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1. Description

Cyberboard is an online Play By EMail (PBEM) free software created by Dale Larson.

Cyberboard has two components, a design module and a play module, allowing users to design game modules and then record and exchange moves via email.
It is not an artificial opponent and provides no artificial intelligence capability.

Several websites offer ready made game modules for downloading, mostly wargames.

2. Microbadges:

  • Microbadge: Cyberboard Gamebox Designer Cyberboard Gamebox Designer
  • Microbadge: Cyberboard player Cyberboard Player

3. Web links

Cyberboard Website:
Cyberboard software
Limey Yank Games:
Lots of gameboxes
Yankee Air Pirates:
Lots of gameboxes
PBeM Emporium:
Gameboxes and lots of other files
Bubulle's Box:
Gameboxes (many Vae Victis games)

Online Wargame softwares

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