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First Issue
Blitzkrieg '41
Board Game: Blitzkrieg '41

Last Issue
When Dragons Fight
Board Game: When Dragons Fight

1. Introduction

Command magazine was published by XTR, from 1989, running until the final Issue 54 in 2001.

Command Magazine was a bi-monthly magazine devoted to Military History, Strategy and Analysis. The magazine's emphasis was on why commanders have made certain decisions combined with an account of a campaign or battle. Heavy emphasis was placed on the use of color maps and orders-of-battle. Command was available by subscription and at bookstores.

Now out of print, many of the games have since been republished in Japan by Kokusai-Tsushin Co., Ltd. (国際通信社) in Command Magazine Japan.

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Board Game: Tet '68

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1.2 Geeklists

A series of Geeklists, from the Meta-List: Magazine Wargames, created by Seth Owen and Thom Denholm:

2. Magazine Issues

  1. Blitzkrieg '41
  2. Sunrise of Victory
  3. Samurai Sunset
  4. Lion of Ethiopia
  5. Hamburger Hill / Operation Solace (+ expansion: Samurai Sunset: Triumph of the Will)
  6. Krim: Von Manstein's Battles for Sevastopol (+ expansion: Lion of Ethiopia: Tiger of Ethiopia)
  7. Kadesh: Mobile Warfare in the Ancient Middle East
  8. Jutland: The Duel of Dreadnoughts
  9. Inchon: MacArthur's Gambit
  10. Alexandros
  11. Hougomont: Rock of Waterloo
  12. Chaco
  13. Desert Storm: The Mother of All Battles
  14. Victory at Midway (+ expansions: Successors: Clash of the Generals 323 - 310 BC, Xenophon – March of the Ten Thousand 401 - 400 BC)
  15. I am Spartacus
  16. 1918: Storm in the West (+ expansion: Operation Desert Weirdness)
  17. Gettysburg: Lee's Greatest Gamble
  18. Tet '68
  19. Port Arthur (+ expansions: Pyrrhic Victory, Plan 1919, Soviet Maximum Effort and the Estonians)
  20. Cortes: Conquest of the Aztecs
  21. Blood & Iron
  22. Antietam: Burnished Rows of Steel
  23. Shogun Triumphant
  24. Czechoslovakia '38
  25. When Eagles Fight
  26. When Tigers Fight (+ expansions: When Tigers Fight: Tiger of China, When Eagles Fight: Schlieffen East)
  27. Proud Monster: Barbarossa
  28. Like Lions They Fought
  29. 1914: Glory's End
  30. Across the Potomac
  31. Budapest '45
  32. Bunker Hill
  33. The Great War in Europe
  34. Death and Destruction: Russian Front / Rommel at Gazala
  35. Mason-Dixon / Balkan Hell
  36. SS Panzer: Bloodbath at Kursk
  37. Mukden: Climax of the Russo-Japanese War / Moscow Option: Guderian's Gambit
  38. The Great War in the Near East
  39. Strike North: Scandinavia in WW2 / Hoorah! The Battle of Pittsburgh
  40. Battle of Buena Vista / Moscow Burning
  41. Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge
  42. Hell Before Midnight: The Battle of Shiloh / Blitzkrieg 1940
  43. Chattanooga
  44. Second Front Now / Dark Victory: The Alamo
  45. Operation Sea Lion / Yarmuk
  46. End of Empire
  47. Attila: Scourge o'God / Perfidious Albion
  48. Tomorrow the World
  49. Warmaster Chess 2000
  50. Back to Iraq
  51. The Fire Next Time: The Next India-Pakistan War
  52. Grunwald, 1410
  53. Iron Dream: The War in Russia, 1941-42
  54. When Dragons Fight

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