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Bavos7thSea NPCs


Duke Montefeltro

The man murdered at Lucille's party in Segretti manor.

Lady Montefeltro

The woman whose husband died and who invited Lucille for counsel. At the Montefeltro estate the vulture's are circling already. She has a son.
Lucille offers to foster him. She fears her son might be killed in the near future.

Lord Montefeltro

The boy heir of Montefeltro who was brought to Montagne for fostering by Lucille.



Astrid of Örnsköldsvik

An ambitious military background woman who wants to meet someone important.
Works for the Duke of Caligari



Seneschal of the Segretti estate and brother in law of Lucille.


Valentino's wife. A Sorte Strega witch.
Estelle reads letters to her sometimes.

Arturo Tognassi

Tiny man with goggles.
Lucille's astronomer and cartographer. Forges maps, too.


Sebastian Vauclain

One of Lucille's brothers. She corresponds with him frequently through porté.


Cardinal Bernoulli

Appeared first at the Montefeltro manor after Lucille brought the young Lord Montefeltro to safety.
High up in the Vaticcine church hierarchy.
Attempted assassination by Alexa with the poison she stole from her father Guido


Vincento Caligari

Patriarch of the Vodacci family interested in magic things
The Vesten woman works for him



Sophia's Daughter


Don Pellegrino

The evil mastermind of the Pellegrino family, constantly scheming against Lucille
He pays Alexa's family to do his murderings

The Inquisition


quiet one

Ponziano Canzoneri

Red headed guard
Estelle had a run in with him in front of the library and conceded when she was insulted. Later she had his belt removed during breakfast in an embarrassing way for him.

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