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Command Magazine

First Issue
Blitzkrieg '41

Last Issue
When Dragons Fight

1. Introduction

Command magazine was published by XTR, from 1989, running until the final Issue 54 in 2001.

Command Magazine was a bi-monthly magazine devoted to Military History, Strategy and Analysis. The magazine's emphasis was on why commanders have made certain decisions combined with an account of a campaign or battle. Heavy emphasis was placed on the use of color maps and orders-of-battle. Command was available by subscription and at bookstores.

Now out of print, many of the games have since been republished in Japan by Kokusai-Tsushin Co., Ltd. (国際通信社) in Command Magazine Japan.

1.2 Geeklists

A series of Geeklists, from the Meta-List: Magazine Wargames, created by Seth Owen and Thom Denholm:

2. Magazine Issues

  1. Blitzkrieg '41
  2. Sunrise of Victory
  3. Samurai Sunset
  4. Lion of Ethiopia
  5. Hamburger Hill / Operation Solace
  6. Krim: Von Manstein's Battles for Sevastopol (+ expansion: Lion of Ethiopia: Tiger of Ethiopia)
  7. Kadesh: Mobile Warfare in the Ancient Middle East
  8. Jutland: The Duel of Dreadnoughts
  9. Inchon: MacArthur's Gambit
  10. Alexandros
  11. Hougomont: Rock of Waterloo
  12. Chaco
  13. Desert Storm: The Mother of All Battles
  14. Victory at Midway (+ expansions: Successors, Alexandros: Xenophon – March of the Ten Thousand)
  15. I am Spartacus
  16. 1918: Storm in the West
  17. Gettysburg: Lee's Greatest Gamble
  18. Tet '68
  19. Port Arthur (+ expansions: Pyrrhic Victory, Plan 1919, Soviet Maximum Effort and the Estonians)
  20. Cortes: Conquest of the Aztecs
  21. Blood & Iron
  22. Antietam: Burnished Rows of Steel
  23. Shogun Triumphant
  24. Czechoslovakia '38
  25. When Eagles Fight
  26. When Tigers Fight
  27. Proud Monster: Barbarossa
  28. Like Lions They Fought
  29. 1914: Glory's End
  30. Across the Potomac
  31. Budapest '45
  32. Bunker Hill
  33. The Great War in Europe
  34. Death and Destruction: Russian Front / Rommel at Gazala
  35. Mason-Dixon / Balkan Hell
  36. SS Panzer: Bloodbath at Kursk
  37. Mukden: Climax of the Russo-Japanese War / Moscow Option: Guderian's Gambit
  38. The Great War in the Near East
  39. Strike North: Scandinavia in WW2 / Hoorah! The Battle of Pittsburgh
  40. Battle of Buena Vista / Moscow Burning
  41. Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge
  42. Hell Before Midnight: The Battle of Shiloh / Blitzkrieg 1940
  43. Chattanooga
  44. Second Front Now / Dark Victory: The Alamo
  45. Operation Sea Lion / Yarmuk
  46. End of Empire
  47. Attila: Scourge o'God / Perfidious Albion
  48. Tomorrow the World
  49. Warmaster Chess 2000
  50. Back to Iraq
  51. The Fire Next Time: The Next India-Pakistan War
  52. Grunwald, 1410
  53. Iron Dream: The War in Russia, 1941-42
  54. When Dragons Fight

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