before Cylon Ships are activated, before the Jump icon gets processed, and before Boomer's Reconnaissance. However, in the Pegasus rulebook this abrupt ending of the turn is not mentioned, so in a Pegasus game, in principle all these steps do take place. Daybreak does not introduce executions, but if you mix Daybreak with Pegasus or Exodus, you use the rules for the included expansion (whereby Exodus trumps Pegasus, as Daybreak states that loyalty cards are handled as in Exodus when that expansion is mixed in).

New Caprica crises

No questions.

Super crises

Q: On "Lured into a Trap", which happens first, the jump or the execution(s)?" (thread)
A: (Tim, FFG, by way of vorakesh) The jump (including resolving the sleeper phase [or the Crossroads phase from Exodus]). Note that the execution(s) are still resolved, even if this is the last jump to win the game, and the humans will still lose if execution(s) drop any resource (likely morale) to 0.

Q: How does "The Farm" work when combined with Daybreak Miracle abilities?
A: (FAQ) Human players can no longer use their miracle abilities. Cylon leaders can still use their miracle abilities when they are not Infiltrating. Miracle tokens can still be used for other effects, such as activating locations on the Rebel Basestar game board. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can Aaron Doral use his Miracle ability if "The Farm" has previously failed?
A: (Zach T, FFG, to infocynic) Yes. As soon as Aaron Doral uses his action to end his infiltration he is no longer considered a Human player and is no longer subject to the penalties of "The Farm." Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ

Exodus crises

Q: Who places the civilian ships for Medal of Distinction if the CFB isn't be used?
A: (FAQ) The Admiral places the ships in any space area or areas he chooses. If players are using the Cylon Fleet option, the CAG places them according to the usual rules for ship placement. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Q: Can pilots in the Brig launch if the top option of "Return to Duty" is selected?
A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) No. You cannot escape the Brig this way. Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)

Daybreak crises

Q: When must players discard cards to activate vipers for "Gravity Well" (Event Horizon CAC)?
A: (FAQ) Each time a pilot activates his viper it is considered an activation and he must first discard a Skill Card. When a player uses Command, he must discard two Skill Cards to use both activations. If resolving a card that allows a player to activate a viper, he must discard a Skill Card for each activation. If a player uses an action that allows him to move and/or attack with a viper, such as “Maximum Firepower” or “Full Throttle,” the action is treated as only 1 activation. Moving a viper as part of a players Movement step or as a result of the move granted by an “Executive Order” card is not an activation and does not require a player to discard a Skill Card. Re: Questions we want answered and Re: Daybreak Unofficial FAQ (was: Questions we want answered)


Base game

No questions


Q: For the "Gas Cloud" destination, must the three crises be placed all on either top or bottom, or may the player split them between top and bottom in any order he chooses? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) The player may split them and put them in any order in any combination.

Q: If the "Mining Asteroid" destination causes you to reach New Caprica, do the ships added by "Scar" (crisis card) stay on the board?
A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Yes, this counts as ships placed by a destination card.

Q: If the "Mining Asteroid" destination is played, which player looks through the discard and crisis deck? Can they look at the previously buried cards?
A: (Tim, FFG, to danath) When the Mining Asteroid Destination card is drawn, the current player should look through the discard pile first and then the Crisis deck.


Q: If you arrive at the Ionian Nebula (or New Caprica) via the Lion's Head Nebula, do you get to keep the extra 2 FTL steps?
A: (FAQ) Yes. For New Caprica: Players set up the New Caprica Phase during the "Kobol Instructions" step of Jumping the Fleet, and then advance the Jump Preparation track by 2 after the "Reset Jump Preparation Track" step. For Ionian Nebula: Players resolve the Crossroads Phase during the "Kobol Instructions" step of Jumping the Fleet. The rules for the Crossroads Phase tells players to skip the "Reset Jump Preparation Track" step, but players should still advance the track by 2 after that step would be resolved, even when it is skipped. (The rationale for this answer is complicated, see the thread.)

Quorum cards

Base game

Q: If a player is targeted by an Arrest Order during the New Caprica phase after Galactica has returned to orbit, where does he go? (thread)
A: Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user: Players on New Caprica go to detention, otherwise to the Brig.

Q: What happens to Presidential Pardon after it is played?
A: (Tim, FFG to infocynic) Presidential Pardon should be discarded after use. Re: Questions we want answered

Q: Can one play a Quorum card with no legal target?
A: (Corey, FFG to infocynic) Yes. However, when you play a Quorum card, you must choose a legal target if able. Quorum cards with no legal targets


Q: Can "Consult the Oracle" (Quorum card) be used to look at the loyalty deck (pre-sleeper)? What about the agenda deck? (thread)
A: (FAQ): Players cannot choose the Loyalty deck or the Agenda deck. If using the Daybreak expansion, players cannot choose the Motive deck.

Q: Can an infiltrating Cylon be the target of the Assign Vice President card? (thread)
A: (FAQ): No. But an Infiltrating Cylon Leader may be given other Quorum Cards such as “Assign Mission Specialist” or “Assign Arbitrator” when they are played. When a Cylon Leader ends his Infiltration, he discards any Quorum Cards he was given without effect.


No questions with official answers. Some questions about Resignation, with general consensus being that if someone other than the President (or Ellen using her OPG) is playing Resignation, the person they give the Presidency to will stay the President.

Loyalty cards

Base game

Q: Can an sympathizer (core game version) use the new Resurrection Ship text to draw a Super Crisis, then play it later using Caprica?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of INVALID OBJECT ID=Twekkie, type=user) Yes to both.

Q: If player A gives an executive order to player B, for his first action player B activates FTL Control which triggers the sleeper-agent phase, then player A becomes the Sympathizer and automatically reveals as a Cylon, does player B still get to perform his second action?
A: For State of Emergency, the designers have ruled that if the player who plays SoE during the execution of the SoE reveals or gets executed, the other players still get to take their SoE actions (elsewhere in this UFAQ). By extension we may assume that for this simpler case, the answer is "Yes, player B can perform his second action before the turn ends." The same would hold, by the way, if player B would use his first action to execute player A, or if player A manages to reveal as a Cylon on player B's first action (e.g., player A is Apollo and player B uses Command to launch a viper, which Apollo then boards with his AVP ability, after which he uses his bonus action to reveal).

Q: Can a Cylon with the "send someone on Galactica to the Brig" reveal power use this on a player on New Caprica or Pegasus?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of vampyrefate) No, the card says someone on Galactica, and those locations are not on Galactica.

Q: Can the "Send a Character to Sickbay" reveal power be used on someone already in Sickbay?
A: (Corey, FFG, by way of David Goldfarb) Yes.


Q: Can the Sympathetic Cylon have loyalty cards?
A: (Tim, FFG, to ackmondual) Normally, no, because he must pass any other loyalty cards he has when he reveals as a Cylon. However, with Exodus, it is possible to receive this loyalty card at distance 7 or more, in which case you would not pass off the other loyalty cards.

Q: What happens when a cylon with the "Can Damage Galactica" reveal power reveals on someone else's turn, when Pegasus is in play?
A: (FAQ) For each of the five damage tokens drawn, the current player chooses whether to draw a Galactica or Pegasus damage token. The player that revealed the Loyalty Card then chooses which two of those five tokens to resolve.


Q: If multiple Final Five loyalty cards are inspected simultaneously (e.g., with Baltar's OPG or via execution), what happens?
A: (FAQ): All effects of the Final Five Loyalty Cards must be applied, even if the player examining the cards or the character whose cards are being examined is executed. The current player chooses the order in which the cards are resolved.

Q: If an unrevealed Cylon has a Personal Goal loyalty card at the end of the game, do you lose the resources on it?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic): Yes. He is still a human player by the game terms, although he still wins or loses with the Cylons because he has a Cylon loyalty card.

Q: If a Sympathetic Cylon has a Personal Goal card (see discussion under Pegasus for how this could happen) at the end of the game, do you lose the resource on it?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to ackmondual): Only if he is infiltrating (because he counts as human).

Q: When required to look at a loyalty card, can you choose yourself if you are otherwise a legal target for the crisis (to avoid triggering Final Five effects)?
A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic): Not unless no other legal choice exists. If you are President and Admiral and must look at the President or Admiral's loyalty card, nothing happens, but if you are not Admiral and the same choice happens, you must look at the President's loyalty card(s).

Q: Is there actually someone who remembers all these rulings and exceptions?
A: Infocynic probably does.

Q: And are there no conflicting rulings, there being so many of them?
A: *sound of crickets*

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