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Board Game: Hammer of the Scots

Board Game: Crusader Rex

Board Game: Liberty: The American Revolution 1775-83

Board Game: Victory: World War II

Board Game: Rommel in the Desert

( This is a placeholder for introductory information about block wargames. No sense in writing that stuff from scratch if we can get permission from sos1 to take his text from )

What is a block wargame

A 'block game' is a type of war game in which each unit is represented by a small square block. The block stands on edge with the unit information facing its owner and a blank side facing the opponent. Thus, each side the where units are located, but not what kind of units and not their strength. This limited intelligence is commonly called "fog-of-war," and in some important respects it simulates the confusing and lack of information in real warfare.

Which block wargame should I start with?

Some lists have been done on this topic:
There are also a number of lists on "best" or favorite block games:
And "definitive" lists of block games:

(Unrelated note: "block" or "block wargame" should be a Category or Mechanic, so that you can get a list of all block games.)

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